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Exploring the Rising Star: Minnie Ida Anderson’s Journey in Hollywood

Minnie Ida Anderson, daughter of Paul Thomas Anderson and Maya Rudolph, is entering the performing profession by following in her parents’ footsteps. When Maya Rudolph talks about working with her kids, she glows with joy and calls it a very amazing experience.

Growing up in a household filled with Hollywood brilliance, it’s no surprise that Minnie Ida has already dipped her toes into acting alongside some renowned figures. With Maya’s acting prowess and Paul’s directorial finesse, she inherits a remarkable lineage.

Their familial bond transcends onto the screen as well. When Minnie Ida and her siblings shared the screen with their parents in one of Paul’s films, it created a touching family tableau. Witnessing the next generation join their gifted parents under the spotlight truly speaks volumes about their family’s creative heritage.

Who Is Minnie Ida Anderson?

Minnie Ida Anderson and her upcoming tenth birthday in August. She’s got quite the pedigree with Maya Rudolph and Paul Thomas Anderson as her parents.

Maya Rudolph has starred in films such as “Bridesmaids” and “The Good Place,” so you’ve undoubtedly had a good laugh. I can’t help but laugh at her comedy.

And Paul Thomas Anderson? Well, he’s the mastermind behind classics like “There Will Be Blood” and “Boogie Nights.” Pretty impressive, right?

It’s understandable that Minnie Ida has a great future ahead of her with parents like Maya and Paul. Her veins are filled with imagination and talent. She’s going to leave her mark on the world, so keep an eye out for her!

Minnie Ida Anderson Bio

Minnie Ida’s arrival was a joyful moment for Maya Rudolph and her partner in September 2013, turning their family into a happy group of five. Before Minnie Ida came along, Maya and her partner had already welcomed three other children.

The news of Maya’s pregnancy sparked speculation in February 2013, but she kept things under wraps until she confirmed the rumors on the “Ellen DeGeneres Show.” It was quite the surprise for everyone!

Both Maya and her partner were 43 when Minnie Ida was born. According to Maya’s “Grown Ups” co-star Salma Hayek, it seems Maya wasn’t exactly planning on having more children before Minnie Ida’s surprise arrival. Salma fondly recalls Maya’s disbelief, jokingly saying, “I remember last summer she said, ‘I can’t believe I’m having three children. I vow not to do this ever again.” Indeed, life has a way of keeping us on our toes!

Minnie Ida Anderson Wiki

NameMinnie Ida Anderson
BirthplaceLos Angeles, USA
HometownLos Angeles, California, USA
BirthdateAugust 1, 2013
Age (as in 2022)9 years
Hair colourBrown
Eye colourBrown
EthnicityAfrican-Ashkenazi Jewish-American
SchoolPrimary School
Father’s NamePaul Thomas Anderson
Mother’s NameMaya Rudolph
SiblingsPearl, Lucille, and Jack
Relationship StatusUnmarried
Net Worth$60 million for father, $25 million for mother

Minnie Ida Anderson Age

Minnie Ida Anderson was born on August 1, 2013, so as of now in 2024, she would be 10 years old.

Minnie Ida Anderson Parents

Minnie Ida Anderson is one lucky kid, born into a Hollywood powerhouse family where both her parents are major players. It’s very obvious that Minnie is meant for the spotlight—her mother is an actress and her father is a director!

Here’s a juicy fact about her parents: even though they’ve been dating since 2001, they’ve never decided to be married. Indeed, there will be no wedding for these two lovers! They’ve kept mum about why they chose to skip the whole wedding thing, but that hasn’t stopped Maya Rudolph from casually calling her partner her husband.

When asked about it, Maya just shrugged it off with her trademark coolness and said, “People know what that means. It indicates that we are a couple, that I live with him, that he is the father of my child, and that we have no plans to part ways.” You gotta respect her no-nonsense demeanor, don’t you?

FatherPaul Thomas Anderson
MotherMaya Rudolph
SistersPearl, Lucille
GrandmotherMinnie Riperton

Minnie Anderson Career

Minnie Anderson has quite the family heritage—she’s the daughter of Maya Rudolph, the comedic genius, and Paul Thomas Anderson, the brilliant filmmaker. And here’s a neat fact: her name pays homage to her grandmother, the iconic soul singer Minnie Riperton. Talk about carrying on a legacy!

As the youngest of four siblings, Minnie shares her childhood with her sisters Lucille and Pearl, and her brother Jack. Their home must be filled with creativity, considering her parents’ romance sparked during Saturday Night Live rehearsals way back in February 2000.

Growing up with a father who’s worked alongside talents like Daniel Day-Lewis on “There Will Be Blood,” Minnie’s always been surrounded by creativity. It’s no surprise, given her fascinating family history!

Minnie’s Parents Are Both Celebrities

You know Maya Rudolph, right? That comedic powerhouse who’s lit up “Saturday Night Live” alongside Tina Fey and Kristen Wiig? Well, before Minnie Ida and her siblings came along, “SNL” was Maya’s whole world. Juggling relationships while doing live comedy? Now that’s what you call a challenge!

But then life took a beautiful turn. Maya found herself not just with one, not two, but four amazing kids. And let me tell you, she feels like the luckiest person alive to have Minnie Ida and her siblings in her life. They bring her so much joy, it’s downright contagious!

Since far back in 2001, Maya and her partner, Paul Thomas Anderson, have been going strong. Even though they didn’t have a lavish wedding, Maya ceased referring to Paul as her boyfriend after they had their children. I don’t know what else could be considered love if that!

And let’s take a brief digression onto Paul. In the film industry, he’s somewhat of a celebrity. His performance before the camera, ranging from “Boogie Nights” to “There Will Be Blood,” is simply amazing. Having received eleven Oscar nominations, he is essentially a member of Hollywood royalty. Maya and Paul together? Without a question, they are the perfect example of a power couple.

Minnie Ida Anderson’s movies

Minnie Ida’s Hollywood adventure at just nine years old is pretty awesome! She’s all about school and enjoying her youth right now, but she’s already beginning to dabble in show business, taking after her well-known parents.

Perhaps you saw her tiny cameo with her mother in “Licorice Pizza”—guess who directed that movie? Yep, her dad, Paul. Even though her screen time was short, she totally owned her role. It’s obvious she’s got that special star quality, right?

Speaking about her parents, their amazing films have had a lasting impression on Hollywood. They have often demonstrated their talent and adaptability, from the humorous antics of “Bridesmaids” to the powerful drama of “There Will Be Blood.” Who knows, maybe one day Minnie will grace the big screen just like them. But for now, she’s happy being a kid, and that’s pretty darn great too!

Minnie Ida Anderson’s Net Worth

Considering Minnie Ida Anderson is still just a kid and doesn’t have her own piggy bank yet, her net worth is probably not too high. But her parents? Well, they’re doing pretty alright. Her mom’s got a decent $25 million stashed away, while her dad’s sitting on a hefty $80 million.

As for why you don’t see Minnie in the spotlight much, it’s because her folks like to keep their family life private. But who knows? Maybe one day she’ll step into the Hollywood limelight and carry on her parents’ legacy. For now, though, she’s perfectly content being a kid, and that’s pretty awesome too!

Maya Rudolph Husband

Paul Thomas Anderson’s world. He was born on June 26, 1970, and has long been a prominent figure in the film industry. However, did you know that he himself hails from a large, active family?  Yep, he’s got eight siblings: Amanda, Stephen, Victoria, Kathryn, Ernest, Richard, Elizabeth, and Michael Anderson. Talk about a packed house!

Shifting gears to Maya Rudolph’s family, it’s a bit smaller with just one sibling, Marc Rudolph. Maya had a blast in the 1990s jamming with the band The Rentals before her career really took off. She honed her comedic chops with the Groundlings improv troupe, laying the groundwork for her future success.

In 2000, Maya achieved her greatest success when she was cast on “Saturday Night Live.” Since then, she has irrevocably changed the entertainment landscape by creating characters that never fail to make us laugh.


Minnie Ida Anderson, daughter of Hollywood heavyweights Maya Rudolph and Paul Thomas Anderson, is set to follow in her parents’ footsteps in the performing arts. Born on August 1, 2013, she is the youngest of four siblings and is growing up in a household filled with creativity and talent. Despite her young age, Minnie has already made a cameo appearance alongside her mother in her father’s film “Licorice Pizza,” showcasing her potential in the industry. With her parents’ impressive careers in acting and directing, Minnie inherits a remarkable lineage and is poised to leave her mark on the world of entertainment.


  1. Parentage: Minnie Ida Anderson is the daughter of actress Maya Rudolph and filmmaker Paul Thomas Anderson.
  2. Birth and Family: Born on August 1, 2013, in Los Angeles, Minnie is the youngest of four siblings, including sisters Lucille and Pearl, and brother Jack.
  3. Legacy: Minnie’s name pays homage to her grandmother, the iconic soul singer Minnie Riperton, reflecting her family’s rich artistic heritage.
  4. Early Career: At just nine years old, Minnie has already begun exploring the world of acting, making a cameo appearance in her father’s film “Licorice Pizza.”
  5. Private Life: Minnie’s parents, Maya Rudolph and Paul Thomas Anderson, prefer to keep their family life private, shielding their children from the public eye.
  6. Parental Achievements: Maya Rudolph is known for her comedic roles in films like “Bridesmaids” and her tenure on “Saturday Night Live,” while Paul Thomas Anderson has directed acclaimed films such as “There Will Be Blood” and “Boogie Nights.”
  7. Net Worth: While Minnie’s net worth is not applicable at her young age, her parents have accumulated substantial wealth, with Paul Thomas Anderson’s net worth estimated at $80 million and Maya Rudolph’s at $25 million.


Who are Minnie Ida Anderson’s parents?

Minnie Ida Anderson is the daughter of actress Maya Rudolph and filmmaker Paul Thomas Anderson.

When was Minnie Ida Anderson born?

Minnie was born on August 1, 2013, in Los Angeles, California, USA.

What is Minnie Ida Anderson’s career path?

At a young age, Minnie has begun exploring acting, making a cameo appearance in her father’s film “Licorice Pizza.” With her parents’ successful careers in the entertainment industry, Minnie is expected to pursue a career in performing arts.

What is the net worth of Minnie Ida Anderson’s parents?

Paul Thomas Anderson’s net worth is estimated at $80 million, while Maya Rudolph’s net worth is approximately $25 million.

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