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Tiffany Smiley: Advocacy, Family, and Politics in Focus

Tiffany Smiley hails from Pasco, Washington, and she’s not just an ordinary individual. She holds the prestigious titles of President and Co-Founder of Hope Unseen LLC, a venture she and her husband embarked upon with the aim of creating a platform for public speaking. But her contributions go far beyond that – Tiffany Smiley is a passionate advocate for our veterans.

She has a history of working as a triage nurse, showcasing her commitment to people’s health. She even declared herself a U.S. Senate contender in 2020, demonstrating her dedication to public service. Her responsibilities extend to the operation of, where she manages various aspects including conference preparations, media engagements, and publications.

Notably, Scotty Smiley is a remarkable man who has the distinction of becoming the first blind active-duty officer in the United States Army. Tiffany Smiley is Scotty’s wife. Tiffany is well known for the significant contributions she has made via, a website that gives women the tools they need to overcome obstacles and find their genuine pleasure and meaning in life.

Who is Politician Tiffany Smiley?

Tiffany Smiley garnered national attention when she ventured into the realm of politics. Word has it that she’s proudly representing the Republican Party and giving her all to serve the people. Presently, she’s in the running for the U.S. Senate to represent Washington, with the election scheduled for November 8, 2022. Her opponent in this race is Democratic Patty Murray. Tiffany’s been making the rounds, visiting various places to connect with voters, and she’s vocal about the fact that trust in the government has waned among the public. She’s determined to regain that trust through her unwavering dedication and hard work.

In September 2022, Tiffany Smiley made headlines when news spread like wildfire that she would be engaging in a debate against Patty Murray, who holds the position of United States Senator. The debate was set to take place in Spokane at Gonzaga University on October 23, 2022, specifically at the Myrtle Woldson Performing Arts Center. People were buzzing with excitement about this upcoming showdown. Unfortunately, Murray decided to step back from the debate, leaving many disappointed.

Tiffany Smiley Early Life

Tiffany was born in 1983 in bustling Washington, D.C., USA. She resides in her hometown with her family. Speaking of which, as of 2023, Tiffany has celebrated 39 trips around the sun.

Her educational path took her through the halls of a Catholic high school after her elementary years. And if you peek at her LinkedIn profile, you’ll find that she continued her academic journey at Whitworth University, where she dedicated herself to earning a bachelor’s degree in nursing.

Tiffany Smiley Education

When it comes to her educational background, Tiffany Smiley proudly holds a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Her journey in the field of nursing started at Whitworth University right here in the United States. She began her nursing career at the renowned Walter Reed Hospital, where she dedicated her skills and compassion to patient care.

Tiffany’s professional journey also included a year as a Triage Nurse in a private hospital, further highlighting her commitment to healthcare. Nevertheless, she made a crucial life-altering choice when she gave up her full-time nursing position to care for Scotty full-time, displaying her unshakable devotion for her spouse.

In addition to her work as a carer, Tiffany has embraced her position as the creator of, a website that significantly influences how people are inspired and motivated. In 2023, she added the title of motivational speaker to her resume. She now uses her life lessons and personal growth to encourage and elevate others around her.

Tiffany Smiley Height & Weight

In terms of her physical characteristics, Tiffany Smiley is not only an exceptional person but also a distinctive one. She has a lovely and healthy physique and is around 58 kilograms tall and 5 feet 8 inches wide. The combination of Tiffany’s golden hair and striking blue eyes enhances her allure and attractiveness.  Her personality is as amazing and cool as her appearance, making her a truly exceptional person.

Career, Political Party & Elections

Tiffany Smiley’s journey after completing her studies led her to serve as a caregiver at Walter Reed Hospital from 2005 to 2014. Following this, she ventured into a role as a Triage Nurse at Northwest Obstetrics and Gynecology Associates Inc, dedicating her skills and compassion to patient care.

But Tiffany’s passion for making a difference didn’t stop there. She’s also the visionary founder behind two companies, Hope Unseen LLC and Tiffany Smiley, where she extends a helping hand to those in need.

Tiffany just started a political career and joined the Republican Party in a crucial life decision. In an effort to serve the state of Washington, she is now vying for the U.S. Senate in the 2019 elections. Election day is November 8, 2022, and Tiffany is diligently traveling to a number of communities to speak with voters and outline her policy. She pledged to put in a lot of effort to close the trust gap and serve her residents, saying she was committed to win back voters who may have lost confidence in the administration.

Tiffany Smiley Family

Let’s go a bit further into Tiffany Smiley’s private life. She’s accomplished and compassionate, and she always wishes her parents good Mother’s and Father’s Days. We don’t know her parents, but her numerous social media photos demonstrate how much she loves them.

Tiffany has spoken in interviews about her difficult background and the work she has done from childhood. She never talked about her siblings but kept their life information and photos confidential. It is conceivable that she is the major object of her parents’ affection and care.

Tiffany is a devout follower of Christianity and proudly identifies as a member of the white racial group. She also proudly represents her nation as a citizen, demonstrating her deep ties to it.

Tiffany Smiley Husband

Tiffany Smiley has always been candid about sharing the intimate details of her personal life. On her official website, she boldly said that Scotty Smiley and her fell in love when they were still in high school. In front of their loved ones, they took the historic decision to be married in December 2003 after many years of growing closer together. On Instagram, Tiffany sent a touching tribute in commemoration of the couple’s upcoming 18th wedding anniversary in 2021. She expressed her enduring love through a poignant quote from Mother Teresa:

“Loneliness and the sense of being unloved are the two worst forms of poverty.”

Up until a fatal event, their lives were full of joy. Scotty, a devoted American Army soldier who had spent a lot of time in Iraq, came across a circumstance in 2005 that would irrevocably alter his life. Scotty was gravely harmed in a suicide bombing, placing him in a coma and permanently losing his sight, Tiffany learned from the police in a frightening phone conversation. Following this tragedy, Tiffany was sent paperwork by the US Army asking her approval for Scotty Smiley’s immediate departure from the Army. Tiffany, however, didn’t sign that document and instead embarked on a courageous battle against the military’s actions, seeking justice and fairness.

Tiffany Smiley Children

I’m delighted to share that Tiffany and Scotty Smiley are proud parents to three wonderful sons. When they brought their first kid into the world in 2007, they officially started their parenting experience. The three boys they have are Graham Smiley, Grady Smiley, and Baylor Smiley. Tiffany often treats her social media followers to glimpses of her beautiful family, sharing heartwarming pictures of her sons and her loving spouse. It’s clear that she values her family very much.

Tiffany Smiley Net Worth

The question on many minds: What’s Tiffany Smiley’s net worth? Well, this renowned figure has earned her income through a variety of roles, from nursing to business endeavors and her political career. She, along with her family, resides in a comfortable home where she lovingly cares for her husband and children, even whipping up delicious meals for them.

Tiffany is lucky to have her family’s constant support in her professional endeavors, and they indulge in a few pleasures like designer automobiles and high-tech equipment. It’s important to remember that she seldom advertises her way of living in public or online.

Her net worth ought to exceed $1.5 million by August 2023. She has shown dedication and devotion in all of her duties and undertakings, as seen by this.


Recently, Tiffany gained notoriety for publicly endorsing the abortion laws of her state, which let women choose abortion up to the moment of fetal viability. It’s unusual to see a Republican take a firm stance in support of abortion rights given how sensitive the matter is. Her candor on this issue startled a few people, particularly in view of the impending midterm elections and the fact that her party is still figuring out where it stands.

Interestingly, the State of the Union approved these regulations way back in 1991 in Washington. It’s important to note that many Republicans have typically tried to steer the conversation away from abortion by redirecting it toward topics like crime or rising consumer prices. Some have even chosen to dodge the question altogether to avoid upsetting anyone’s sentiments and to safeguard their votes.

But Tiffany Smiley charted a different course. She confidently articulated her views and pointed out that state-regulated health plans, including those for college students, cover abortion costs. Her dedication to ensuring women’s access to healthcare and contraception was confirmed. She also vowed unequivocally that she supports abortion, rejecting Democratic Sen. Patty Murray’s attempt to portray her as a radical. Patty Murray wants to terrify you, Tiffany said. I want to be of service.”

As the race progresses to the general election in November, Tiffany and her Republican opponent from the 1994 Senate election are set to face off.

Tiffany faced a minor hiccup when she repeatedly avoided acknowledging whether Biden won the 2020 election fairly. She only said, “Biden is president,” avoiding the phrase “legitimately,” when asked explicitly whether she thought Biden was a duly elected president. She was questioned about this three times by a CNN reporter, but each time she dodged the topic.

Despite these minor hiccups and the challenge of campaigning in a state where Trump faced a significant defeat, Tiffany Smiley remains a strong contender determined to make a meaningful impact.

Final Words

Tiffany Smiley is a remarkable individual with a diverse background encompassing healthcare, entrepreneurship, and now politics. She has made significant contributions to her community and the nation through her advocacy for veterans, her nursing career, and her ventures like Hope Unseen LLC and Tiffany’s path has seen her go from a nursing job to become a political candidate for the Republican Party and a motivational speaker.

Her three boys, her injured Army veteran husband Scotty Smiley, and their family are the centre of her personal life. She has persisted and stayed resilient in the face of difficulties, particularly when it comes to defending her husband’s rights and assisting him in recovering from his terrible wounds.

Tiffany’s success in other areas is reflected in her riches, and her current stance on abortion rights has attracted attention and prompted discussion within her party, proving her readiness to take on challenging subjects head-on.

Tiffany Smiley is still a dedicated and passionate U.S. Senate candidate in Washington who is driven to serve her community and make a huge impact on politics. Her path is evidence of her persistent dedication to helping the public and improving people’s lives.

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