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Touré Roberts Introduction

Toure Roberts, distinguished for his prowess in literature, oration, and media production, stands as the luminary behind One Church LA, an ecclesiastical institution burgeoning swiftly amidst the bustling streets of Los Angeles. His magnum opus, “Purpose Awakening: Discover The Epic Idea That Motivated Your Birth,” stands as a beacon of enlightenment, captivating readers far and wide.

Touré Roberts  Age

Roberts, aged 51, entered the world on September 8th, 1972, in Oakland, California, USA. Annually, on the 8th of September, he joyously commemorates his birthday.

Who is Touré Roberts?

Touré Roberts, an esteemed figure in American literature, public speaking, production, and ministry, has made a significant mark as the visionary behind Church LA, the rapidly flourishing congregation in Los Angeles. Alongside this endeavor, he has also laid the foundation for the Artist Resources Center. Renowned for his literary contributions, Roberts has penned two widely acclaimed books: “Wholeness” and “Purpose Awakening.”

Il est encore plus célèbre grâce à ses liens familiaux avec le célèbre écrivain et motivationniste TD Jakes et sa femme Serita Jakes. En outre, Roberts est marié à Sarah Jakes Roberts, la fille de TD Jakes, qui est également une célèbre écrivain et oratrice de motivation.. Delve deeper to uncover more about this multifaceted pastor.

Touré Roberts Bio

In the domain of ecclesiastical influence, Toure Roberts emerges as a luminary figure, boasting multifaceted roles as an erudite author, compelling orator, and visionary producer. He stands as the progenitor of One Church LA, an ecclesiastical congregation in the heart of Los Angeles, characterized by its exponential growth trajectory. Among his repertoire of literary accomplishments, “Purpose Awakening: Discover The Epic Idea That Motivated Your Birth” reigns supreme as a literary tour de force, captivating audiences worldwide with its profound insights and transformative narrative.


Birthday dateSeptember 08, 1972
History$1.5 million
Place of birthOakland, Calif.
Height (m)1.85
Marital statusMarried

Touré Roberts Education

Toure Roberts obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Trinity College.

Touré Roberts Height

The attractive speaker boasts a slender, athletic physique standing tall at 6 feet 1 inch, which translates to about 1.85 meters. Details about his weight or specific measurements for his chest and waist are unavailable. He possesses striking black eyes and matching hair.

Touré Roberts Personal life

The scribe has entered into wedlock twice and undergone the dissolution of marriage once. Initially, he united with his former spouse, Lori Roberts, who was renowned for her literature in the domain of children’s narratives. However, the union between them was ephemeral, and the specifics of their parting remain undisclosed within the digital realm. Sources suggest that they were blessed with a quartet of offspring, yet such information remains clandestine on virtual platforms. Subsequently, he traversed a new path and embarked upon a romantic journey with the esteemed author and orator, Sarah Jakes Roberts, as antecedently mentioned.

Their serendipitous encounter transpired during the vernal season of 2014, culminating in his proposal to his prospective life companion on the 22nd of September in the same year. Mere months later, in November of that selfsame annum, the couple solemnized their union. Together, they were bestowed with the gift of parenthood, nurturing a brood of five offspring. Conversely, his consort also traversed the aisle in matrimony, birthing two progenies through distinct liaisons. At a tender age of 19, she exchanged vows with her inaugural spouse, begetting her solitary son. Furthermore, she experienced the pangs of maternity at the nascent age of 14, although she has abstained from disclosing the progenitor of her maiden child.

Touré Roberts Family

Amidst ecclesiastical lineage, Pastor Toure emerges as scion to the esteemed Bishop Roberts, with familial ties extending to the revered Bishop Thomas Dexter Jakes and Serita Jakes. Delicately veiling his private affairs from public scrutiny, Toure maintains a shroud of mystery around his maternal origins, leaving conjecture to roam free. The existence of siblings within the familial tapestry remains an enigma shrouded in silence.

Touré Roberts Career

Roberts founded One Church of LA in 2002, but in August 2017, he merged it with The Potter’s House brand. Now that he is officially linked to T.D. Jake’s business and theological influence, Roberts is contractually obligated to preach false doctrine for the rest of his pastorate. Of course, this isn’t to say that Roberts wasn’t already a purveyor of compromise and Biblical error in his own right.

In fact, Roberts made secular and faith-based headlines in 2013 when he summoned Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland to the pulpit and apologized to Destiny’s Child on behalf of the Body of Christ! “It’s known as identification repentance. It could be where you stand in the gap between an individual or a community. When coming to his education, he finished high school and then enrolled at Trinity College, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in Science in Business Administration.

Touré Roberts Net Worth

As per Net Worth Post, BuzzLearn, and The Famous Data, the purported financial worth of the American clergyman spans from $1 million to $5 million. His accumulation of riches stems from his endeavors as a tycoon and scribe, further complemented by his oversight of numerous other commercial enterprises. Connection

Touré Roberts Social Media

Amidst the digital realm, there exists an authenticated Instagram profile attributed to @toureroberts, boasting a substantial following of 449k individuals. Conversely, traversing the landscape of Twitter, one encounters an account bearing the handle @toureroberts, albeit lacking the coveted blue verification badge, yet still amassing a notable following of 42.9k users. Furthermore, within the domain of Facebook, a page established under the moniker of the aforementioned individual garners a robust audience exceeding 165 thousand loyal followers.


Birthdate: Toure Roberts was born on September 8th, 1972, in Oakland, California, USA.

Current Age: As of now, Toure Roberts is 51 years old.

Family Background: Toure Roberts is related to the renowned Bishop Thomas Dexter Jakes and Serita Jakes through familial ties.

Marital Status: Toure Roberts is currently married to Sarah Jakes Roberts, who is also a famous writer and motivational speaker. They have a total of five children together.

Previous Marriage: Toure Roberts was previously married to Lori Roberts, a children’s literature author. They have four children together, but details about their divorce are undisclosed.

Education: Toure Roberts earned a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Trinity College.

Career: He is the founder of One Church LA, which merged with The Potter’s House brand in August 2017. He is also known for his literary works, including “Purpose Awakening: Discover The Epic Idea That Motivated Your Birth” and “Wholeness.”

Net Worth: Toure Roberts’ net worth is estimated to be between $1 million to $5 million, derived from his various ventures in entrepreneurship, writing, and ministry.


Toure Roberts is a prominent figure in American literature, public speaking, production, and ministry. He is best known as the visionary leader behind One Church LA and has authored several acclaimed books. Toure Roberts est maintenant 51 ans et a été né le 8 septembre 1972 à Oakland, en Californie. He est marié à Sarah Jakes Roberts et ils ont ensemble cinq enfants. Previously, he was married to Lori Roberts and has four children with her.Toure Roberts possède un diplôme de Bachelor en administration des affaires de Trinity College. On estime que son bénéfice net varie de 1 million à 5 millions de dollars.


What is Toure Roberts’ age?

Toure Roberts was born on September 8th, 1972, making him 51 years old as of now.

How many children does Toure Roberts have?

Toure Roberts has a total of nine children, five with his current wife Sarah Jakes Roberts and four with his previous spouse, Lori Roberts.

What is Toure Roberts’ educational background?

Toure Roberts obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Trinity College.

What is Toure Roberts’ net worth?

Toure Roberts’ net worth is estimated to be between $1 million to $5 million, garnered from his endeavors in entrepreneurship, writing, and ministry.

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