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Delving into Lee Asher’s Love Life: The Search for “The Asher House Girlfriend”

The Asher House Girlfriend

Since Asher House gained fame online, everyone’s been curious: “Who’s his partner?” Does the dog rescue hero have a significant other?

Well, from what’s out there, it seems Lee Asher hasn’t made any public declarations about being in a relationship or married. There might be someone special in his life, but he’s chosen to keep that part private.

But there’s a bit of history—Lee Asher was linked romantically with a lady named Sydney Febrache. Hailing from Indiana, they started seeing each other around 2016 or 2017. They even adopted some puppies jointly because they both had a passion for dog rescue. It appeared to be a match made in paradise. Sydney has a significant online following on Instagram as a result of her writing activities.

But their romance was short-lived—it ended in April 2018 after just a few years. After they split, Sydney kept up with her love for dogs, living life on the road in her van with her golden retriever companion. And as for her romantic life, she found happiness again with her partner, Henry Friedman, who shares her love for pups.

Asher’s love life didn’t end there. He also had a relationship with Ann Rubiolo for a spell before parting ways. Rubiolo’s now found love with Marian Benitez.

So, while Asher might not have a spotlight romance currently, his past is filled with love stories that revolve around a shared love for our furry friends.

The Journey of “The Asher House”

Lee Asher’s commitment to saving dogs is truly remarkable. He went as far as buying a bus for $65,000, turning it into a rolling sanctuary for our furry friends.

With this mobile haven, he can journey all over the United States, reaching out to dogs in need wherever they may be. To keep his mission operating smoothly, Lee spends over $8,000 a month on necessities like dog food, veterinary care, and gasoline. Numerous puppies all throughout the nation are having their lives changed by this labor of love.

Who is Lee Asher?

Meet Lee Asher: a fitness fanatic, social media star, and businessman who has won over many people’s hearts with his YouTube and Instagram channel, The Asher House.

Born on August 25, 1988, Lee’s roots trace back to sunny Florida, where he shared a memorable childhood with his parents and older brother, D.J. Gugenheim. Despite being born in ’88, Lee is actually 33 years old, not 54.

His journey from Florida to social media stardom is a testament to his dedication and passion for fitness and business. Lee’s online presence has not only made him a star but also an inspiration to many.

Lee Asher Age

Lee Asher came into this world on August 25, 1988, squarely in the core of Post Lauderdale, USA. Thus, on the off chance that we quick forward to 2023, you’d find him commending his 35th excursion around the sun. It’s unbelievable the way in which time passes quickly, right?

Lee Asher’s Family 

Lee Asher’s family is full of fascinating characters, starting with his parents Louise and Mark Horowitz. Mark, Lee’s father, brought a touch of magic to their household as both an optometric practice manager and a semi-professional magician. The magic didn’t just stop at his performances; it infused their family life with wonder and enchantment.

Mark’s passion for magic began early on when he studied under renowned magicians AI Flosso and Lou Tannen during his teenage years in bustling 1960s New York City. This connection to the world of prestidigitation added an extra layer of excitement to Lee’s childhood.

Adding to the family’s colorful tapestry is Lee’s sister, Alexis, who brings her own sparkle to the mix. Together, they share common experiences and diverse talents, enriching the Horowitz family history with their unique contributions and shared memories.

Lee Asher’s Net Worth

Asher’s got quite the impressive net worth, estimated at around $1.6 million. His main sources of income? Well, they come from his huge following on social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube.

Now, when it comes to his love life, we’ve pretty much covered everything known about his girlfriends. But let’s not forget who Lee really is: a social media sensation, a guy who’s crazy about dogs, and the driving force behind Oregon’s Asher House Sanctuary project.

His passions include advocating for animal welfare, riding around in a refurbished school bus with his furry friends that he has rescued, and spreading the word about canine adoption. Lee isn’t just creating waves on the internet; he’s actually improving the lives of our canine companions.

Is Lee Asher Married?

Lee Asher’s love life is like a puzzle waiting to be solved. He’s never been married, and there’s no rumor of any previous unions. He’s riding solo for now and doesn’t appear to be interested in getting back into the dating game anytime soon. He is therefore content to be single for the time being and has no girlfriend.

Now, let’s chat about Lee’s rise to fame. At 35, he’s made quite the journey from a corporate gym trainer to a dog rescuer with a heart of gold. It all started with his YouTube channel, The Asher House, which quickly caught the attention of dog lovers worldwide. People couldn’t get enough of his handsome looks and his amazing rescues.

But with fame comes curiosity, and fans have been wondering about his personal life. Is he seeing someone secretly? Or maybe he’s just not interested in dating right now? Some even wonder if he’s gay. Whatever the truth may be, Lee Asher’s work and life continue to captivate hearts across the globe.

Is Lee Asher Gay?

Despite rumors circulating online, Lee Asher is not gay. There was some chatter among netizens speculating about his sexual orientation, particularly when they suggested he might have been in a romantic relationship with his former business partner, Luke Barton. These rumors gained traction because some of his followers found it odd that such a handsome and compassionate dog lover had been single for a while.

But Lee made the morally correct choice to stay out of the drama, especially when it came to his private life. He opted to keep his attention on his work and his love of canine rescue rather than to confirm or refute the claims.  Over time, the stories faded away due to a lack of evidence, allowing Lee to carry on with his mission without distraction.

Lee Asher Ex-Girlfriend

Thanks to their shared love of animal rescue, Lee Asher and Ana Rubiolo made a formidable team. Their mutual passion of animals was evident throughout all of their many excursions together. They did, however, decide to split up in 2023, although their divorce was amicable. Their friendship persisted, as did their unwavering commitment to animal rescue. Their experience serves as a testament to the enduring link that may be formed even when romantic relationships end due to common ideals and experiences.

Lee was a GymTrainer Before Fame

Before Lee became known for his passion for dogs, he was actually a corporate gym trainer and a big fitness buff. Back in August 2008, he even started his own fitness company called No Limit Fitness AZ, where he doubled as a trainer. But after about two years, around November 2010, he decided to close up shop and move on to greener pastures.

That’s when he shifted gears away from fitness training and landed a gig as a senior peak performance strategist at Anthony Robbins Companies. He spent a solid two years there before moving on in July 2013. Around the same time, he landed a role as a leadership development manager at Community Loans of America, where he stuck around for nearly a year before deciding to carve out his own path.

Lee’s career trajectory underwent a big shift when he created in July of that same year. It’s fairly obvious that Lee’s path has been full of detours and turns that have finally brought him to his current status as a well-liked personality in the dog rescue and advocacy community.

Social Media 

Lee Asher isn’t just about his professional hustle or his heartwarming dog rescues. He’s got quite the online presence too, boasting a massive following of over 992K fans on Instagram and 306K subscribers on his YouTube channel, “The Asher House.”

Through these platforms, Lee shares his incredible journey, spreading the word about animal rescue and motivating others to get involved.

Lee’s story is truly remarkable. From his days as a corporate mentor to building his own business domain and turning into a committed canine hero, he’s a living illustration of the force of enthusiasm and sympathy. With a total assets assessed at $2 million and a significant effect on the existences of saved little guys, Lee’s inheritance is one of motivation and trust, contacting the hearts of numerous all over the planet.


Lee Asher, the founder of The Asher House, is a social media sensation and dog rescuer with a heart of gold. Born in 1988 in Florida, Asher’s journey from corporate gym trainer to dog rescuer extraordinaire is inspirational. His main focus is on rescuing and advocating for dogs, which he showcases through his YouTube channel and Instagram presence.

While Asher hasn’t publicly declared any current relationships, he has had significant past romantic connections, notably with Sydney Febrache and Ann Rubiolo. However, both relationships ended, and Asher seems content being single for now, dedicating his time to his passion for rescuing dogs.

The Asher House project involves a mobile sanctuary, a refurbished school bus, traveling around the United States to rescue dogs in need. Asher’s commitment to this cause is evident in his monthly expenditure of over $8,000 on necessities for the dogs he rescues.

Despite rumors about his sexual orientation, particularly speculation about his relationship with former business partner Luke Barton, Asher has chosen to keep his personal life private, focusing instead on his work and love for dogs.


Who is Lee Asher?

Lee Asher is a social media star, dog rescuer, and founder of The Asher House. Born in Florida in 1988, Asher gained fame through his YouTube channel and Instagram, where he shares his passion for rescuing dogs.

Is Lee Asher married?

No, Lee Asher is not married. He has never been married and doesn’t appear to be in a relationship currently. He is content being single and focuses on his work rescuing dogs.

Who are Lee Asher’s past girlfriends?

Lee Asher has had relationships with Sydney Febrache and Ann Rubiolo in the past. However, both relationships ended, and Asher is currently single.

Is Lee Asher gay?

Despite rumors circulating online, Lee Asher is not gay. He has chosen to keep his personal life private and focuses on his work rescuing dogs.

What is The Asher House project?

The Asher House project involves a mobile sanctuary, a refurbished school bus, that travels around the United States rescuing dogs in need. Asher’s commitment to this cause is evident in his monthly expenditure of over $8,000 on necessities for the rescued dogs.

What is Lee Asher’s net worth?

Lee Asher’s net worth is estimated at around $1.6 million. His main sources of income come from his social media presence, particularly on Instagram and YouTube.

What was Lee Asher’s career before becoming a dog rescuer?

Before becoming known for his passion for dogs, Lee Asher was a corporate gym trainer and fitness buff. He also worked as a senior peak performance strategist and a leadership development manager before focusing on dog rescue full-time.

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