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Who is Beth Shuey?

Having been born in Morocco, Indiana, in 1968, Beth Shuey is deeply rooted in the United States. She has traveled through life with her sister Debbie Shuey Doyle, now 54, sharing memories and laughs together.

Their upbringing was shaped by their parents, Joyce Antcliff Shuey and Thomas Milton Shuey, who encouraged their aspirations and supported them in all that they did.

Beth’s academic trajectory took her through the corridors of North Newton Junior-Senior High School prior to her matriculation at Indiana State University. She studied marketing there, receiving her Bachelor’s degree and setting the foundation for her future aspirations.

Beth is a dynamic businesswoman today, using her knowledge and abilities to manage the constantly shifting corporate scene. She is leaving her imprint in the corporate world, paving her own route and motivating everyone around her with her astute intellect and enterprising enthusiasm.

Beth Shuey Biography

The devoted parents of Beth Shuey McGuire, Thomas Milton and Joyce Antcliff Shuey, welcomed her into the world in 1968 in the little Indiana town of Morocco. She had a lasting relationship with her sister Debbie Shuey Doyle over her many childhood experiences.

Beth’s educational path passed via North Newton Junior-Senior High School, where she established the foundation for her future. Driven by a strong interest in marketing, she pursued higher education at Indiana State University, where she graduated with a bachelor’s degree that provided access to countless opportunities.

Presently, at 56 years of age in 2024, Beth explores existence with a mix of shrewdness and desire. As she strolls her way, she conveys with her the examples gained from her childhood and the information acquired from her scholarly interests, forming her into the unique individual she is today.

Beth Shuey Wiki

Full nameBeth Shuey McGuire
Famous asSean Payton ex-wife
Date of birth1968
Age56 years old (as of 2024)
Place of birthMorocco, Indiana, United States
Current residenceRaleigh, North Carolina, United States
Height in feet5’7″
Height in centimeters170
Weight in pounds150
Weight in kilograms68
Body measurements (inches)34-24-35
Body measurements (cm)86-60-89
Hair colorDark brown
Eye colorDark brown
FatherThomas Milton Shuey
MotherJoyce Antcliff Shuey
SiblingsDebbie Shuey Doyle
Social mediaN/A
Ex-husbandSean Payton
Marital statusMarried
HusbandJamie McGuire
ChildrenMeghan Payton, Connor Payton
EducationNorth Newton Junior-Senior High School
Net worth$2 million

Beth Shuey Height

Standing at five feet seven inches (170 cm) tall, Beth Shuey McGuire exudes a majestic and commanding presence. Despite her little weight of 150 pounds (68 kg), she emanates a confidence and grace that defies her size.

Beth’s measurements—34-24-35 inches, or 86-60-89 centimeters—define her form and highlight a well-balanced combination of grace and strength. These representations show a woman who enjoys her appearance and accepts her natural beauty.

Beyond the numbers, Beth is a fascinating presence in each space she walks into because of her infectious warmth and personality.

Beth Shuey Husband And Children

Jamie McGuire is an American realtor that Beth Shuey McGuire experienced passionate feelings for. On September 20, 2020, their adoration process reached a wonderful resolution when they traded promises before their friends and family.

Prior to meeting Jamie, Beth’s romantic path took her to retired quarterback and football coach Sean Payton. Established in 1992, their relationship endured for twenty years until their paths parted, resulting in their divorce in 2014. 2012 saw the start of the procedure, which was complicated by their separation, and it opened new chapters in their life.

From their shared history, Beth and Sean have two precious blessings: Meghan and Connor. Meghan, their daughter, graced their lives in 1997, now blossoming into a 27-year-old with dreams as vibrant as her spirit. Connor, their son, followed, arriving in 2000, now a young man of 24, carving his own path in the world.

Through the highs and lows, Beth’s journey in love and family exemplifies resilience and the enduring bonds that shape our lives.

Is Beth Shuey remarried?

With seasoned real estate agent Jamie McGuire—who has a specialization for gated golf communities—Beth Shuey finally achieved her happily ever after. Their narrative came to a culmination in September 2020 when they exchanged vows in front of their closest loved ones during a heartfelt ceremony.

As evidence of her love and collaboration with Jamie, Beth has accepted her new chapter and now goes as Beth Shuey McGuire with pride. Together, they navigate the joys and challenges of blending their families, including two children from Beth’s previous marriage.

While the specifics of their love’s inception remain a mystery, it’s clear that fate played a hand in their story, possibly intertwining their paths during their college days at Indiana State University.

Before Jamie, Beth walked down the aisle with NFL luminary Sean Payton. However, as life’s twists often unfold, their journey together reached its conclusion with a divorce in 2014. Yet, from the ashes of past relationships, Beth and Jamie’s love story emerged, proving that true love knows no bounds and can bloom anew even after heartache.

Beth Shuey Career

Beth, an American businesswoman, wears many hats beyond the boardroom. She’s a compassionate soul who extends her hand as a divorce care leader and coach at Cross Timbers Church in Argyle, Texas, offering support and guidance to those navigating the complexities of separation.

Apart from her leadership and mentoring responsibilities, Beth is an artistic individual who contributes her skills to the field of writing. She is a co-author of “Beautiful Ashes,” a book that clearly reflects her empathy and knowledge and connects with readers on a very intimate level.

Beth symbolizes resilience and empathy through her numerous pursuits, incorporating her experiences and insights into her work and having a lasting impression on everyone she comes into contact with. She has a relationship with Jamie.

Beth Shuey Net Worth

The results of Beth’s efforts and the obstacles she has surmounted are reflected in her financial path. Her estimated net worth is $2 million. She has established a reputation for being a cunning businesswoman who amasses wealth by applying her skills and knowledge.

In addition to her professional accomplishments, Beth’s divorce settlement from Sean Payton contributed to her rising net worth. She kept their Texas home when their marriage ended, which was a significant asset worth about $3.5 million when they separated.

Although money may be measured, Beth’s genuine riches are found in her tenacity, willpower, and the steadfast love and support of her family. She is the epitome of fortitude and tenacity; she continues to manage life’s curveballs with elegance.


Beth Shuey McGuire, born in Morocco, Indiana, in 1968, is a prominent figure in both business and personal spheres. Her upbringing alongside her sister Debbie Shuey Doyle was nurtured by supportive parents, Joyce Antcliff Shuey and Thomas Milton Shuey. Beth’s educational journey led her through North Newton Junior-Senior High School to Indiana State University, where she studied marketing, laying the groundwork for her successful career.

In her expert life, Beth has arisen as a unique money manager, transforming the corporate world with her knowledge and energy. Her own life has seen huge achievements, including her union with NFL mentor Sean Payton, which finished in separate. She has since remarried to real estate professional Jamie McGuire, with whom she shares a mixed family.


  • Birth and Family: Thomas Milton Shuey and Joyce Antcliff Shuey welcomed Beth Shuey McGuire into the world in 1968 when she was born in Morocco, Indiana. Debbie Shuey Doyle is the name of her sister.
  • Education: Beth attended North Newton Junior-Senior High School before earning her bachelor’s degree in marketing from Indiana State University.
  • Career: Beth has led divorce care programs, coached at Cross Timbers Church in Argyle, Texas, and is a successful businesswoman. In addition, she co-wrote the book “Beautiful Ashes.”
  • Marriages and Children: Beth was previously married to NFL coach Sean Payton, with whom she shares two children, Meghan and Connor. She is currently married to realtor Jamie McGuire.
  • Actual Qualities: Beth remains at 5 feet 7 inches tall, with dull earthy colored hair and eyes, and has an even constitution with estimations of 34-24-35 inches.
  • Total assets: Beth’s assessed total assets is $2 million, ascribed to her fruitful profession and separation settlement from Sean Payton.


Who is Beth Shuey?

Beth Shuey McGuire is an American businesswoman known for her success in the corporate world and her involvement in divorce care leadership and writing.

What is Beth Shuey’s educational background?

Beth went to North Newton Junior-Senior Secondary School prior to seeking after a four year college education in showcasing at Indiana State College.

Who are Beth Shuey’s ex and current spouse?

Beth was previously married to NFL coach Sean Payton and is currently married to realtor Jamie McGuire.

What number of kids does Beth Shuey have?

Beth has two youngsters, Meghan and Connor, from her past marriage with Sean Payton.

What is Beth Shuey’s net worth?

Beth’s estimated net worth is $2 million, reflecting her successful career and divorce settlement from Sean Payton.

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