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Drew Carey’s Remarkable Journey and Staggering Net Worth: A Comprehensive Look

Net Worth

Drew Carey’s made quite a splash in the entertainment world, earning both fame and fortune. Reports online suggest his estimated net worth sits around $165 million, showcasing the hefty rewards of his work as an actor and writer. As for his current salary, it’s rumored to be around $12.5 million, but details about his assets seem to be a bit hazy at the moment. Still, it’s clear that Drew’s managed to carve out quite a successful career for himself.

Who is Drew Carey?

Drew Carey’s life path resembles a fast-paced exploration of various realms. He’s really worn a lot of hats, from his time as a field radio operator in the Marine Corps Reserve during his time in the U.S. military to his career as a stand-up comedian who gained recognition in films and television.

It’s amazing how he went from serving in the military, rising to the rank of sergeant in his regiment, to pursuing a career in humour. People connected with his humour, which led to opportunities in the film industry and ultimately to him hosting his own comedy programmes.

His knack for connecting with audiences paved the way for him to take on hosting roles, where his friendly and humorous demeanor became his trademark. It’s like he found his niche, delighting audiences and bringing his unique charm to the world of game shows.

With all his successes, it’s no surprise that Drew Carey decided to share his story in his biography, “Dirty Jokes and Beer: Stories of the Unrefined.” It’s a testament to his journey, offering a peek into the colorful chapters of his life.

His ability to adapt and excel in different arenas is inspiring, proving that the path to success can take unexpected turns and lead to incredible adventures.

Drew Carey Biography 

Drew Carey’s story began in Cleveland, Ohio, on May 23, 1958. Growing up with his older brothers Neil and Roger in Old Brooklyn, Cleveland, he navigated his early years before finding his path. He attended James Ford Rhodes High School and later set his sights on Kent University.

His academic journey faced challenges, and he found himself expelled from the university not just once, but twice, before eventually deciding to leave. Drew then took a significant turn by joining the United States Marine Corps Reserve, dedicating six years of his life to serving his country. Following his service, he ventured to Las Vegas, where he took on roles as a waiter at Danny’s and also worked in banking.

In 1986, Drew Carey’s comedic talents emerged when he won an open mic contest at the Cleveland Comedy Club, earning him the title of Master of Ceremonies. His stand-up career took flight, highlighted by his special, “Drew Carey: Human Cartoon,” which earned him recognition in the Best Writing category at the Cable ABC Awards.

The pinnacle of his television career arrived with “The Drew Carey Show,” which premiered on ABC in 1995, propelling him into the spotlight. Hosting “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” further solidified his place as a comedic genius. His success skyrocketed, landing him among Forbes’ highest-paid entertainers, earning an impressive $45.5 million.

Beyond these triumphs, Drew expanded his hosting repertoire with shows like “Drew Carey’s Green Screen Show” and “Drew Carey’s Improv-A-Ganza.” A passion for sports led him to Germany to capture moments from the 2006 FIFA World Cup through his photography.

In addition to his acting career, he was in other TV shows and films, including “Family Guy,” “The Simpsons,” and “Jack and Jill” and “Coneheads.” Despite quitting the Marine Corps, he received recognition for his achievements from the WWE Hall of Fame, the People’s Choice Award, and the Satellite Award, among other honours.

Drew Carey’s journey is a testament to resilience, showcasing how one can carve a path to success despite hurdles and setbacks along the way.


Celebrated NameDrew Carey
Age63 Years
Nick NameDrew Carey
Birth NameDrew Allison Carey
Birth Date1958-05-23
Place Of BirthCleveland, Ohio, U.S
Birth NationUnited States of America
ReligionWill Update Soon…
Famous ForGame Show Host
FatherLewis Carey
MotherBeulah Carey
BrothersNeal Carey, Roger Carey
Net Worth$165 million
Salary$12.5 Million
Height5 feet 10 inches
Weight82.5 Kg
Eye ColorBlue
Hair ColorBrown
Marital StatusUnmarried
Sexual OrientationStraight
PartnerNicole Jaracz
Source of WealthEntertainment Industry
LinksWikipedia, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook


After finishing up at James Ford Rhodes High School in ’75, Drew headed off to Kent State University for college. But things got a bit bumpy – he hit some roadblocks with his studies and ended up getting expelled from Kent State, not just once, but twice.

Feeling like maybe college wasn’t his scene, Drew made the bold choice to leave after three years. In ’79, he took a whole different path and signed up with the United States Marine Corps Reserve. He dedicated four solid years to serving there, soaking up the experience and discipline it offered.

By ’83, Drew found himself in Las Vegas, switching gears again. This time, he was juggling roles – working as a bank teller by day and picking up shifts as a Denny’s waitress. Life was throwing him curveballs, but Drew was rolling with the punches, trying his hand at different gigs and figuring out where he fit best.


Drew stands at 5 feet 10 inches tall and carries around 182 pounds, give or take. His eyes are a striking shade of blue, complementing his brown hair. As for the rest of his details, it seems like Drew’s keeping the rest under wraps. If anything else comes out, you’ll be the first to know!

Is he gay?

Even though he was in his early 60s, Drew Carey had a youthful spirit that kept people guessing. Rumors about his romantic life swirled, especially speculation about his sexual orientation. However, despite all the chatter, there hasn’t been any solid evidence or reports confirming Drew being romantically involved with anyone of the same gender.

Drew Carey Personal Life

As of 2021, the internet seems to be keeping Drew Carey’s personal life pretty under wraps. From what’s out there, it appears that Drew is not married. There’s a real lack of info about any romantic relationships or a girlfriend. It’s like his personal life’s a mystery, and for now, it looks like Drew’s flying solo.


Drew Carey’s journey into comedy began with a leap of faith. He took the stage at open mic contests, winning hearts and building his courage to dive headfirst into the comedy scene. Clubs like the Cleveland Comedy Club became his training ground, honing his skills until he became the master of ceremonies.

His big break came when he wowed Johnny Carson on “The Tonight Show” in ’91, earning recognition for his comedic talent. That paved the way for his own show, “Drew Carey: The Human Cartoon,” a hit on Showtime, earning him a CableACE Award for Best Writing.

The spotlight really shone on him when he stepped into the sitcom world with “The Drew Carey Show” in ’95. Over nine years and 223 episodes, Drew became a household name through this iconic series.

Transitioning into hosting, he took the reins of “The Price Is Right,” becoming the face of the show. He expanded his hosting repertoire to include the CBS game show “Power of 10.”

Beyond TV, Drew dabbled in movies and even appeared in music videos for artists like “Weird Al” Yankovic and Fountains of Wayne. His ventures didn’t stop there—Drew made a splash on shows like “Dancing with the Stars” and “Masked Singer,” showcasing his diverse talents.

Surprisingly, he’s not just about entertainment. Drew’s also a skilled photographer, even serving as the press photographer for the national soccer team. His journey’s been quite the rollercoaster, taking on different roles and leaving his mark in various arenas.


Throughout his career, Drew Carey’s talents haven’t gone unnoticed. He’s racked up quite a collection of awards and honors along the way. Back in ’98, he snagged the Satellite Award for Best Actor in a Musical/Comedy Series, a recognition that truly showcased his comedic prowess.

Cleveland State University also honored him in 2000 with an Honorary DHL, acknowledging his contributions and achievements. Being listed among the 100 Greatest Stand-Ups of All Time by Comedy Central in 2004 was a testament to his impact in the comedy world.

But Drew’s influence extended beyond entertainment. In 2011, he clinched the Southern California Journalism Award for “Best Advocacy Journalism,” showcasing his dedication to making a difference beyond the stage and screen. His accolades paint a picture of a multifaceted talent making waves in various fields.


Drew Carey’s past relationship with his ex-fiancée, Amie Harwick, took a tragic turn. She was involved in a heartbreaking incident near her home, which ended in her untimely death. When the police arrived, they rushed her to the hospital, but unfortunately, she didn’t make it.

The devastating loss of Amie deeply shook Drew Carey. Despite their breakup, they maintained a healthy and friendly relationship, making her passing all the more shocking and heartbreaking for him.

The incident led Drew to postpone his show, “The Price Is Right,” as he grappled with the loss. Amie Harwick was not just a well-known family and sex counselor but also a celebrity in her own right.

The whole situation was a profound tragedy that affected not just Drew Carey but also those who knew and admired Amie Harwick for her work and presence in the community.


Drew Carey’s life is an extraordinary tale of resilience and versatile talent. From his early days in the military to becoming a beloved comedian, actor, and game show host, his journey through various career paths has been both diverse and inspiring. As one of the entertainment industry’s stalwarts, his net worth reflects his immense success and multifaceted contributions.


  1. Early Life and Career: Born in Cleveland, Ohio, in 1958, Drew Carey faced challenges in academia but found his calling in comedy after serving in the Marine Corps Reserve.
  2. Comedic Success: His stand-up career soared after winning contests and performances on notable platforms like “The Tonight Show.” His sitcom, “The Drew Carey Show,” and hosting gigs further cemented his status in the entertainment world.
  3. Hosting and Television: Drew’s hosting prowess extended to shows like “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” and ultimately to his iconic role as the host of “The Price Is Right.”
  4. Recognition and Awards: Carey’s talent has earned him numerous accolades, including awards for acting, comedy, and advocacy journalism.
  5. Diverse Ventures: Beyond entertainment, Drew explored photography, capturing moments at the FIFA World Cup, and made appearances in music videos and reality TV.


What is Drew Carey’s net worth? 

Drew Carey’s estimated net worth is approximately $165 million.

Is Drew Carey married? 

As of the latest information available, Drew Carey is not married. He was previously engaged to Amie Harwick, whose tragic passing deeply affected him.

What are some notable achievements of Drew Carey?

 He has won awards for his acting and comedy, was listed among the 100 Greatest Stand-Ups of All Time by Comedy Central, and received recognition for advocacy journalism.

How did Drew Carey start his career?

 Drew Carey began his career by winning open mic contests and gaining recognition on shows like “The Tonight Show.” His breakthrough came with “The Drew Carey Show,” propelling him into sitcom stardom.

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