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Entrepreneur and public figure Manuela Escobar was born on May 1, 1984, at 39. She is noteworthy since she is the only child of Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar. However, her real name is Juana Manuela Marroquin Santos. Manuela’s life has seen both highs and lows, shaped by her family’s notorious background. She was raised in luxury while her father built up a vast business from the illegal drug trade, but on December 2, 1993, a battle with Colombian authorities claimed his life.

The general consensus is that Manuela’s father did all in his power to keep his family safe during that trying period. Manuela was left with her mother and elder brother after his death. Despite her family’s criminal history, Manuela has never been imprisoned. After her father’s murder in a police firefight when she was 9, she was able to escape illicit activities.

Manuela Escobar Bio

Manuela Escobar’s story is quite fascinating. Born on May 1, 1984, she’s currently 39 years old. Her early years were marked by the extraordinary wealth of her father, a notorious billionaire cocaine dealer. She enjoyed a lavish childhood and, as the story goes, had a special bond with her father, Pablo. Legend has it that Manuela once asked for a unicorn, despite her father’s explanation that they weren’t real. Pablo, always wanting to make his daughter happy, got creative. He purchased a horse and added an artificial horn and wings, transforming it into a unicorn. Unfortunately, this cherished gift met a tragic end due to a severe infection.

Manuela’s childhood was far from ordinary. Her family was constantly on the run, hiding from law enforcement in various parts of Colombia, including open spaces like jungles. In the early ’90s, while sheltering in the mountains, Pablo Escobar reportedly burned a staggering $2 million USD in cash just to keep his daughter warm and safe from the cold.

Education played an interesting role in Manuela’s life. Her family’s fugitive status meant that traditional schooling was out of the question. They sought refuge in South Africa, Mozambique, Ecuador, Peru, Brazil, and other countries to evade their father’s enemies. Eventually, they settled in Argentina in 1994, where Manuela received homeschooling to ensure she had a formal education.

Manuela Escobar’s life journey is truly a unique and captivating one, filled with both privilege and adversity.

Full Real NameJuana Manuela Marroquin Santos
NameManuela Escobar
Popular forHer father Pablo Escobar
Age (as of 2023)39 years old
Date of BirthMay 1, 1984 (Tuesday)
Place of BirthColombia
Current ResidenceVillamaria – Caldas, Colombia
SchoolHome Schooling
Net worth (approx.)$1.7 Million US Dollars
Zodiac SignTaurus

Manuela Escobar Age

Manuela Escobar came into this world on May 25, 1984. So, as of December 2023, she has reached the age of 39. According to astrology, her zodiac sign falls under Gemini.

Manuela Escobar Family Detail

Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria, a notorious Colombian drug lord, fathered Manuela Escobar. She was the daughter of the Medellin Cartel’s notorious narco-terrorist and drug dealer. This violent Colombian cartel was involved in both drug trafficking and terrorist acts, and it mostly operated in the Medellin region.

Manuela’s mother and elder brother took her in when her father went away. They chose to alter their names in 1994 after moving to Argentina. While her brother Juan Pablo became Sebastian Marroquin and her mother Maria Victoria Henao became Victoria Henao Vallejos, Manuela took on the name Juana Manuela Marroquin.

In 1999, another tragedy struck Manuela’s life. Despite their struggles to move on after her father’s death, her mother and brother faced legal troubles. They were accused of using false public documents, money laundering, and illicit association, leading to their arrest and several months spent in jail. Luckily, inadequate evidence led to their eventual release.

Manuela suffered much during the time her family was incarcerated, going into a depressive and fearful mood. But after being set free, her brother and mother gradually made a comeback to the spotlight. They made the decision to openly discuss their difficult experiences with the world at this more steady time in their life.

FatherMr. Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria
MotherMrs. Maria Victoria Henao (Juana Manuela Marroquin)
BrotherJuan Pablo (Sebastian Marroquin)
HusbandTomas Botero

Manuela Escobar Career

In terms of her career journey, while Manuela’s mother and brother have taken steps into the media, sharing insights about their personal lives and even publishing books, Manuela herself chose a different path due to the depressive episodes she faced in her past. However, a look at her Instagram bio reveals that she’s currently engaged in running two successful businesses.

Firstly, she operates a business called “Manee Pets,” where she sells handmade pet products made in Colombia. It’s apparent that she has a passion for catering to our furry friends and has turned it into a thriving venture.

Additionally, Manuela runs “The Condor’s Nest,” a hotel situated in a prime location where numerous bird species inhabit. Visitors can enjoy the natural beauty and birdwatching opportunities when staying at her hotel. Reservations for rooms at The Condor’s Nest can be made through her hotel’s online website.

It’s evident that Manuela has found her niche in entrepreneurship, managing both a pet products business and a birdwatching-friendly hotel.

Manuela Escobar Height & Weight

Manuela has striking features with dark brown eyes and black hair. Standing at a height of 170 cm and weighing 60 kg, she possesses an attractive physique, boasting measurements of 33-29-32. Her figure certainly adds to her appealing appearance.

Manuela Escobar Relationship

In terms of her marital status, it’s not entirely confirmed whether Manuela is married or not. Regarding her Instagram account, Manuela initially connected with Tomas Botero on December 24, 2009, which is when they began dating. After dating for almost a decade, on December 24, 2020, she moved in with him in an official capacity.

The close relationship and love that Manuela and Tomas Botero have is evident in their pictures together.Although they have been dating for more than a year, they are not yet parents. They seem to be enjoying one other’s company and taking their trip one step at a time in a loving relationship.

Manuela Escobar Life After Pablo Escobar Death

When Pablo Escobar, Manuela’s father, was murdered on December 2, 1993, in a deadly gunfight with the Colombian National Police, her life took a drastic shift. Her mother, Maria Victoria Henao, now known as María Isabel Santos Caballero, and her brother, Juan, had to leave behind their luxurious lifestyle, and they escaped Colombia in 1995. They were escaping the potential threats from her father’s enemies. Their journey to safety took them from Mozambique to Brazil and eventually led them to Buenos Aires, Argentina, where they initially arrived as tourists seeking asylum. Eventually, they became citizens in exile from Colombia and settled in Argentina.

In Argentina, Manuela Escobar began a new chapter of her life as Juana Manuela Marroquin Santos, adopting a new identity along with her mother and brother. Her deep attachment to her father was evident as she held on to tangible mementos of him. She slept with one of his shirts from his last day and kept a piece of his beard hair under her pillow.

Manuela and her brother attended school in Argentina, while their mother found success as a real estate entrepreneur. However, as life started to normalize, an associate of her mother’s discovered her true identity. This discovery led to her mother’s sudden disappearance with her earnings. Maria Victoria Henao was eventually located and spent a year and a half behind bars while her finances were scrutinized. Fortunately, authorities couldn’t find any links between her funds and illegal activities, leading to her release.

This incident and the exposure of her family’s true identity had a profound impact on Manuela’s life once again. She withdrew from the world outside and refused to return to a traditional school. Instead, she received private lessons at home, adapting to the challenges that life continued to throw her way

Is Manuela Escobar Deaf?

In 1988, a bomb exploded outside Pablo’s mansion. Thankfully, there were no casualties, but Manuela suffered permanent hearing loss in her left ear as a result of the blast..

Manuela Escobar Net Worth

It’s crucial to remember that Manuela Escobar doesn’t presently have a significant source of income of her own when calculating her net worth. Her mother is renowned for her successful real estate pursuits. However, Manuela is reportedly valued at $10 million in total, which is assumed to include her father’s earnings.

Right now, her salary is unclear. The amount is estimated at $300,000. The public’s curiosity in Manuela’s net worth has grown due to her achievements and her family’s financial situation.

Manuela Escobar Hobbies And Other Interests

Manuela finds plenty of ways to enjoy her free time. She likes cinema and has seen every Marvel and animated feature. I enjoy “How to Train Your Dragon,” and “The Dark Knight” is my favorite. Robert Downey Jr. and Jennifer Aniston are her favorites.

Since she was a little kid, Manuela has been active and sporty, and she continued to be passionate about sports throughout her time at Argentina’s high schools. However, as her family’s actual identity was revealed, she was forced to postpone her athletic endeavors. She would much rather be comfortable remaining in one spot than travel. Her ardent devotion to animals is well acknowledged, and there are rumors that she keeps two dogs as pets, who probably provide her with a great deal of happiness and company.

Manuela Escobar Social Media

Although Manuela is active on a few social media sites, it’s unclear whether she actively oversees these pages. She started using Twitter in June 2010 and now has over 700 followers in addition to over 1,000 tweets in her account history. She has published about 60 photographs and has over 1,100 followers on Instagram. It appears she also maintains a Facebook page, which has garnered over 170 fans. While these accounts exist, it remains a mystery whether Manuela herself is actively running them.

Where Is Manuela Escobar Now?

Given all the controversies that have surrounded her family, many people wonder about Manuela Escobar’s current whereabouts. Following her father’s demise, she has deliberately kept a low public profile. However, it is known that she is involved in owning and assisting her mother in managing a real estate business in Argentina.


Manuela Escobar, also known as Juana Manuela Marroquin Santos, has led a remarkable and tumultuous life shaped by her family’s notorious background. Born on May 1, 1984, this 39-year-old has seen both wealth and misery. She was raised in luxury and had a special childhood filled with her father’s incredible achievements, including turning a horse into a unicorn. Famous Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar.

In 1993, Manuela’s father died, changing her life. She was in exile in various countries before going to Argentina with her mother and brother. Her connection with her father remained the same despite her adopting a new persona. Due to a number of problems, including legal troubles, her mother chose to separate herself from society and pursue an alternative education.

Despite the hardships, Manuela found her niche in entrepreneurship. She currently manages two successful businesses, “Manee Pets” and “The Condor’s Nest,” demonstrating her passion for pets and birdwatching.

Manuela has overcome adversity, including lifelong hearing loss from a 1988 bomb blast, with tenacity. Most of her $10 million net worth comes from her family’s wealth.

It’s unknown whether she actively manages her social media pages. Manuela has chosen to keep a low public profile, focusing on her businesses and personal life. Despite her family’s notorious history

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