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X, hailing from Chicago, emerges as a renowned American rapper whose debut studio album, dubbed ‘King of Memphis,’ captivated audiences. Le succès de l’album était remarquable, occupant la 49e place sur la Billboard 200 chart. On peut souligner l’importance de sa collaboration avec O.T. Genasis sur le succès du single “Cut It”, qui a atteint la 35e place sur le Billboard Hot 100.

Young dolph Net Worth 

Regrettably, Young Dolph, a talented wordsmith, composer, and melodic virtuoso originaire des États-Unis, accumulated a fortune considérable de $3 million après sa prématurée disparition. On August 11, 1985, his given name, Adolph Robert Thornton Jr., a été donné à lui à l’intérieur des limites urbaines de Chicago, Illinois.

Dolph garnered acclaim for his distinctive vocal timbre, unfiltered verses, and chronicles depicting the urban milieu. Ascending to eminence circa the mid-2010s, he solidified his foothold within the panorama of Southern hip-hop through a succession of flourishing compilations and musical opuses. As the progenitor of the esteemed music imprint, Paper Route Empire, Dolph frequently engaged in artistic symbiosis with fellow lyricist Gucci Mane.En dépit d’une multitude de difficultés et de problèmes juridiques, il s’est dévoué pleinement à son art, laissant une empreinte indélébile sur la culture du rap. 

Malheureusement, Dolph’s récit a été tragiquement interrompu quand il a perdu la vie suite à a fatale coup de feu survenu le 17 novembre 2021, dans les environs de Memphis, Tennessee, à l’âge précoce de 36.

Who is Young dolph?

In the annals of music lore, X, alias Adolph Thornton Jr., etched a formidable reputation as an illustrious lyricist within the echelons of American hip-hop. Regrettably, X’s ascent commenced during the outset of the 2010s, propelling him into the echelons of musical eminence, where he thrived as an exemplar of auditory ingenuity. Tragically, his terrestrial existence met its denouement in 2023, ushering in the cessation of a corpus of artistic endeavors that shall forever carve a niche within the tapestry of contemporary culture.

Young dolph Biography

Born on the 27th of July in the year 1985, Young Dolph, at 36 years old in 2022, emerges from a lineage of affluence, hailing originally from Chicago, Illinois, within the United States. A relocation to Memphis, Tennessee occurred when he was a mere toddler of two. His citizenship is firmly American, and his faith aligns with Christianity.

Early scholastic endeavors found him within the corridors of Magnolia Elementary School, nestled in the heart of Memphis, U.S.A. It was here that he navigated the realms of primary education. Subsequently, as adolescence beckoned, academic pursuits gave way to the allure of a burgeoning passion for music and vocal expression. Nurtured under the guardianship of his grandmother, his parental figures succumbed to the throes of substance dependency.

Young dolph Early Life

Young Dolph a grandi dans les rues difficiles de Memphis, Tennessee, où la poverty, le crime et les restrictions d’opportunités étaient les normes.Malgré ces obstacles, il se réfugia dans la musique, en particulier dans le rap, ce qui lui offrait la possibilité d’exprimer ses épreuves et ses émotions.Dolph tire son inspiration de célèbres acteurs du rap sénégalais tels que Three 6 Mafia, 8Ball & MJG, et Playa Fly, tout en étant également influencé par des artistes nationaux renommés tels que Jay-Z et Tupac Shakur.


Full NameYoung Dolph
BirthdayJuly 27, 1985
Height175 cm / 5′8″
WeightNo Data
Zodiac SignLeo
Net Worth$3 Million

Young dolph Education

Young Dolph a grandi dans les ruelles étroites de South Memphis, où la vie était difficile. He a fréquenté l’école de quartier mais n’a pas réussi à y rester jusqu’à son diplôme. Instead, he gave college a shot at the University of Memphis before realizing his heart was in music. Despite not having a formal education, Young Dolph was deeply passionate about rap and dedicated himself to honing his skills.

Young dolph Age

At just 36 years old, Young Dolph remains a prominent figure in the entertainment scene, consistently captivating audiences with his fresh and innovative content on YouTube. Through his platform, he shares his distinctive viewpoints and talents, continuously engaging his audience. Despite his youth, Young Dolph has already achieved substantial financial success, boasting a noteworthy net worth of $3 million. This accomplishment speaks volumes about his impact and prominence in the digital domain.

Young dolph Height & weight

Young Dolph mesurait environ 6 feet 3 inches de hauteur et pesait environ 190 pounds.

Young dolph Personal life

On ne sait pas beaucoup de choses sur Young Dolph’s vie personnelle car il préfère la garder secrète. Aujourd’hui, il a 35 ans et continue de résider à Memphis, Tennessee.

Young dolph Family

Dolph était un père fidèle envers ses deux enfants, un fils appelé Adolph Thornton III et une fille appelée Ari. He évoquait fréquemment l’importance de la famille et le bonheur que ses enfants apportaient à sa vie. He accorda une grande importance à leur offre d’une meilleure vie et à leur servir de modèle positif.

Young dolph Marriage, and Children

In the realm of automobiles, Young Dolph’s assemblage was renowned for its grandeur, comprising an array of opulent and high-performing vehicles. His penchant leaned notably towards rare and exotic cars, often paraded across social platforms and immortalized in musical visuals.

Dolph possessed an impressive array of automobiles, each characterized by its distinctive amalgamation of sophistication, potency, and opulence.

The Lamborghini Aventador S commanded attention within his esteemed collection. Recognized for its alluring aesthetics and unparalleled velocity, the Aventador S epitomized automotive excellence.

Another standout within Dolph’s assortment was the Rolls-Royce Wraith. Boasting opulent interiors, cutting-edge technology, and a seamless journey, the Wraith epitomized grace and refinement, providing an unrivaled driving encounter.

Améliorer sa collection de luxueux véhicules était le Bentley Continental GT.  Driven by a formidable 6.0-liter twin-turbocharged W12 engine, this touring marvel unleashed awe-inspiring acceleration and flaunted an astounding maximum velocity, establishing it as a globally coveted treasure.

Lastly, but assuredly not least, Dolph possessed the Ferrari 488GTB, the pinnacle of performance from the revered Italian manufacturer. Revered for its exceptional maneuverability, advanced aerodynamic features, and exquisite visual appeal, the 488GTB epitomized automotive brilliance within his compilation.

Dolph liked to customize everything, even his cars, which were all decked out in custom paint jobs, wheel combinations, and interior accents. A preference for green colors was evident in his personalization selections, giving his cars a unique character. His cars were more than just symbols of wealth; they were symbols of ambition and hard work, acting as continual reminders of the heights that could be reached with unflinching commitment and effort.

Young dolph cars

Sa collection de voitures luxueuses est renommée par Dolph, comprenant des modèles exceptionnels tels que le Lamborghini Aventador, le Rolls-Royce Wraith et le Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon. La personnalisation de ses voitures était son domaine d’expertise, en incorporant des éléments originaux tels que des motifs de peinture sur mesure, des systèmes audio de haute qualité et une illumination captivante.

Beyond mere ostentatious possessions, Dolph imbued his cars with deeper significance. He frequently articulated how they epitomized the ability to transform aspirations into concrete reality through unwavering determination. To him, they represented more than just affluence; they served as tangible symbols of what can be accomplished with steadfast dedication and tireless endeavor. Dolph consistently underscored the importance of maintaining focus on objectives and utilizing tangible symbols such as luxury automobiles as perpetual sources of motivation throughout the journey towards triumph.

Young dolph Car Collection

Young Dolph gained considerable fame with his extensive collection of cars, offering a wide array of luxurious and high-performance vehicles.

He harbored a particular passion for exotic cars, a fervor he regularly showcased across various social media platforms and in his music videos. TheLamborghiniAventadorSstoodout as one of Dolph’s most cherished possessions, a renowned supercar admired for its captivating aesthetics and unparalleled speed.

Continental GT Bentley Les passionnés de voitures de course à travers le monde ont été très intéressés par le Bentley Continental GT, un autre bijou de la collection de Young Dolph, en raison de ses performances de touring remarquables. Grâce à son moteur W12 de 6,0 litres à double turbocharge, le Continental GT propose une aspiration rapide et des vitesses de pointe remarquables, ce qui lui confère une puissance impressionnante de 626 horsepower et 664 lb-ft de torque.Dolph était aussi propriétaire d’une Ferrari 488GTB, un véritable bijou de performance conçu par le renommé constructeur italien.  Admiré pour son excellente gestion, ses avancées en aerodynamique et son design remarquable.

Dolph frequently personalized his vehicles with unique paint schemes, custom wheels, and bespoke interior accents. His fondness for the color green was evident in many of his cars, serving as both a testament to his success and a constant reminder of the rewards achievable through steadfast perseverance and dedication.

Young dolph Houses 

It’s unclear how many homes Young Dolph actually owned when he passed away, but there was little doubt that he had a substantial quantity of property registered in his name. We knew he owned an exquisite condo in downtown Los Angeles and many homes in his homeland of Memphis, Tennessee.

Dolph ventured into real estate investing in addition to owning properties of his own, accumulating commercial and rental buildings throughout Memphis.His goal was to secure a stable financial future for his family and himself, and he thought that investing in real estate was a good way to do so.

In summary, Dolph’s accomplishments in music and business have made it possible for him to amass substantial fortune, diversify his investment holdings, and provide the foundation for long-term financial stability.

Young dolph Career

X, in his youth, harbored a fervent ardor for melodies. However, it was a poignant bereavement that truly propelled him into the realm of lyrical expression. When his cherished matriarchal figure departed in the year 2008, he sought solace and found an avenue for his sentiments through the medium of rhythmic verse.

The favorable reception of his initial mixtape galvanized him to delve deeper into his melodic odyssey. Over the passage of time, he continued to unveil a sequence of mixtapes and individual tracks, including distinguished titles such as ‘Elevated Street Symphony’, ‘Chronicles of Mortality’, ‘Azure Enchantment’, ‘Monarch of the Southern Metropolis’, and ‘Siblings of Fortune’.

In 2015, his collaborative effort with O.T. Genasis on the popular track ‘Sever it’ ascended to the 35th slot on the Billboard Hot 100, marking a notable milestone in his artistic journey. The ensuing year witnessed the release of his premiere studio album ‘Monarch of Memphis’, which garnered accolades from critics and attained commercial triumph, peaking at the 49th position on the US Billboard 200 chart.

Maintaining his creative momentum, in April of 2017, X unleashed his opus ‘Armor-Plated’, which ascended to the 36th slot on the US Billboard 200 chart. The album featured impactful tracks such as ‘Centenary Rounds’, ‘Fortified Against Adversity’, and ‘Invocation for My Foes’.

During that same prolific year, he did not rest on his laurels, bestowing upon his audience two additional albums: ‘Numerical Surveillance’ and ‘Contemplating Aloud’. While ‘Numerical Surveillance’ failed to make significant waves on the charts, ‘Contemplating Aloud’ soared to the 16th position on the US Billboard 200, solidifying X’s standing as a formidable presence within the rap milieu.


Young Dolph’s lack of major music accolades during his lifetime should not diminish his significant impact and influence within the hip-hop community. His music consistently made its mark on the Billboard charts, and his independent ethos within the industry served as a source of inspiration for numerous emerging artists.

Young dolph Social Media

Young Dolph frequently engages with his 4.9 million followers on his Instagram handle, @youngdolph. Additionally, he maintains a strong presence on Twitter with 889.6K followers and on Facebook with a fan base of 1.5 million followers.

Young dolph Death

When young Dolph was shot in Charlotte, North Carolina, in February 2017, it was an extremely terrifying experience. He was said to have been shot one hundred times or more.

This resulted in Dolph spending a grueling two weeks in the hospital for recovery. Speculations arose, linking the attack to a feud with rapper Yo Gotti. Initially, Yo Gotti was named as a person of interest, but he was later cleared of any involvement.


Young Dolph Death: Tragically, Young Dolph lost his life in a fatal shooting on November 17, 2021, in Memphis, Tennessee, at the age of 36. His death shocked and saddened fans worldwide, leaving behind a lasting impact on the music industry.

Young Dolph Social Media: Young Dolph maintained a strong presence on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, where he engaged with millions of followers.

Young Dolph’s Cars: Dolph owned a collection of luxurious vehicles, including a Lamborghini Aventador, Rolls-Royce Wraith, Bentley Continental GT, and Ferrari 488GTB. He personalized his cars, reflecting his success and ambition.

Young Dolph’s Houses: Young Dolph owned properties in Los Angeles and Memphis, investing in real estate to secure a stable financial future for himself and his family. 


American rapper Young Dolph gained notoriety with his first studio album, “King of Memphis,” which included his raw lyrics and unique vocal style. Dolph had difficulties, but his commitment to his work and his volume of work cemented his position in the Southern hip-hop scene. Sadly, a fatal gunshot in 2023 took his life. Despite this, he left behind a remarkable musical legacy and a lasting influence on the rap culture. With a $3 million net worth, Dolph’s accomplishments in the music business and his real estate endeavors highlighted his dedication to family and financial security. Young Dolph’s influence is still felt by fans all around the world through his music, personal life, and love of expensive automobiles, solidifying his standing as a respected


What was Young Dolph’s net worth at the time of his death?

Young Dolph had amassed a fortune of $3 million before his untimely passing.

Where was Young Dolph born?

Young Dolph was born in Chicago, Illinois, on August 11, 1985.

What contributed to Young Dolph’s success in the music industry?

Young Dolph’s success stemmed from his unique vocal style, unfiltered verses, and dedication to his craft despite facing challenges.

How did Young Dolph die?

Young Dolph tragically lost his life in a fatal shooting on November 17, 2021, in Memphis, Tennessee.

What was Young Dolph’s approach to personalizing his cars?

Young Dolph personalized his cars with custom paint jobs, wheel combinations, and interior accents, often incorporating his preference for the color green.

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