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Prince Wilbrum Biography, Age, Height, Family, Career, Net Worth, Relationship And Social Media


You know Prince Wilburn, right? He’s Future’s son, and man, he’s really making waves in the music scene, especially in trap music. His mom, Brittni Mealy, is a total powerhouse too. She’s the brains behind ‘Pop Of Junk,’ this super cool clothing brand blowing up out of Atlanta. Together, they’re just unstoppable.

Who is Prince Wilbrum?

As Prince Wilburn grows older, he’s starting to show up alongside his famous parents more often, slowly easing into the public eye. Even though he’s still pretty young, folks are getting curious about his life. Sometimes, the media drops hints about how he’s growing up. With such a unique family background and early exposure to the entertainment world, everyone’s buzzing about his next move. Being the son of a big-time rapper and a major player in the entertainment scene, fans can’t wait to see where Prince Wilburn’s journey leads him. They’re all eager to see what he brings to the spotlight.

Prince Wilburn Biography 

Prince Wilburn made his grand entrance into the world on December 5, 2013, and let me tell you, it was a celebration from coast to coast in the USA! Jump ahead to 2021, and he hit the big eight with a Sagittarius bash, ringing in another awesome year.

He’s a real Atlanta boy, growing up alongside seven siblings in the heart of that bustling Georgia city. With his stunning ebony complexion, he’s all about embracing his roots as an African-American, proudly honoring his heritage as a true native.

Prince Wilburn Childhood

At just eight years old, Prince Wilburn stepped onto the international stage on December 6, 2013. This young star is a proud American and a Sagittarius through and through. While we’ve got the scoop on many aspects of his life, his schooling journey remains a bit of a mystery.

Guiding him through life is his mom, Brittni Mealy, while his dad, Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn, known as Future, is a big name in the music biz, especially in rap, singing, and producing records. Brittni’s also a powerhouse in her own right as a successful entrepreneur.

Prince Wilburn has quite the extended family. On his dad’s side, he shares siblings with six half-siblings: Jakobi, Londyn, Future Zahir, Kash, and Hendrix. They’ve got different moms, but they’re all part of the Wilburn squad. Prince happens to be Future’s third child, showing the different chapters in the rapper’s love life. And on his mom’s side, he’s got a sibling named Jay, adding another layer to their family’s tale.

Prince Wilbrum Wiki

Full NamePrince Wilburn
Born Date06 Dec 2012
Age11 years
Lucky Number6
Lucky StoneTurquoise
Lucky ColourOrange
Best Match for MarriageLeo, Aquarius
ProfessionCelebrity kid of Future
Marital StatusSingle
Eye ColourDark Brown
Hair ColourDark Brown
FatherNayvadius DeMun Wilburn aka Future
MotherBrittni Mealy
SiblingsSeven (Jay, Hendrix, Kash, Future Zahir, Londyn, Jay) 

Prince Wilburn Education

Prince Wilburn aced his days at a top-notch preschool in the USA, and now he’s confidently striding down the halls of his neighborhood elementary school in Atlanta. This little scholar, who totally rocked his nursery days, has seamlessly transitioned into the exciting world of elementary education.

Prince Wilbrum Age

At the age of eleven, Prince Wilburn, who was born on December 6, 2013, proudly possesses the characteristics of a Sagittarius. As an American kid, he’s navigating life as the third child in the family of entrepreneur Brittni Mealy and the renowned rapper Future. Even at his young age, Prince has already turned heads because of his unique family background and early exposure to the entertainment world.

Details about his schooling and personal life are mostly kept under wraps for now. But as the son of a big-name rapper and a major player in entertainment, Prince is gradually stepping into the limelight. His supporters are eagerly anticipating his future endeavors. At eleven, he’s going through a turning point in his growth, coming to terms with the divorce of his parents and the realities of a big, mixed family. On his mother’s side, Prince Wilburn has one half-sibling and six on his father’s. There is no denying the allure of his existence, and many are curious to follow him on his future adventures.

Prince Wilburn Height

One thing that really catches your eye about Prince is his height—he’s a modest 5’3″. It’s a standout feature that gives him a special charm, making him stand out wherever he goes. Whether he’s strolling through school halls or navigating through life’s ups and downs, Prince carries himself with a grace that sets him apart.

Prince Wilburn Family 

Prince’s family is a real mix of characters, with siblings named Jakobi, Londyn, Future, Zahir, Kash, Hendrix, and Jay Wilburn. If you dig a little deeper, you’ll find out that technically, they’re his step-siblings, all linked through his dad, Future, but each born to different moms.

At the helm of this diverse bunch is Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn, better known as Future, who happens to be Prince’s dad. And leading the pack on the mom’s side is Brittni Mealy, holding the title of Prince’s mom. But things have shifted on the family front, as Nayvadius and Brittni, once a team, have gone their separate ways, no longer together in marriage.

Prince Wilbrum Father

Future, a true entertainment business legend whose real name is Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn, is the father of Prince Wilburn. The November 20, 1983, born Future left a lasting legacy and had a significant impact on hip-hop in the 2010s. Owing to his skill, he received a lot of recognition and signed a major contract with Epic Records and Rocko’s A1 Recordings.

But Future’s skills go beyond just music; he’s got serious business savvy too. By founding his own record label, Freebandz, he not only boosted the family’s finances but also solidified his status in the music biz. With an estimated net worth of around $40 million, Future’s successes aren’t just about personal gain; they serve as a strong foundation ensuring the family’s prosperity. For Prince, it’s not just about the money—it’s about having a solid starting point for his own journey under the spotlight. Growing up surrounded by Future’s achievements and influence in the music world, Prince faces a big challenge if he decides to follow in his father’s footsteps.

Prince Wilbrum Siblings

Prince Wilburn’s family dynamic is truly one-of-a-kind, surrounded by six half-siblings from his dad’s side and one from his mom’s. With Future as their dad, Prince shares his journey with Jakobi, Londyn, Future Zahir, Kash, Hendrix, and Jay. Each of these siblings has a different mom, adding depth and complexity to their family tale.

Despite each brother having his own path to success and fame, they’re all tied together by their father in a special way. They have an unbreakable link that keeps them together even while they’re apart doing their own thing. Their family’s history is akin to this enormous, elaborate tapestry, illustrating the highs and lows of belonging to a renowned and varied household in the entertainment industry.

As Prince grows older, his relationship with his siblings becomes even more important. It shapes how he sees family, fame, and where he fits into the whole spotlight scene.

Prince Wilbrum Career

The Wilburn brothers have something truly unique between them, even as they pursue their own journeys to fame and success. It’s their dad who acts as the glue, forming this unbreakable bond that stays strong no matter where life takes them. Their family narrative is like a grand masterpiece, illustrating the highs and lows of being part of a renowned and diverse household in the entertainment industry.

Prince Wilbrum Net worth

Right now, we don’t have the exact details on how much pocket money young Prince Wilburn has. But let’s talk about his dad, Future—now he’s sitting pretty with an estimated fortune of around $40 million. That’s quite the gap, and it really highlights the interesting dynamics within their family. Future’s success in the music industry has played a major role in stacking up his wealth, showing just how much his career has impacted their financial situation.

Prince Wilbrum Relationship

At just eight years old, Prince Wilburn is navigating the complexities of his parents’ split. Future and Brittni are no longer together, and for now, Prince isn’t really thinking about romance. Back when his parents were still a couple, they knew how to throw a party. Remember when Future went all out for Brittni’s 31st birthday? He showered her with fancy gifts like a diamond necklace, a Rolex, and all sorts of other luxurious goodies.

As time went on, Future expanded the family, welcoming six more kids with different women. There’s a notable twist in the family saga when Future got engaged to Ciara, a famous singer-songwriter, dancer, model, and actress, in October 2013. But unfortunately, that love story didn’t last, ending in August 2014 due to Future’s dad’s infidelity. It’s a lot for a kid like Prince to process, growing up in the midst of all these changes and challenges that come with family relationships.

Prince Wilburn’s Social Media

Prince Wilburn is all about hanging out on social media, especially platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter. He’s got quite the following across all these sites, with over 4.6 million people checking out his posts on Instagram alone! And guess what? Even though he’s still young, he’s already making waves online.

Sure, having famous parents gives him a bit of a boost, but Prince is pretty careful about what he shares about his family. He likes to keep things chill, not spilling too many details about his parents, siblings, or even his brother. Privacy is a big deal to him, even in the digital world.


Prince Wilburn was born on December 6, 2013, the son of businesswoman Brittni Mealy and well-known rapper Future. Prince is gradually gaining notice as he gets older thanks to his unusual family history and early exposure to the entertainment industry. Prince, who was raised in Atlanta with seven siblings, is adjusting to the challenges of a blended family. Despite being just eleven years old, he has already amassed a sizable fan base on social media, particularly Instagram, where he posts glimpses into his life while maintaining some privacy. Prince was raised with a combination of affluence and hardships stemming from his parents’ divorce and raising a big family, given his father’s estimated personal worth of $40 million.


1. Who is Prince Wilburn?

Prince Wilburn is the son of entrepreneur Brittni Mealy and rapper Future. He is gaining recognition in the music scene despite his young age and is known for his presence on social media platforms like Instagram.

2. How old is Prince Wilburn?

Prince Wilburn was born on December 6, 2013, making him 11 years old as of now.

3. What is Prince Wilburn’s family background?

Prince Wilburn was raised in Atlanta alongside seven siblings from both his mother’s and father’s sides. His parents, Brittni Mealy and Future, are no longer together, and he navigates life with a blended family dynamic.

4. What is Prince Wilburn’s height?

Prince Wilburn stands at a modest 5’3″.

5. What is Prince Wilburn’s net worth?

While Prince Wilburn’s exact net worth is not disclosed, his father, Future, is estimated to have a net worth of around $40 million.

6. How active is Prince Wilburn on social media?

Prince Wilburn is active on platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter, with a significant following. He shares glimpses of his life but maintains a level of privacy regarding his family.

7. What challenges has Prince Wilburn faced growing up?

Prince Wilburn has faced challenges such as his parents’ divorce and navigating life in a blended family with multiple siblings from different mothers. Despite these challenges, he continues to carve his path in the entertainment industry.

8. What is Prince Wilburn’s educational background?

Prince Wilburn attended a top-notch preschool in the USA and currently attends his neighborhood elementary school in Atlanta.

9. Is Prince Wilburn involved in the music industry like his father?

While Prince Wilburn is gradually stepping into the public eye, it is unclear if he intends to pursue a career in the music industry like his father, Future.

10. How does Prince Wilburn maintain privacy on social media despite his fame?

Prince Wilburn is selective about the information he shares on social media, particularly regarding his family. He prefers to keep details private while still engaging with his followers.

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