What is the Age Limit of NICOP Application?

Although NICOP Have Expiration:

The expiration date for a NICOP card is displayed on the card. It is important to note that the validity of a NADRA NICOP can vary based on many criteria. If a minor applies for a Nadra Card Renewal Online, it is typically good for ten years or until they turn 18, whichever comes first. The NICOP card provides a unique benefit to elders 65 and over.

This identification document is valid for life, providing a reliable means of identification for the elderly who may struggle to renew their documents. The NICOP is a flexible identity card with different validity periods based on the applicant’s age and circumstances. The standard ten-year validity is cancelled. Minors and the elderly are exempt from the ten-year validity period, providing a trustworthy and genuine form of identity for Pakistanis living overseas.

Benefits of NICOP:

  • Identification: The NICOP is an official identification document that provides abroad Pakistanis with valid proof of identity accepted by Pakistani authorities.
  • Visa-Free Entry: If you have NICOP you can go to Pakistan without any requirement of Visa and no need to deal with any extra paper.
  • Banking Services: If you have NICOP, it is usually needed when you want to open a bank or going to do any money related things.
  • Property Services: If you are Pakistani living abroad and want to buy or sell property, you usually need a NICOP, or NICOP Modification to do this. 
  • Legal Matters: This document helps with inheritance, property disputes, and legal actions in Pakistan.
  • Education and Employment: NICOP is recognized as a valid qualification by many institutions and employers in Pakistan.


In short, the NICOP is extremely significant for Pakistanis living in foreign countries, regardless of their age. It’s a specific card that validates your identity and can be used for a variety of purposes, including visiting Pakistan without a visa, dealing with money, purchasing or selling property, and resolving legal concerns. What’s amazing is that you can receive this card whether you’re young or elderly; there is no age limit. It’s like a key that unlocks doors for Pakistanis overseas, making life easier in a variety of ways.

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