Safeguarding Wealth Your Briansclub Role in the Marketplace

By using a debit card for financial transactions, your experience becomes simpler, faster and more convenient while protecting against fraud and unauthorised transactions.

KrebsOnSecurity spoke with sources at small financial institutions who have received  briansclub alerts about this hack of a dark web marketplace for selling stolen credit card data. KrebsOnSecurity learned of their hack while monitoring other cybercrime forums on the dark web.

Don’t Share Your Personal Information

BriansClub is an underground marketplace selling credit card data stolen from millions of stolen cards that has used this author’s name and likeness in its advertisements since 2015. These card records for sale on BriansClub include names, addresses, Security codes, expiration dates and other pertinent details used for fraud when using these cards online or at ATMs.

KrebsOnSecurity was provided a link to a 10-GB set of files containing payment card data stolen from thousands of hacks at online and physical stores over the past four years. These card details are being offered for sale as “dumps,” strings of ones and zeroes that, once encoded onto magnetic stripe payment devices such as credit cards, can be used to make payments.

BriansClub sells most card records as dumps, though some reportedly remain valid. Their database trove includes data stolen through skimming devices at gas stations or data-grabbing malware installed at point-of-sale systems in restaurants and stores; no estimates exist of how many valid stolen cards among their 26 million offerings still remain; though several sources at smaller financial institutions estimate that approximately 80 percent of cards issued by these institutions were among those available on BriansClub for sale.

Don’t Pay With Your Debit Card

Briansclub stands out as an indispensable destination on the dark web for cybercriminals looking for stolen credit card data. Attracting buyers with its user-friendly interface and wide array of offerings, it boasts stringent quality control measures to ensure only high-grade data arrives on its shelves.

Although BriansClub has earned a sterling reputation for excellent service and quality control, its customers may not all be legit. Resellers and affiliates who make their living stealing payment card data through skimming devices or malware installed at brick-and-mortar retailers steal this data for sale on websites like BriansClub; where they receive a commission per card sold.

Last month, KrebsOnSecurity received from an anonymous source a text file purporting to contain the full database of cards for sale on BriansClub, an advertising platform which has used this author’s name and likeness in its advertising since 2015. Security firm Flashpoint conducted an analysis on this stolen information, estimating that of 26 million cards available for sale there, approximately 14 million have future expiration dates which suggests fraudsters generated $414 million through sales at this underground “carding” website and distributed profits among resellers and affiliates.

BriansClub data was leaked to financial institutions that aim to identify, monitor or reissue compromised cards that end up on the dark web for sale. KrebsOnSecurity reported earlier that some smaller financial institutions quickly identified cards from this leaked dump as belonging to their own customers and have already informed those affected of what had occurred.

Keep Your Debit Card Secure

Your debit card can be an invaluable resource in today’s digital economy, offering more secure purchasing than cash alone. However, your card still presents potential fraud risks, so be wary. Monitor transactions regularly and report any suspicious activity promptly if it arises on your account – your bank will work with you to resolve this quickly to prevent additional fraudulent charges on your account.

Recently, Dark Web “carding” store BriansClub was compromised and its 26 million credit and debit card records made available for sale on the black market – many from smaller financial institutions were among them.

Data stolen from stolen cards typically includes names and account numbers for both credit and debit accounts as well as their expiration dates. Criminals use these stolen card details to purchase gift cards and high-priced merchandise at major retailers – as well as use these cards online purchases.

Gemini Advisory conducted an analysis on BriansClub cards offered for sale, which revealed over 14 million still have valid expiry dates. Their research suggests that its owner uploaded fresh batches as often as every few days; sometimes only several thousand cards at a time were uploaded at one time.

Keep Your Debit Card in Your Pocket

Debit cards connected to bank accounts allow you to spend directly from your checking and savings accounts. Many banks also offer daily spending limits as a safeguard against fraud as well as overspending.

Debit cards offer many  brainsclub consumers an alternative to carrying cash when traveling; however, there may be situations when it is better not to use your debit card.

Avoid giving out your debit card in public places, and avoid using it at gas pumps, convenience stores and other locations without sufficient security measures – criminals could take advantage of any weak spot to steal card data using devices called skimmers attached to card readers.

Credit cards often offer greater consumer protections than debit cards that tie directly to bank accounts, and some provide rewards that could save you money (miles, cash back or discounts), unlike most debit cards which do not provide these perks. When building a strong credit history it is vital that the right card be chosen; using one for major purchases usually helps avoid high interest charges that have an adverse impact on credit ratings.

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