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30 Most Of The Famous Celebrities With Hazel Eyes And Their Pics

Celebrities with hazel eyes often attract a lot of admiration due to their distinctive and uncommon appearance. Their eye color sets them apart from the norm, and they tend to possess a strong appeal and magnetic charm. People, whether fans or not, find themselves drawn to celebrities who have hazel eyes.

A major factor contributing to the fascination with celebrities sporting hazel eyes is the rarity of this eye color. Hazel eyes can be pale brown or yellowish-green. Having hazel eyes naturally helps someone stand out. Celebrities with hazel eyes also create an enigmatic atmosphere that draws attention.

Another reason for the allure of Celebrities with hazel eyes is the exotic and unusual beauty they possess, which many find irresistibly captivating. The unique blend of their eye color, facial features, and other distinctive qualities makes these celebrities exceptionally appealing and visually intriguing. Additionally, these individuals often radiate a sense of self-assuredness that adds to their overall charisma.

Emma Stone

An American actress achieved the prestigious Academy Award for her performance in the movie ‘La La Land’. Emma is renowned for her captivating hazel eyes, often characterized as full of depth and intrigue, drawing the focus of everyone whenever she enters a room. She’s recognized for her makeup technique, employing a blend of brown and gold eyeliner that skillfully enhances the subtleties of her eye shade.

Kate Bosworth

Kate, an accomplished American actress, and model, has left a mark with her performances in movies like ‘Blue Crush’, ‘Superman Returns’, and ’21’. However, it’s not just her acting talent that stands out – her mesmerizing hazel eyes are a distinct feature that complements every emotion she portrays. Kate’s skillful use of makeup to enhance the charm of her hazel eyes serves as an inspiration for many individuals who share the same eye color.

Olivia Wilde

Olivia, a prominent American actress, and producer, has graced the screen in notable movies like ‘Tron: Legacy’, ‘House’, and ‘Rush’. Her stunning hazel eyes, a blend of green and gold, fascinate her fans. Her popularity isn’t surprising. When stepping out, Olivia’s choice of brown or bronze eyeliner serves as a clever technique to bring out the best in her eye color, highlighting its unique beauty.

Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett is an American actress, model, and singer who has appeared in films such as Lost In Translation, The Avengers, and Vicky Cristina Barcelona. Her stunning hazel eyes have various shades of greens, gold, and blues that come together perfectly. Scarlett usually opts for copper or bronze eyeliner when she goes out – the perfect way to accentuate her eye color.

Taylor Swift

Taylor, the gifted American singer-songwriter who’s ruled the music world since 2006, is known for more than her music. Her gorgeous hazel eyes with gold, green, and brown specks set her stand in every scenario. Taylor’s go-to choice of black or charcoal grey eyeliner adds a touch of magic to her gaze, skillfully highlighting the remarkable blend of colors in her eyes and creating an enchanting and captivating look that fans can’t help but admire.

Kristen Stewart

Kristen, an American actress renowned for her appearances in ‘Twilight’, ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’, and ‘Panic Room’, has enticing hazel eyes. The odd combination of golden brown, greenish-gray, and yellow in these eyes is intriguing. Kristen often employs purple or black eyeliner to further emphasize the allure of her hazel eyes, adding a touch of sparkle that enhances their charm and draws even more admiration from fans and onlookers.

Angelina Jolie

Angelina, an Academy Award-winning actress, filmmaker, and humanitarian, has a massive fanbase lured to her talent and timeless beauty. Her unique hazel eyes with green, brown, and gold tones are one of her most notable features. A mesmerizing and compelling glance that leaves a lasting impact on those who are fortunate enough to see it is the result of Angelina’s skillful use of eyeliner, which she uses as an artistic technique to emphasize these alluring colors even more.

Sofia Vergara

Sofia, a talented Colombian-American actress who gained fame through her role in the popular ABC series Modern Family, is easily recognizable by her unique features. Her hazel eyes are truly captivating, adorned with charming specks of blue and green that lend a distinct character to her already beautiful visage. Sofia’s choice of black or dark brown eyeliner serves as a smart styling trick, effectively accentuating the various shades present in her eye color. This strategic makeup choice enhances the depth and allure of her eyes, adding an extra layer of fascination to her overall look.

Mila Kunis

Mila, a talented Ukrainian-American actress, earned her recognition through notable performances in shows like ‘That ’70s Show’, movies like ‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall’, and the film ‘Friends with Benefits’. Her hazel eyes possess a certain warmth and allure that have undeniably entranced a multitude of fans. Interestingly, even without the aid of makeup, her captivating sanpaku eyes manage to radiate a distinct charm. This quality makes her an ideal source of inspiration for those who appreciate the beauty of hazel eyes, as Mila’s eyes truly shine as a testament to their captivating nature.


Since 2005, Barbadian singer, songwriter, and actress Rihanna has dominated the music charts. Her magnificent hazel eyes with tiny green and brown specks complement her beautiful face, setting her to distinguish even more. Known for her experimentation with makeup, Rihanna frequently utilizes blue eyeliner to skillfully accentuate the golden undertones present in her eyes. This playful and strategic approach enhances the allure of her eye color, adding an extra layer of fascination to her overall appearance.

Henry Cavill

Henry, a talented English actor, appeared in ‘Man of Steel’ and ‘The Man from U.N.C.L.E.’ His stunning hazel eyes, accentuated with green, brown, and yellow, blend perfectly to give a ‘intense’ look. Henry’s smart makeup choice involves black or dark brown eyeliner, which adeptly enhances the golden undertones within his eyes. This simple yet effective technique adds a noticeable vibrancy, allowing his eyes to truly ‘pop’ and further emphasizing their captivating allure.

Sarah Hyland

Sarah, a talented American actress who gained fame for her role as Haley Dunphy in ‘Modern Family’, possesses a feature that never fails to captivate: her stunning hazel eyes. These eyes showcase an exquisite fusion of green and brown shades that harmonize seamlessly. Sarah’s choice of black or dark brown eyeliner serves as a clever styling move, effectively accentuating the diverse tones present in her eye color. This choice not only enhances the depth and charm of her eyes but also highlights the unique beauty that her hazel eyes bring to her overall appearance.

Benedict Cumberbatch

Benedict, a renowned English actor celebrated for his portrayal of Sherlock Holmes in the BBC series, possesses an eye-catching trait that never fails to amaze. His hazel eyes, adorned with captivating shades of gold and brown, hold a mesmerizing quality that has entranced fans across the globe. To accentuate the intricate hues of his eyes, Benedict often favors the use of bronze or copper eyeliner. This strategic choice of makeup adds depth and intensity to his gaze, showcasing the alluring nature of his hazel eyes and further enhancing his overall presence.

Elizabeth Berkley

Elizabeth, an excellent American dancer, model, and actress, was famous for “Showgirls.” People first notice her gorgeous hazel eyes. These eyes have attractive flecks of brown, blue, and gold covering them, giving them a distinctive and captivating appearance. Elizabeth uses a cunning way to highlight the vivid colors in her eyes by selecting bronze or copper eyeliner. Her general appearance is given a touch of magic by this makeup method, which heightens her attractiveness and creates a genuinely mesmerizing glance.

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga, a powerhouse in the world of music, songwriting, and acting, has maintained her prominence since 2008. Her hazel eyes are a remarkable feature, boasting subtle hints of gold and green that hold a captivating sway over fans across the globe. Lady Gaga’s choice of black or charcoal grey eyeliner serves as a clever styling move, effectively enhancing the diverse shades present in her eye color. This choice not only amplifies the depth and charm of her eyes but also accentuates the distinct beauty that her hazel eyes contribute to her overall appearance.

Jane Seymour

Jane, a celebrated British-American actress, earned her place in the spotlight with an Emmy for her performance in ‘Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman. Her hazel eyes hold a captivating allure, characterized by a harmonious blend of gold and green hues. It’s no surprise that she’s a beloved favorite among fans. Jane’s makeup approach, often involving shades of brown or bronze eyeliner, serves as a strategic choice to accentuate the intricate tones within her eye color. This technique adds a touch of finesse to her gaze, elevating the natural beauty of her hazel eyes to an even more stunning level.

Alice Eve

Alice, an accomplished English actress who gained recognition in films like “Star Trek: Into Darkness” and “She’s Out of My League,” stands out from the crowd thanks to her alluring hazel eyes. Her eyes are very unique due to the lovely fusion of brown, gold, green, and blue tones that produce a distinctive and amazing impression. Alice’s makeup choice, favoring neutral eyeliner colors, demonstrates a smart move to enhance the array of tones present in her eye color. This technique not only adds a touch of brilliance to her gaze but also emphasizes the unique charm of her hazel eyes, making them shine even more brilliantly.

Megan Fox

Megan, a talented American actress, catapulted to fame through her roles in the initial two Transformers films. What immediately captures the gaze is her exquisite hazel eyes that possess a magnetic quality – they’re genuinely enchanting! Megan employs a clever makeup choice by frequently opting for brown eyeliner. This decision serves as a smart technique to highlight the diverse spectrum of shades within her eyes, spanning green, gold, and brown. By enhancing these nuances, she accentuates the innate allure of her hazel eyes, leaving a lasting impression on anyone fortunate enough to behold them.

Demi Moore

Demi, a prominent Hollywood actress who’s been captivating audiences since the 1980s with roles in films like ‘A Few Good Men’ and ‘Ghost’, boasts a feature that has always been a defining trait: her captivating hazel eyes. These eyes exhibit a captivating blend of brown and golden hues, setting them apart in a striking manner. Demi’s makeup strategy is on point as well – often opting for black eyeliner to infuse a touch of drama to her appearance. This choice not only complements her hazel eyes but also adds an extra layer of intensity to her gaze, showcasing the remarkable charm of her eye color in an even more impressive light.

Tyra Banks

Tyra, a versatile American figure known for her roles as a television personality, producer, businesswoman, actress, and former model, has something truly captivating: her stunning hazel eyes. What’s intriguing is that her eyes seem to have a chameleon-like quality, changing color depending on her outfit or makeup choices. This enchanting feature has resonated with fans worldwide. Tyra’s makeup approach involves a savvy choice of black and brown eyeliner, particularly for photos. This technique doesn’t just make her eyes pop in pictures but also skillfully highlights the diverse palette of colors within her irises. The result is a captivating and dynamic look that further accentuates the unique allure of her hazel eyes.

Jada Pinkett Smith

The accomplished American actress, singer-songwriter, and businesswoman Jada appeared in ‘The Matrix Reloaded’ and ‘Madagascar’. Her stunning hazel eyes, a mix of green and blue, make her stand out in any scenario. Jada’s makeup choice typically involves bronze or copper eyeliner – a smart move that effectively emphasizes the unique tones in her eyes. This technique not only enhances the captivating allure of her eye color but also highlights the intricate details present in her irises, resulting in a truly mesmerizing gaze that captures attention effortlessly.

Terrence Howard

Terrence, a talented American actor renowned for his roles in movies like ‘Iron Man’, ‘Ray’, and ‘Hustle & Flow’, possesses an arresting feature that always leaves an impression: his captivating hazel eyes. These eyes are graced with a beguiling fusion of gold, green, and blue shades, creating a truly captivating effect. Terrence’s preference for bronze or copper eyeliner serves as a strategic choice to emphasize the intricate hues present in his eyes. This makeup technique not only adds depth to his gaze but also accentuates the remarkable beauty of his hazel eyes, enhancing their allure and making them even more stunning than usual.

Leona Lewis

Leona, a talented English singer who achieved fame through her victory on The X Factor, possesses a captivating trait that’s hard to miss: her enchanting hazel eyes. These eyes hold a subtle allure with delicate touches of green and blue, which contribute depth and character to her visage. Leona’s choice of black or charcoal grey eyeliner stands as a clever makeup move, effectively accentuating the golden undertones within her eyes. This choice not only adds a touch of intensity to her gaze but also highlights the unique charm of her hazel eyes, creating an even more captivating look when she steps out.

Penélope Cruz

Penélope, a talented Spanish actress renowned for her roles in movies like ‘Vanilla Sky’, ‘Volver’, and ‘Vicky Cristina Barcelona’, boasts an enchanting attribute that’s impossible to ignore: her breathtaking hazel eyes. These eyes hold delicate glimmers of gold and green, a captivating combination that manages to capture the attention of those around her. Penélope’s makeup strategy, often involving black or charcoal grey eyeliner, showcases a smart choice to emphasize the natural tones present in her eye color. This approach not only adds depth to her gaze but also accentuates the innate charm of her hazel eyes, contributing to an even more mesmerizing appearance when she graces any occasion.

Jesse Williams

Jesse, a talented American actor celebrated for his performances in ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ and ‘The Cabin in the Woods’, possesses a feature that truly sets him apart: his captivating hazel eyes. These eyes are adorned with charming specks of green and brown, adding a distinct character to his already handsome visage. Jesse’s choice of black or dark brown eyeliner is a smart styling decision, effectively enhancing the sparkle in his eyes. This choice not only adds depth and intensity to his gaze but also further accentuates the captivating charm of his hazel eyes, resulting in a truly mesmerizing look whenever he steps out.


Zendaya, a versatile American artist, shines as an actor, singer, and dancer. She initially made her mark with lighthearted roles on the Disney Channel before transitioning into more profound characters, like her portrayal of Rue Bennett in the HBO series Euphoria. Her remarkable performance in the show even earned her prestigious Emmy Awards. Zendaya has hazel eyes that are often described as being a combination of green, brown, and gold. They are very striking and can look different shades depending on the light. Zendaya’s eyes are one of her most distinctive features and have been praised by many people, including makeup artists and fashion designers.

Antonia Thomas

Antonia Laura Thomas, an English actress, has made a name for herself through her roles in various TV shows. She gained recognition for portraying Alisha Daniels in the E4 comedy-drama series “Misfits” and also played the character Evie in the Channel 4/Netflix comedy series “Lovesick”. Makeup artists and fashion designers have appreciated Antonia Thomas’ hazel eyes. Her beautiful eyes make her one of the most sought-after actresses in the world.

Shailene Woodley

Antonia Laura Thomas, an English actress, has made a name for herself through her roles in various TV shows. She gained recognition for portraying Alisha Daniels in the E4 comedy-drama series “Misfits” and also played the character Evie in the Channel 4/Netflix comedy series “Lovesick”. Makeup artists and fashion designers have appreciated Antonia Thomas’ hazel eyes. Her lovely eyes make her a sought-after actress worldwide. Shailene Woodley has hazel eyes. Hazel eyes are green, brown, and yellow, and their color changes with light. Woodley’s hazel eyes are stunning and admired by many. Hazel eyes are rare and gorgeous. Hazel eyes are found in 5% of people. Shailene Woodley’s hazel eyes are even more stunning.

Dianna Agron

Dianna Agron is a talented individual with a passion for both acting and singing. Back in 2009, she secured a significant role as Quinn Fabray, the head cheerleader known for her strong yet compassionate demeanor, on the Fox musical comedy-drama series “Glee”. Her outstanding performance earned her a prestigious SAG Award, and she was also nominated for the Brit Award for Best International Breakout Act alongside her castmates, receiving well-deserved recognition for her contribution. Agron has hazel eyes. Hazel is a brown-green eye color. Their flecks can be yellow, amber, or gold. People of European, Middle Eastern, and North African heritage have hazel eyes most often.

Kelly Clarkson

The talented American singer, songwriter, and TV personality Kelly Clarkson. She rose to fame in 2002 after winning American Idol. The eyes of Kelly Clarkson are hazel. They have sparkles of gold and green color and are a light brown color. She has proclaimed that her eyes are her favorite feature and that she like how the light affects how they change color. In the song “Behind These Hazel Eyes,” Clarkson talks about how her ex-boyfriend saw her true self, complete with her hazel eyes. Clarkson’s hazel eyes serve as a representation of her inner strength and beauty in a song about grief and vulnerability.

These Hollywood Hazel Eyes exude glitz and glamour

Celebrities with hazel eyes hold an undeniable charm. The enchanting blend of green, blue, gold, and brown shades in their eyes produces a captivating allure that’s hard to resist.

Their makeup choices also play a part in highlighting their eye color’s unique characteristics. Whether they go for black or dark brown eyeliner to emphasize the golden undertones or opt for bronze or copper liner to bring out their inherent shades – the results are consistently stunning!

For those of you with hazel eyes, there’s no need to hesitate. Embrace your eye color with confidence and experiment with your preferred eyeliners to accentuate their natural beauty. It’s a wonderful time to celebrate the allure of those striking hazel eyes!

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