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Who is Darryl Baum?

Darryl Baum, born and raised in Brooklyn on August 20, 1965. Ever heard of him? Probably not, unless you followed some crazy headlines back in 2000. See, Baum was Mike Tyson’s go-to bodyguard and a real close buddy.

But here’s where it gets wild – he ended up in the middle of this huge scandal when he shot rapper 50 Cent nine times. Yeah, you heard that right. Nine times. Baum was just 34 at the time of the incident.

Now, as for his family, there’s not much info out there. All we know is he had two siblings, Tyrone and Zakia. Tyrone, his brother, was pretty vocal about getting payback for what happened to Baum.

It’s one of those stories that leaves you with more questions than answers, ya know?

Darryl Baum Childhood 

Back in their Brooklyn days, Mike Tyson and Darryl Baum were like peas in a pod. Their friendship went way back, you know, from the streets where they grew up together.

When Tyson got out of prison in ’99, after that whole sexual assault thing in Indiana, he brought Baum on board as his bodyguard. But their time together was cut short. Baum got mixed up in some rough stuff back home in New York and, tragically, he didn’t make it past June 2000.

Now, Tyson, he was devastated by Baum’s death. I mean, they were tight. So, when Tyson knocked out Lou Savarese in just 38 seconds, he made sure it was a tribute to his fallen friend. He even put up fifty grand for anyone who could help catch the guys who did Baum wrong.

It just shows you, friendship runs deep, man. Tyson’s gesture said it all – he lost more than just a buddy when Baum died.

Darryl Baum Biography

You know, there’s this American guy named Darryl Hommo who wasn’t just Mike Tyson’s bodyguard but also his close buddy. Sounds like they were pretty tight, huh? Darryl grew up with big dreams of running his own business, and thankfully, his parents had his back all the way, cheering him on.

Their friendship? Oh, it was rock solid, stretching all the way back to their childhood days. They even stuck together through some rough patches, including time behind bars. When they got out, Tyson didn’t forget his promise to help Darryl out. He hooked him up with a gig on his security team, making him not just a bodyguard but also one of his most trusted pals.

Tyson was so torn up when Darryl passed away that he dedicated one of his knockout victories over Lou Savarese to him. That’s saying something about how close they were, right? Darryl practically lived at Tyson’s place, they were that tight.

But then things took a dark turn. Darryl got wrapped up in some serious trouble, accused of being involved in shooting rapper 50 Cent nine times. It’s a crazy story – 50 Cent was just leaving his grandma’s house when Darryl and his crew rolled up in a car. Then, from another vehicle, shots rang out, hitting 50 Cent all over. It took him months to recover fully from the ordeal.

Darryl Baum Wiki

Full NameDarryl Baum
Other NamesHommo
Date of BirthAugust 20, 1965
Birth SignLeo
Place of BirthBrooklyn, New York City, USA
Date of DeathJune 10, 2000
Place of DeathBrooklyn, New York City, USA
Age at Death34 years
Cause of DeathGunshot wounds
SiblingsTyrone T’Rock Baum (brother), Zakia Baum (sister)
Known ForThe 2000 shooting of rapper 50 Cent

Darryl Baum Early Life  

Born and reared in the center of New York City, Darryl Baum was a true Brooklynite. Regarding his education, well, that remains somewhat of a mystery. His high school and whether or not he sought a degree in Brooklyn are not well known. However, what is known is that, because to his parents’ support, he had lofty aspirations of being a successful businessman since he was a little child.

Life wasn’t all smooth sailing, though. Baum got caught up in some pretty dark stuff, like drugs and all that mess, which landed him in a nasty feud with some serious players in the gang scene. But through it all, he had one constant in his life: his tight bond with Mike Tyson. They were like brothers, with Baum crashing at Tyson’s place pretty often.

Both of them had their fair share of run-ins with the law, spending time behind bars in the ’90s. But when they got out, Tyson promised to have Baum’s back. And he wasn’t just blowing smoke – he actually helped Baum land a gig on his security team. Talk about loyalty, right? Baum became Tyson’s right-hand man, trusted with everything.

But then tragedy struck. Baum was gunned down on a lonely street while heading home one night, taking a bullet to the head. It’s a heartbreaking end to a complicated story. The guys who did it? Well, they’re behind bars now, serving their time.

Tyrone, the younger brother of Baum, sought revenge as if that wasn’t enough suffering for one family. However, there was also sadness involved, when Tyrone passed away at a building site. It serves as a frightening reminder of how fleeting life can be, particularly if you associate with the wrong crowd.

Darryl Baum Age

The day Darryl Baum was born was August 20, 1965. That he departed us when he was still in his mid-thirties is difficult to comprehend. At thirty-four, losing him is absolutely devastating. What truly gets to me, though, is that he left behind a legacy of friendship when he departed from us.

Darryl Baum Career

You know, Mike Tyson’s experienced every high, every low, and everything in between. However, Darryl Baum was more than simply a coworker of Tyson’s. Nope, Baum was like family to him, a buddy he could trust with anything. Their bond was so strong that it wasn’t just about friendship – it actually influenced Tyson’s life and how people saw him.

Their narrative demonstrates the profound influence that interpersonal interactions can have on a person’s life, particularly for those in the public glare like Tyson. It serves as a reminder that behind every well-known person is typically a devoted friend or friends who have supported them throughout their career.

Darryl Baum Darry Baum’s Net Worth

Darryl made his money mainly by working as a bodyguard and, well, getting mixed up in some shady stuff on the side. Word has it, he ended up with quite a bit of cash over the years.

Now, nobody knows exactly how much he had stashed away, but the rumor mill says it was somewhere around $70,000.

Darryl Baum Family

Although not much is known about Darryl Baum’s family, it is known that his parents were his staunchest advocates, constantly pushing him to pursue his aspirations of being an entrepreneur.  Their names are a mystery to us, unfortunately.

He had a brother named Tyrone and a sister named Zakia. When Darryl passed away, Tyrone was determined to seek justice for his brother, but tragically, he lost his own life in the process. It just shows the incredible loyalty and love that ran through their family.

Darryl Baum’s sister was targeted Tyrone and Darryl’s sister

Zakia Baum found herself in the crosshairs of Damion Hardy because of her family ties to Ivory Davis, who was a rival gang member. Hardy was out for revenge because Davis had killed his brother, Myron Hardy. It’s a cycle of violence that’s all too common in these streets.

Both Zakia and Tyrone’s daughter, Epiphany Baum, had to face Hardy in court during his sentencing in 2015. They bravely stood up and gave statements about how his actions had affected their lives. Zakia didn’t hold back, accusing Hardy of being driven by power and caring more about his street reputation than anything else. She called him out, saying, “The only person you cared about was your alter ego, ‘World’.”

In the end, Hardy was convicted of orchestrating six murders and got slapped with a life sentence behind bars. It’s a stark reminder of the consequences of getting caught up in that world of violence and revenge.

The Shadow of Violence in Baum’s Life

Darryl Baum’s life was caught up in a world where violence wasn’t just a threat, but sometimes a part of everyday reality. It’s a sad truth that he found himself tangled in, sometimes even contributing to it.

His story shines a light on a bigger issue – the rampant violence in street cultures. In those environments, violence isn’t just about hurting someone; it’s often used as a way to settle disputes, to send messages, and to show who’s in charge. Baum’s life, and the tragic way he died, shows just how much damage violence can cause in these communities.

Baum’s Impact on Urban Street Narratives

Darryl Baum’s life story gives us a real glimpse into the world of urban street culture. His highs and lows, his decisions, and all the stories about him are like jigsaw pieces that come together to form the larger image of street legends. It offers a frank and unvarnished look at living on the periphery of society.

Baum’s story is a part of a larger narrative that influences the urban experience, not simply his own. It’s all about survival, sticking by your people, and trying to earn some respect in a tough world.

Reflections on Justice and Redemption

When we reflect on Darryl Baum’s life, it’s impossible not to think about fairness, making amends, and whether change is really possible. His story makes us confront the tough truths about our justice system, how some folks are left behind by society, and the struggle to break free from a cycle of violence and poverty.

Sure, Baum’s life was full of tough calls and some pretty heartbreaking moments. But it also makes us wonder: Can people really turn their lives around? Can they break free from the cards they’ve been dealt? It’s a conversation that’s as important as it is complicated.

Daryl Baum Was Mike Tyson’s Friend & Bodyguard

The connection between Darryl Baum and Mike Tyson dates back many years, to their early childhood in a difficult Brooklyn area. Even when they were both imprisoned in the early 1990s, they remained close to one another through good times and bad.

When Tyson got out, he didn’t forget his buddy. He offered Baum a job as his bodyguard and right-hand man, showing just how tight their bond was.

Tyson was so grateful for Baum’s loyalty that he dedicated one of his knockout wins to him after he passed away. But their partnership got cut short when Baum got mixed up in some street stuff that ended tragically.

Even after Baum was gone, Tyson stayed connected to his sister, keeping that bond alive. And when Tyson won a fight in just 38 seconds, he made sure to dedicate the victory to Baum’s memory.

During the investigation into Baum’s death, Tyson didn’t just sit back. He put up $50,000 to help find the people responsible, showing just how far he’d go for his friend.

Who Killed Darryl Homo Baum? 

After a thorough police investigation, it was revealed that Darryl’s tragic death stemmed from an ongoing feud with a rival gang. The person responsible wasn’t just tied to Darryl’s murder; they were also linked to six other deaths.

Damion Hardy, who had ties to the famous rapper Lil Kim, was deep into drug-related stuff. 

It was he who shot Darryl in the back of the head, killing him and causing him to bleed to death. This tale has already experienced a great deal of suffering and sorrow, and it ends brutally.

Facts about Darryl Baum:

  1. Birth and Childhood: Darryl Baum was born on August 20, 1965, and raised in Brooklyn, New York City, USA.
  2. Relationship with Mike Tyson: Baum and Tyson shared a deep friendship dating back to their childhood in Brooklyn. Tyson hired Baum as his bodyguard after being released from prison in 1999.
  3. Involvement in 50 Cent Shooting: Baum was implicated in the shooting of rapper 50 Cent in 2000, which left 50 Cent with nine gunshot wounds.
  4. Family: Baum had two siblings, Tyrone and Zakia. Tyrone sought justice for his brother’s death but tragically lost his own life in the process.
  5. Death: Baum was tragically killed by gunshot wounds on June 10, 2000, in Brooklyn, New York City, at the age of 34.
  6. Connection to Mike Tyson’s Tribute: Tyson dedicated one of his knockout victories to Baum’s memory, showing the depth of their friendship.


Darryl Baum was a Brooklyn-born figure who gained notoriety as Mike Tyson’s close friend and bodyguard. His life was marked by both loyalty and tragedy, from his association with Tyson to his involvement in the shooting incident with rapper 50 Cent. Baum’s story is a reflection of the complexities of urban street culture, loyalty, and the consequences of getting caught up in a life of violence.

FAQs about Darryl Baum:

1. What was Darryl Baum’s profession?

Darryl Baum primarily worked as a bodyguard, particularly for Mike Tyson, but also got involved in some shady activities on the side.

2. What was the cause of Darryl Baum’s death?

Baum was fatally shot on June 10, 2000, in Brooklyn, New York City, succumbing to gunshot wounds.

3. What was Darryl Baum’s relationship with Mike Tyson?

Baum and Tyson shared a close bond, dating back to their childhood in Brooklyn. Tyson hired Baum as his bodyguard and considered him a trusted friend.

4. Who was responsible for Darryl Baum’s death?

Damion Hardy, associated with a rival gang, was responsible for Baum’s murder. Hardy was involved in drug-related activities and had ties to rapper Lil Kim.

5. What was the significance of Mike Tyson’s tribute to Darryl Baum?

Tyson dedicated one of his knockout victories to Baum’s memory, illustrating the depth of their friendship and the impact Baum had on Tyson’s life.

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