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Arlene Litman is the mother of the American superstar, Lisa Bonet. Back in the 1960s, she defied societal norms by marrying a black man, a union considered taboo at the time, especially within her Jewish family.

Raising her daughter proved to be a challenge for Arlene, as her husband eventually left. Despite this, she gave Lisa the best upbringing possible, and she became a superstar. Lisa Bonet became famous for playing Denise Huxtable on “The Cosby Show,” earning nominations and awards.

Arlene hails from an Ashkenazi Jewish background, with her parents originating from Poland and Russia. Her husband was African American, creating a blend of cultures within their family dynamic. Lisa Bonet embarked on her career early, starting with TV commercials at just eleven years old, and by that time, her father was no longer in the picture. Her breakthrough role on “The Cosby Show” came when she was just sixteen.

Early Life of Arlene Litman

Los Angeles-born Arlene Litman was born on February 11, 1940. She would have been 82. She was a Pisces born February 11. Breast cancer killed her at 58 in March 1998. Arlene was raised by her parents in Los Angeles. She was American, Christian, and white.

Her parents were Eli Litman, her father, and Sylvia Ellen Goldvary, her mother. Arlene had one sibling, her brother Barry Litman.

As a child, Arlene Litman was known for her studious and disciplined nature. It’s no surprise she chose teaching as her profession.

More On Arlene’s Parents

Arlene’s father, Eli Litman, was born to Abraham E. Litman and Fanny Lillian Ageloff in 1912, right there in Pennsylvania. Both of Arlene’s grandparents hailed from Russia and practiced the Jewish faith. Her dear dad spent his entire life in his homeland of Pennsylvania, passing away in 1986.

In a similar vein, Arlene’s mother, Sylvia Ellen Goldvarg, also called Pennsylvania her birthplace. She came into the world in 1916 to Russian immigrant parents, Louis Goldvarg and Sarah Silverman. Growing up in her hometown, she eventually married the native Pennsylvanian, Eli, and bid her final goodbye to the world in 2016.

Arlene Litman Career

Arlene Litman was a school teacher by profession, and she was widely respected for her well-rounded education and admirable life. Her passion lay in imparting knowledge and guiding young minds, which made her a natural fit for the teaching profession.

However, she became most widely recognized as the mother of the renowned American star, Lisa Bonet.

In addition to her career, Arlene was charming. Those who knew her called her kind, gorgeous, elegant, and charming.

Arlene specialized in teaching music and was proud of her Ashkenazi Jewish heritage, rooted in Pennsylvania.

Lisa Bonet once shared in an interview that her mother’s family didn’t fully embrace her because she didn’t conform to the typical image of a Jewish girl and was of mixed racial background.

After her separation from Allen Bonet, Arlene Litman took on the role of a single parent, raising her daughter alone.

Arlene became known to the public primarily because of her daughter, professionally known as Lisa Bonet, whose birth name is Lilikoi Moon.

Lisa Bonet achieved fame and acclaim as one of the most popular and talented actresses of the 1980s and 1990s. She left her mark in numerous hit movies and television shows, including “A Different World” (1987-1993), “High Fidelity” (2000), “Angel Heart” (1987), “Enemy of the State” (1998), “Ray Donovan” (2013-2020), “Road to Paloma” (2014), “Biker Boyz” (2003), “The Red Road” (2014-2015), “Bank Robber” (1993), “New Eden” (1994), “Dead Connection” (1994), and many others.

As the second oldest kid, Lisa Bonet’s portrayal as Denise Huxtable on “The Cosby Show” was a career highlight. She also had minor roles in “Enemy of the State” and “High Fidelity,” adding to her formidable resume. Lisa Bonet’s entertainment career made her mother proud before Arlene Litman’s death.

Arlene Litman Marriage

Arlene was wed to a charismatic opera singer named Allen Bonet, who hailed from an African American background. Allen, from Texas, offered new qualities and cultural experiences to their relationship. San Francisco hosted their June 12, 1967 wedding.

Regrettably, their marriage faced insurmountable challenges stemming from familial pressures. Arlene’s family refused to accept Allen, leading to a complete severing of ties. This untenable situation eventually led Allen to initiate divorce proceedings. Just two years after their union, in 1969, Arlene and Allen officially separated. At the time of their separation, Arlene was raising their daughter alone, facing a multitude of difficulties.

Following the dissolution of her marriage, Arlene chose not to remarry. Her entire focus shifted towards the upbringing of her daughter. On the other hand, Allen made the decision to move forward and enter into another marriage.

Lisa Bonet, born of Arlene and Allen, is their only biological child. However, Arlene’s maternal instincts extended beyond her own flesh and blood. She lovingly adopted several children, including Anjanine Bonet, Chiara Bonet, Kaemon Allen Bonet, Kolin Bonet, and Aleia Bonet, offering them a nurturing and caring home.

Arlene Litman Net Worth

Arlene was a schoolteacher who enjoyed success in her field and was able to amass a sizeable fortune. Her estimated net worth as of 2022 is between $100,000 and $300,000. However, the specific sum is yet unknown.

Now let’s turn our attention to her daughter, Lisa Bonet, whose anticipated net worth in 2022 will be $10 million. Lisa’s prosperous career in the entertainment sector has made a major difference in her financial situation.

Physical Appearance

Arlene Litman was a striking woman who exuded beauty in her prime. Standing at 5 feet 6 inches or 167 centimeters, she had a graceful stature. While her exact weight remains undisclosed, it was evident that she took good care of her health.

Her captivating black eyes and dark brownish-black hair framed a face that lit up with a radiant smile. It’s no surprise that she was so dearly loved as Lisa Bonet’s mother.

That covers the key details about Lisa’s mother, Arlene Litman. I appreciate your time reading this content. Share your ideas, opinions, and fascinating facts in the comments below.

Raising a Biracial Daughter: A Challenge

Arlene welcomed her beautiful daughter, Lisa Bonet, into the world just a year after her marriage. Unfortunately, shortly thereafter, her husband departed. This period coincided with the height of the Hippie Movement. Following the divorce, Arlene made the decision to relocate to San Francisco, determined to raise her child on her own. Allen supported this choice and did not involve himself in their daughter’s upbringing.

Subsequently, Arlene faced further challenges within her own family. As a single mother, she encountered resistance to the idea of raising a daughter without a partner. Nonetheless, she held her ground, confronting these difficulties head-on without giving up. In an interview with Porter Magazine, Arlene’s daughter candidly shared that growing up in such a hostile environment was exceptionally tough. As a young girl, Lisa often felt vulnerable and isolated. However, it was through these very trials that Lisa unearthed her remarkable talent.

Arlene Litman The Biggest Supporter of Lisa Bonet

Lisa shared a deep bond with her mother, Arlene. The star emphasized that Arlene was a constant source of support in times of difficulty or adversity. Arlene played a pivotal role in guiding Lisa, both in her personal life and in her professional endeavors. An impactful moment occurred during the earthquake of 1994 when Lisa and her daughter Zoe found themselves stranded on the street. Without hesitation, Arlene swiftly came to their rescue, exemplifying her unwavering presence in Lisa’s life.

Who is Arlene Litman’s granddaughter?

Zoe Kravitz, Arlene’s granddaughter, came into the world in 1998. Presently, Zoe holds the esteemed position of being a Brand Ambassador for Beauty Global Makeup and Fragrance. In 2019, she launched a lipstick line as a touching tribute to her late grandmother, Arlene. Zoe mentioned during the launch that her grandmother preferred to wear very little to no makeup, making this a fitting homage.

Zoe has been in many films and TV shows, including “No Reservations”, in addition to her beauty career. The Marvel superhero film “X-Men” was her breakthrough.

The Death of Arlene Litman

When Arlene was told she had breast cancer in 1990, she was up against a strong foe. She went into the struggle with extraordinary bravery and steadfast resolve. She maintained her spirit the entire time she was fighting. Tragically, the illness ultimately claimed her life despite her heroic attempts. On March 3, 1998, Arlene passed away at the age of 58.

While engaged in battle, Arlene had the priceless chance to meet Zoe Isabella Kravitz, her grandchild. Since then, Zoe has built out a career for herself as a skilled fashion model and actor, as well as showcasing a talent for singing. Lisa, Arlene’s daughter, eventually had three more kids. They unfortunately entered the world after Arlene’s passing, so she was unable to meet them.

What is Arlene Liman’s estimated net worth?

As a schoolteacher, Arlene may not have amassed much wealth. However, she earned enough for her daughter. While Arlene’s net worth is unknown, her daughter has made $14 million in the entertainment sector.

Social Media Accounts

Arlene was a remarkably private individual. Despite having a daughter and son-in-law who were prominent figures in American celebrity culture, she chose to lead a quiet, low-key life. This inclination towards privacy was evident in her decision not to engage with any social media platforms.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

  1. Who is Arlene Litman?

Arlene Litman was the mother of American superstar Lisa Bonet. She defied societal norms in the 1960s by marrying a black man, which was considered taboo at the time, especially within her Jewish family.

  1. What challenges did Arlene Litman face in raising her daughter Lisa Bonet?

Arlene faced the challenge of being a single mother after her husband left. Despite this, she provided Lisa with the best upbringing possible, and Lisa went on to become a superstar.

  1. What was Arlene Litman’s background and heritage?

Arlene Litman hailed from an Ashkenazi Jewish background, with her parents originating from Poland and Russia. She married an African American man, creating a blend of cultures within their family dynamic.

  1. What was Arlene Litman’s profession?

Arlene Litman was a school teacher by profession. She was widely respected for her well-rounded education and admirable life.

  1. Who were Arlene Litman’s parents?

Arlene Litman’s parents were Eli Litman (father) and Sylvia Ellen Goldvarg (mother). They both hailed from Pennsylvania and had Russian heritage.

Final Words

Arlene Litman was a strong, resilient, and steadfast lover as well as the mother of a superstar. Her 1960s disobedience of social standards led to a new chapter in her life and the emergence of Lisa Bonet, a rare talent. Arlene experienced many challenges as a single mother, yet she never wavered in her commitment to her daughter.

Arlene adopted several children and provided a loving home for them. Her teaching profession showed her love of teaching and influencing young minds. Arlene kept a low profile, leaving a legacy of love, fortitude, and her closeness with her daughter Lisa.

Arlene Litman’s daughter and granddaughter’s successes honor her indomitable spirit as she created her own path in a conformist world. Her story inspires anyone who respect courage, love, and the steadfast quest of a better life for loved ones.

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