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Nate Bargatze Net Worth 

Nate Bargatze, the American professional comedian, has shaken things up in the satire world, pulling in a clean total assets of around $4 million. His large crush came spirit in 2013 when he caught succeeds at both the Boston Satire Celebration and the New York Parody Celebration, making him unequivocally famous. He has since produced comedy gold with albums like “Full Time Magic” and “Yelled at by a Clown.” Furthermore, in the event that that wasn’t sufficient, he’s additionally handled some sweet television specials, including hits like “The Tennessee Youngster” and “The Best Typical American,” both gushing on Netflix.

Who is Nate Bargatze?

In the comedy scene, Nate Bargatze sticks out due to his distinct charisma that truly appeals to people. Even though there are many humorous people in the world, Nate’s charisma draws viewers in and keeps them wanting more. That’s the reason the stand-up comedy community adores him so much.

Nate Bargatze Early Life

On Walk 25, 1979, Nate Bargatze was brought into the world in the focal point of Nashville, Tennessee. He grew up encompassed by diversion since his dad was an inspirational orator and performer. Nate had his early education at Donelson Christian Academy. Afterwards, he went to Gallatin’s Volunteer State Community College to finish his studies. That was the place where he truly began honing his comedic skills and setting the foundation for his eventual great career.

Net Worth$4 Million
Date of BirthMarch 25, 1979
Place of BirthNashville, Tennessee

Nate Bargatze Career

In the early 2000s, Nate kickstarted his comedy journey in Chicago, marking his first big move toward success. From then on, he performed at Boston’s comedy clubs before moving on to New York. However, there was a particularly noteworthy period in Nate’s career when he traveled abroad to do comedic duties for the military in Kuwait and Iraq.

When Nate won at the Boston Comedy Festival and the New York Comedy Festival in 2013, that was his big break. Nate was eager to release his own comedic albums after achieving these victories, and he did so with “Yelled at by a Clown” and “Full Time Magic.” And his success didn’t stop there—his television specials found a home on Netflix, including hits like “The Tennessee Kid” and “The Greatest Average American.”

Nevertheless, Nate’s invitation to join Jimmy Fallon’s Clean Cut Comedy Tour was perhaps one of the highlights. It enhanced his standing and brought him much greater fame in the comedy community.

Nate Bargatze Stand-up Albums

Nate Bargatze has released some incredibly funny comedy albums throughout the years. With songs like “Yelled at by a Clown” and “Full Time Magic,” which were praised by reviewers, Nate established himself as a rising comic force. Not to be overlooked are his television specials, such as “The Tennessee Kid” and “The Greatest Average American.” Nate gained a lot of devoted admirers and demonstrated his comic prowess through those adorable babies.

Nate Bargatze Achievements

Apart from performing stand-up, Nate Bargatze has been frequently featured on your favorite late-night talk shows, such as “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.” Those appearances? They’ve really helped spread his comedic charm far and wide, making it clear that Nate is a force to be reckoned with in the comedy world.

And let’s talk about his live shows—they’re absolutely killing it! Just check out Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, where Nate drew sellout audiences. But it’s not just Nashville; his performances are selling out everywhere he goes, demonstrating how much of a global sensation he is.

Nate Bargatze Podcast

Nate Bargatze co-hosts the “Nateland” podcast with his friends Brian Bates, Dusty Slay, and Aaron Weber when he’s not making jokes on stage. They display their amazing chemistry and close-knit relationship by laughing and talking about a wide range of subjects.

Not to be overlooked is Nate’s private life. He is contentedly married to Laura Baines, and the two of them are raising Harper, their daughter, in Nashville, Tennessee, their hometown. Nate is obviously very loved, both on and off stage!

Who Is Nate Bargatze’s Wife?

Nate Bargatze and Laura Baines’ love story started back when they were both working at an Applebee’s in Tennessee. It was during their time together that Nate began his journey into comedy. He started off by taking classes in Chicago, then dove into the vibrant comedy scene in New York City, and eventually made the big move to Los Angeles to really polish his craft.

Their wedding day, October 13, 2006, holds a special place in Nate’s heart—not just because he tied the knot with Laura, but also because it fell on Friday the 13th, which he found pretty amusing. He even worked that quirky detail into his comedy special, “The Tennessee Kid.”

Beyond the stage, Nate often shares sweet messages about his marriage with Laura on social media. And he gave a heartfelt tribute on Instagram to commemorate their 17th anniversary. It appears that the love tale of Nate and Laura is equally endearing as his humor!

Nate Bargatze Kids

Nate and Laura Bargatze are super proud parents to their daughter, Harper, who was born on July 9, 2012. Harper’s practically a mini-celeb herself—she often joins her dad on stage before his Netflix specials. Nate enjoys adding anecdotes of Harper’s humorous incidents, school mishaps, and distinctive characteristics to his comedic routines to provide a touch of warmth and charm.

Nate feels that Harper is the best thing that has ever happened to him and has won his heart. Harper, who is eleven years old now, lives contentedly with her parents in Nashville, Tennessee. She’s well-known for her sharp humor and endearing demeanor, which consistently bring happiness and laughter to the Bargatze family. Harper is the light of the party, making everyone smile wherever she goes, whether she is hanging out with friends or family.

Nate Bargatze Personal Life

Nate Bargatze tied the knot with Laura Baines in 2006, after meeting her at work when they were both at Applebee’s. Their love story bloomed from there, and now they’re proud parents to their daughter, Harper. The Bargatze family calls Nashville, Tennessee, home sweet home.

Nate Bargatze Parents

March 25, 1979, saw the birth of Nate Bargatze in Nashville, Tennessee. The distinctive nature of Nashville is well-known. Growing up amid Nashville’s famously vibrant music industry must have been an absolute fun.

His dad, Stephen Bargatze, is pretty famous himself—a magician and entertainer who probably made Nate’s childhood pretty magical. While Nate doesn’t talk about his mom much in his comedy, he often dishes out funny stories about his family during his shows, showing just how much they’ve shaped him. So yeah, you could say Nate’s childhood was a mix of Nashville’s music magic and his dad’s mesmerizing performances—no wonder he’s got such a knack for making people laugh!

Nate Bargatze Sister

Nate Bargatze’s got a sister named Abargatze, and she’s someone he really treasures. He’s always talking about how her stories are just something else—totally remarkable. Even though Nate’s become this big deal in the comedy world, his little sis doesn’t quite get why folks would want a pic with him. To her, he’s just Nate, her older brother, not some fancy celebrity. It’s pretty cool to see how grounded family can keep you, even when you’re in the spotlight.


On March 25, 1979, Nate Bargatze was born in Nashville, Tennessee.  In the comedy industry, he became well-known for his distinct charm and clean humor. He performed in Boston and New York after starting his comedic career in Chicago in the early 2000s. Interestingly, he entertained troops in Iraq and Kuwait. His career soared after winning major comedy festivals in 2013, leading to successful comedy albums and TV specials. Nate’s charm extends beyond the stage as he co-hosts the “Nateland” podcast and shares a happy life with his wife, Laura, and their daughter, Harper, in Nashville.


What is Nate Bargatze’s net worth?

Nate Bargatze’s net worth is approximately $4 million, earned through his successful career in comedy.

Where was Nate Bargatze born?

On March 25, 1979, Nate Bargatze was born in Nashville, Tennessee.

What are Nate Bargatze’s notable achievements?

A big turning point in Nate Bargatze’s career came in 2013 when he won the New York Comedy Festival and the Boston Comedy Festival. He has also released well-received comedy albums and starred in TV specials, including “The Tennessee Kid” and “The Greatest Average American” on Netflix.

Who is Nate Bargatze’s wife?

Nate Bargatze is married to Laura Baines, whom he met while working at Applebee’s in Tennessee. They got married on October 13, 2006, and have a daughter named Harper.

Does Nate Bargatze have any siblings?

Yes, Nate Bargatze has a sister named Abargatze, whom he treasures. He often shares stories about her during his comedy shows.

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