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Is Ryan Seacrest Gay? A Closer Look At Her Personality, Past Relationships And Dating History

Renowned television personality Ryan Seacrest has frequently been a topic of discussion regarding his sexual orientation. Despite the rumors, he has consistently identified himself as heterosexual. This is further substantiated by his romantic history, which includes several well-known relationships with women throughout the years. Ryan Seacrest has never come out as gay, despite rumors. None of Seacrest’s relationships have ended in marriage.

Ryan Seacrest is not wed as of yet. The American TV star has been romantically involved with Aubrey Paige Petcosky since June 2021. The host of the popular show American Idol was initially linked with the model after they were seen spending Memorial Day together in the Hamptons during the same month.

During his tenure as the host of American Idol, Ryan, along with fellow hosts Simon Cowell and Randy Jackson, often made light-hearted jokes about his sexuality. These instances sometimes led people to believe that he might be gay. In fact, one of his past girlfriends even had thoughts along those lines. However, at present, Ryan Seacrest is in a committed relationship with the model Aubrey Paige Petcosky.

Profile summary

Full nameRyan John Seacrest
Age48 years old (as of January 2023)
Date of birth24 December 1974
Birth signCapricorn
Place of birthAtlanta, Georgia, USA
FatherGary Lee Seacrest
MotherConstance Marie
Siblings Meredith Seacrest
EducationDunwoody High School, University of Georgia
ProfessionAmerican media personality and producer
Eye colourGreen
Eye colorLight brown
Net worth$450 million

Is ryan seacrest gay?

There have been reports addressing the speculation about Ryan Seacrest’s sexual orientation. Despite widespread assumptions, he has consistently demonstrated that these assumptions are inaccurate. Moreover, his dating history is replete with relationships with female celebrities, without any involvement of men.

The rumors regarding Ryan Seacrest’s sexuality were primarily fueled by two factors: his choice of clothing and comments made by Simon Cowell. Some individuals have argued that certain aspects of his appearance and behavior might suggest he is gay.

Simon Cowell once playfully mentioned that Ryan’s favorite song was the gay anthem, “It’s Raining Men.” Later, he said his comment was meant in jest.

Simon, American Idol’s co-host, dodged questions about Ryan’s sexuality. This lack of clarity only served to intensify the speculation among the public.

Has Ryan Seacrest ever been married?

Ryan Seacrest has never married despite having many romances. Thus, he has never been married.

He stated that he had reassessed and made life-improving decisions when asked if he had considered proposing. Ryan is still unmarried and doesn’t seem interested in marriage at 50.

Ryan Seacrest’s Past Relationships and Dating History

Ryan is currently in a relationship with Aubrey Paige Pentcosky. Aubrey, hailing from Austin, Texas, is a model. The two crossed paths in May 2021, but they didn’t make their relationship public until June of the same year when they confirmed their status. Despite Aubrey’s 20s and Ryan’s 40s, their relationship remains strong.

Ryan has dated many women throughout his career, which began in 2002. His dating history is quite extensive, marked by various romantic connections.

Erica Lancellotti (2002-2003)

This marked Ryan’s initial experience in the realm of relationships. His partner, Erica, is a thriving entrepreneur. While details about their relationship are somewhat elusive, it concluded within a year.

Shana Wall (2003-2005)

Ryan’s romantic journey intersected with model and actress Shana in 2003, and their relationship lasted until 2005. There were whispers suggesting that they might have rekindled their connection after being apart for around ten years, but these rumors remained unverified.

Teri Hatcher (2006)

Back in March 2006, a noteworthy moment occurred when Ryan Seacrest and Teri Hatcher, known for their role in Desperate Housewives, were caught sharing a public kiss. Interestingly, this took place on their third date. Then came a surprise. In an Oprah interview, Teri Hatcher said Ryan called her the day following their kiss and said, “I don’t think I can pursue this with you.”

Jasmine Waltz (2009)

In 2009, Ryan experienced a short-lived romance with Jasmine, who was not only a reality TV personality but also a bartender and a fashion model. Despite the initial spark, their relationship eventually ran its course and ended. Speculations surfaced suggesting that they might have crossed paths again in 2014, but it turned out these rumors were unfounded and untrue.

Julianne Hough (2010-2013)

With Julianne, he had one of the most notable and enduring partnerships that attracted notice. She won Dancing With The Stars and is an actress and dancer. Their on-again, off-again relationship was attributed to their busy schedules. The three years of this partnership ended with its final dissolution.

Shayna Taylor (2013-2020)

Shayna, a skilled chef, and accomplished model played a significant role in Ryan’s life. Their journey together saw them making a move from Los Angeles to the vibrant city of New York. However, their relationship was marked by numerous breakups and reconciliations until ultimately reaching its conclusion in 2020.

Ryan’s romantic history also features dalliances with several notable personalities, such as Renee Blythewood, Hilary Cruz, Dominique Piek, and Sophia Monk, showcasing a chapter of his life intertwined with various well-known figures.

Aubrey Paige Petcosky (2021- present)

Is Ryan Seacrest currently in a relationship? Yes, he is. The well-known television producer is romantically involved with Aubrey Paige Petcosky, an American model and popular figure on social media platforms. In early 2021, they started dating, but they kept it a secret. In May of that year, Aubrey posted a photo on Instagram with a touching note, revealing their relationship.

Has Aubrey Paige Petcosky, Ryan Seacrest’s girlfriend, been secretly engaged?

Ryan Seacrest and his current girlfriend have never secretly or publicly engaged. However, he did confess that he came close to proposing once, but he’s glad he didn’t.

While Ryan hasn’t married, he’s not against it. He admires his parents for their enduring marriage of over four decades. He once mentioned on his show that you keep searching until you find the right partner, and it’s evident that he’s living by those words.

Ryan Seacrest, the well-known American media figure recognized for hosting shows like Live with Kelly and Ryan, American Top 40, and American Idol, is not gay, and he’s also not married. Despite this, he’s caused quite a stir around his sexuality due to his recurring jokes that touch on homosexuality. However, when you delve into his dating history, it becomes clear that his relationships with women counter these speculations.

Who did Ryan Seacrest kiss at midnight?

On New Year’s Eve, as the clock struck midnight, something quite usual happened – Ryan Seacrest shared a New Year’s kiss. This is a common tradition where people exchange a kiss to kick off the new year, and Ryan took part in it too.

Ryan’s 2013 New Year’s Eve was remarkable. He kissed Miley Cyrus, the pop culture-changing American singer, songwriter, actress, and TV personality. This kiss was immortalized in a photo. The 2013 celebrities and Ryan Seacrest, one of the entertainment industry’s busiest people, appeared in it.

Why do people say That Ryan Seacrest gay?

Dressing and behavior

In other situations, Ryan’s actions were perceived as being a little feminine, and he made nice gestures toward guys. On an episode of American Idol, he unexpectedly selected a man from the audience to dance with him, which was an interesting experience. In addition, he has a history of flirty comments toward Adam Lambert, a prominent member of the LGBTQ+ community.

Ryan also has a very distinct sense of style. He frequently seems well-groomed in suits and exudes elegance. He has, however, occasionally shocked the audience by showing out on red carpets dressed as a woman. His appreciation for women’s apparel and his willingness to experiment with fashion choices add even another dimension to the debate over his appearance and sense of style.

Gay Jokes

Ryan’s consistent stream of homosexual jokes on live television has contributed to the speculation surrounding his sexuality. One instance that stands out occurred on an episode of American Idol, where Ryan engaged in a playful exchange about his own sexuality with Simon Cowell, one of the show’s judges, and Randy Jackson.

During this exchange, Simon Cowell playfully revealed that Ryan Seacrest’s favorite song was “It’s Raining Men,” while Randy Jackson joined in with similar jests questioning Ryan’s sexual orientation. In response, Ryan countered by mentioning that Cowell enjoyed listening to “YMCA” at a place called the Manhole.

Another noteworthy aspect is Cowell’s habit of addressing Ryan as “Sweetheart.” Moreover, on a particular episode of American Idol in October 2014, Cowell playfully suggested that Ryan should possess knowledge about the fashionability of a contestant’s high heels and even quipped for Ryan to “come out” of the closet.

Ryan’s response to questions about his sexuality also added fuel to the speculation fire. When asked directly about whether ryan seacrest gay or not, Cowell offered no clear answer. This ambiguity stirred up a lot of discussion and led to questions about Ryan’s sexual orientation. However, Ryan later explained that his gay-themed jokes on American Idol were meant in good spirits and were never intended to be hurtful or disrespectful.

All of these instances combined have created an environment where people have wondered about Ryan’s sexuality, due to the recurring themes and playful exchanges that he has been part of on live television.

Speculations of Julianne Hough

During a live show, Ryan’s former girlfriend Julianne Hough shared an interesting tidbit from their past. She mentioned that when Seacrest asked her out, she was 18 years old. She doubted his intentions and even said on television that she thought ryan seacrest gay. She was wrong, and they started dating. This playful revelation adds a unique layer to their history.

So, Is Really Ryan Seacrest Gay?

Speculating about a celebrity’s sexuality is a common occurrence, often based on conjecture rather than direct confirmation from the star themselves. Ryan Seacrest is no exception to this pattern, with several reasons contributing to the circulating rumors about his sexual orientation.

Ryan’s involvement in the influential show “American Idol,” which played a pivotal role in shaping his career, is a significant factor behind these rumors. The show had its share of moments that spurred talk about Ryan’s sexuality.

Simon Cowell, one of the judges on the show, was known for his blunt manner and occasional use of remarks that could be interpreted as homophobic, even directed at Ryan. Instances stand out where he made comments like referencing “It’s Raining Men,” which was reportedly Ryan’s favorite song, and remarks about the trendiness of contestants’ heels.

Another judge, Randy Jackson, also engaged in similar banter, albeit in a less direct manner than Simon Cowell. These remarks, often labeled as jokes, led some viewers to speculate that Ryan Seacrest might be gay. In response, Ryan didn’t shy away from firing back with similar retorts, playfully engaging in this back-and-forth banter with Simon Cowell.

It’s important to recognize that such comments, whether light-hearted or not, can shape public perception and contribute to the ongoing speculation about a celebrity’s personal life.


Here Are Some (FAQs) About Ryan Seacrest

Q1: Is Ryan Seacrest gay?
A1: Despite persistent rumors and speculation, Ryan Seacrest has consistently identified himself as heterosexual. His dating history and relationships with women further support his orientation.

Q2: Why do people think Ryan Seacrest is gay?
A2: Speculation about Ryan Seacrest’s sexuality arose due to factors such as his clothing choices, behavior, and light-hearted banter on “American Idol.” Simon Cowell’s comments and Ryan’s own remarks contributed to this perception.

Q3: Did Ryan Seacrest ever address the gay rumors?
A3: Yes, Ryan Seacrest has addressed the gay rumors, explaining that the jokes and banter on “American Idol” were meant in good spirits and were never intended to be hurtful. He has consistently maintained that he is heterosexual.

Q4: Who is Ryan Seacrest dating now?
A4: As of June 2021, Ryan Seacrest is in a relationship with Aubrey Paige Petcosky, an American model. They have been seen together on several occasions, and Aubrey confirmed their relationship on social media.

Q5: What is Ryan Seacrest’s dating history?
A5: Ryan Seacrest dated Erica Lancellotti, Shana Wall, Teri Hatcher, Jasmine Waltz, Julianne Hough, Shayna Taylor, and others. He has discussed his dating history.

Q6: Did Ryan Seacrest ever get married?
A6: No, Ryan Seacrest has never been married. Despite his many romances and relationships, he has not pursued marriage.

Q7: Why did Julianne Hough think Ryan Seacrest was gay?
A7: During a live show, Julianne Hough, Ryan’s former girlfriend, playfully mentioned that when he asked her out, she thought he might be gay due to his intentions. However, they started dating, and the revelation adds a humorous dimension to their history.

Q8: How did Simon Cowell contribute to the gay rumors about Ryan Seacrest?
A8: Simon Cowell, a judge on “American Idol,” made playful remarks and comments about Ryan’s sexuality during the show, such as referencing the song “It’s Raining Men” as Ryan’s favorite and making jokes about his fashion choices. These remarks added to the speculation.

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