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Who is Janet Condra?

She hailed from Terre Haute, Indiana, possibly born sometime around the mid-1960s. Her childhood unfolded serenely, blessed with the love of her middle-class parents. However, she harbored a desire for anonymity, shrouding her early years in mystery. Eventually, she tied the knot with Larry Bird.

Janet Condra Biography

Janet Condra, born in Indiana, USA, around the mid-1960s, values her privacy dearly, opting to keep her personal life away from the limelight. Growing up, she attended Springs Valley High School alongside Larry Bird, though details about her family and siblings remain elusive. Janet’s connection to Larry Bird, the celebrated former NBA figure known for his roles as an executive, coach, and player, stands out as the most prominent aspect of her public persona.

Janet Condra Childhood

The mystery surrounding Janet Condra’s zodiac sign persists, even though she was born in the United States during the mid-1960s. She hails from a white family background.

Known for her devout Christian faith, Larry Bird’s wife has remained tight-lipped about her academic journey, preferring to keep those details away from the public eye. Despite successfully graduating from Springs Valley High School, she maintains a discreet stance, steering clear of extensive media scrutiny on her educational pursuits.

Janet Condra Wiki

Full nameJanet Condra
Date of birthNot known
Place of birthIndiana, USA
Eye colorBlonde
Hair ColorBrown
EducationSprings Valley High School
ProfessionCelebrity wife
Famous asLarry Bird’s ex-wife
SpouseLarry Bird (m. 1975–1976)
Marital StatusDivorce
ChildrenCorrie Bird

Janet Condra Age

Born in Brazil Town, Indiana, USA, on August 14, 1977, Corrie Bird is 46 years old as of right now. She embarked on her academic journey at Indiana State University, where she delved into elementary education and business administration, earning degrees in both fields. Continuing her pursuit of knowledge, Corrie went on to achieve an MBA in health management from Wesleyan Indiana University.

Her professional trajectory has been marked by success, particularly in her roles as a health and business manager within various hospitals across Indiana.

Janet Condra Height

Janet has a typical stature, standing at 5 feet 5 inches tall (165 centimeters) and weighing approximately 60 kg (132 lbs). Her short, glossy blonde hair perfectly accents her dark brown eyes, enhancing her delightful persona.

Janet Condra Education

From what’s been shared, Janet’s journey led her to Springs Valley High School, where fate introduced her to Larry, sparking a love story. Their bond continued beyond high school as they both decided to pursue higher education at the same university. However, life took a turn when Larry ventured to another state to chase his football dreams after graduation, causing a temporary separation. Despite the distance, their paths converged once again in Indiana, reigniting their connection.

Janet Condra Parents

Thanks to her devoted and kind parents, Janet enjoyed an amazing childhood in the US. Despite her notoriety, Larry’s ex-wife would like her family’s identity remain a secret. Janet is really appreciative of her parents’ constant love and support throughout her life.

Janet Condra Siblings

Laura, despite her celebrity status, has made the decision to keep details about her siblings private. Any future updates regarding her siblings will be shared once credible sources provide information.

Janet Condra Career

One of the greatest basketball players of all time is Larry Joe Bird, who entered the world on December 7, 1956, in the middle of Indiana. His reputation in the game goes beyond simple physical prowess since Larry’s story is marked by tenacity and a steadfast love of the game. Even in the face of hardships, most notably a crippling back condition that forced him to retire in 1992, Larry’s dedication to hardwood remained unwavering. He had a transformation when he moved into a new position with the Celtics and finally teamed up with the Indiana Pacers.

When Larry took over as head coach in 1997, his career was characterized by an unwavering determination that allowed the Pacers to experience both periods of success and hardship. His guidance paid off, as he was awarded the highly sought-after title of NBA Coach of the Year, demonstrating his intelligence and leadership abilities.

After his journey as a coach, Larry started a new chapter in his career as the Pacers’ custodian of basketball operations. In this role, he proved his mettle and was recognized with an NBA Executive of the Year award in 2011–2012. Larry’s colorful career, which included a wide range of positions and duties, is evidence of his lasting influence among the greatest basketball players of all time.

Janet Condra Net Worth

While Janet Condra’s exact net worth remains undisclosed, it’s believed that her former husband, Bird, has accumulated around $75 million by 2023, according to several sources.

Janet Condra Relationship

Janet Condra and Larry Bird developed a love relationship at Springs Valley High School throughout their adolescent years. They were deeply in love and decided to wed in 1975. However, they chose to end their marriage and file for divorce a year later after running into problems. Despite their best efforts to patch things up, Janet and Larry ultimately chose to separate.

August 1977 saw the arrival of Janet and Larry’s daughter Corrie during their brief union. After they split up, Janet became a single mother and raised Corrie by herself.

After 13 years apart from Janet, Larry found love once again. In 1989, he married Dinah Mattingly, with whom he later adopted two children, Mariah and Connor Bird. Dinah likes to have a low profile. She avoids social media and keeps a low profile. Dinah and Larry have a deep link and enduring affection for one another, even after years have passed.

Janet Condra Life After Divorce

Following her split from Larry Bird, Janet Condra opted for a more tranquil existence. While details about her professional life are sparse, it’s understood that she took on various jobs to provide for her family. However, whether she pursued a different career trajectory post-divorce remains a mystery.

Janet Condra Child

Janet and Larry welcomed their daughter, Corrie Bird, into the world in 1975 in the United States of America.

Social Media

Janet uses social media sparingly. She still hasn’t gotten around to opening accounts on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. We will notify you of her handles if she chooses to use social media in the future.


Janet Condra is a private individual born in Indiana, USA, in the mid-1960s. She gained attention primarily due to her marriage to Larry Bird, the renowned former NBA player, coach, and executive. Their relationship began during high school, and they married in 1975, ultimately divorcing a year later. They share a daughter named Corrie Bird, born in 1977. Janet’s life after the divorce has been marked by privacy, with limited details available about her career or personal endeavors.


  1. Birth and Background: Janet Condra was born in Indiana, USA, around the mid-1960s. Details about her family and upbringing are scarce, as she values her privacy.
  2. Connection to Larry Bird: Janet’s most notable aspect in the public eye is her relationship with Larry Bird. They attended high school together and married in 1975 but divorced a year later.
  3. Children: Janet and Larry have a daughter named Corrie Bird, born in 1977.
  4. Post-Divorce Life: Following the divorce from Larry Bird, Janet chose a private life away from the spotlight. Her professional endeavors and personal pursuits remain largely undisclosed.
  5. Social Media Presence: Janet Condra maintains a low profile and does not have any known presence on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.


What is Janet Condra’s relationship with Larry Bird?

Janet Condra was married to Larry Bird in 1975, but they divorced a year later. They share a daughter named Corrie Bird.

What is known about Janet Condra’s personal life?

Janet Condra values her privacy and has kept details about her personal life, including her upbringing and post-divorce endeavors, away from the public eye.

Does Janet Condra have a social media presence?

No, Janet Condra does not have any known accounts on social media platforms. She maintains a private lifestyle away from online platforms.

What is Janet Condra’s profession?

Janet Condra’s profession or career details are not widely known. She has maintained a low profile following her divorce from Larry Bird.

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