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Margie Washichek Bio, Wiki, Age, Height, Family, Career, Net Worth, Husband And More

Who is Margie Washichek?

Margie Washichek, an inhabitant of the United States, stands prominently acknowledged as the former consort of Jimmy Buffett, the versatile American virtuoso renowned for his multifaceted roles as a minstrel, lyricist, instrumentalist, scribe, thespian, and prosperous entrepreneur. Buffett’s melodic creations consistently depict a vibrant tableau of an untroubled insular existence, exemplified by chart-toppers such as “Margaritaville” and “Come Monday,” collaboratively composed with his Coral Reefer Band. His ardent admirers, endearingly dubbed “Parrotheads,” mirror the profound resonance individuals share with his oeuvre.

Beyond his musical zeniths, Buffett boasts the mantle of a bestselling wordsmith and a pivotal figure in the culinary domain. Not only is he the proprietor of the Margaritaville Cafe restaurant chain, but he also played a pivotal role in the erstwhile Cheeseburger in Paradise restaurant chain, both inspired by his emblematic musical oeuvre.

Buffett’s sphere of influence transcends the auditory realm, solidifying his status as one of the most affluent musicians globally. The connection Margie Washichek maintains with this iconic luminary imbues their shared chronicle with an intimate touch, offering a fleeting glimpse into the humane facet of the distinguished entertainer’s existence.

Margie Washichek Biography

Margie Washichek was raised in Pascagoula, Mississippi, in the United States. Sadly, her precise birthdate and zodiac sign are still a secret, which adds to the fascination around her.  The same goes for her parents’ identities and any insights into her educational background, as these details are not publicly known.

In a world where personal information is often shared, Margie Washichek maintains a certain level of privacy, adding an element of curiosity to her life story. The absence of these specific details only adds to the enigma surrounding her early life and background.


Full NameMargie Washichek
ProfessionCelebrity Ex-Wife
Marital StatusDivorced
DivorceJimmy Buffett
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorBlonde
Birth PlacePascagoula, Mississippi

Margie Washichek Age

Margie Washichek’s former spouse entered the world on Christmas Day in 1946, right there in Pascagoula, Mississippi. His childhood unfolded with some chapters written in Mobile, Alabama, before eventually settling in Fairhope, Alabama. The journey of his early years adds a touch of uniqueness, shaped by the towns and cities that became part of the backdrop of his life story.

Margie Washichek Height

Margie Washichek maintains a fit and healthy lifestyle, showcasing a slim body type. With a balanced height and weight that complements her physique, she exudes a wellness that extends both mentally and physically. Sporting blonde hair and brown eyes, her overall appearance reflects vitality. While her overall health is evident, specific details about her body measurements remain undisclosed, adding a touch of mystery to her personal details.

Margie Washichek Family

Margie’s roots trace back to being born and raised in the US, under the care of her parents. Despite our attempts to delve into her family background, the quest for more information hit a dead end as no details have surfaced publicly. As of now, the identity of Margie’s parents remains a puzzle, and any potential siblings she might have are shrouded in uncertainty. Rest assured, we’ll keep this section updated once such information becomes accessible.

Margie Washichek Career

Margie Washichek seems to lead a life as a stay-at-home mom, and many recognize her as the ex-wife of the one and only Jimmy Buffett. Born on a special Christmas Day in 1946 in Pascagoula, Mississippi, Jimmy kicked off his musical journey as a country artist back in the late ’60s in Nashville. Imagine him, strumming away and entertaining tourists in New Orleans during those early days!

Now, what makes Jimmy Buffett truly unique is his music style – a fusion of country, rock, folk, calypso, and pop, all blended with coastal and tropical vibes. They even coined a term for it – “Gulf and Western” music. Despite hitting it big, Jimmy finds solace and inspiration on Caribbean islands, especially Saint Barts, weaving tales and characters for his songs and books.

And wait, there’s more to Buffett than just music. With three consecutive number-one best-sellers, he is a literary sensation. For more than seven months, “Tales from Margaritaville” and “Where Is Joe Merchant?” remained #1 on The New York Times Best Seller fiction list. In 1998, his autobiography, “A Pirate Looks at Fifty,” took the nonfiction list by storm, making him one of the few writers to ever top the bestseller rankings for both fiction and nonfiction.

That’s not all, though. Picture Jimmy Buffett on the silver screen, making appearances in films like “Repo Man,” “Hook,” “Cobb,” “Hoot,” “Congo,” and “From the Earth to the Moon.” He even had a few cameo moments, playing himself in films like “Rancho Deluxe” and “FM.” And TV? Oh yes, he graced the second season of “Hawaii Five-0” and belted out tunes on “NCIS: New Orleans” in 2017.

And just for fun, remember that scene in “Jurassic World” where he’s calmly sipping margaritas amidst dino chaos? Classic Buffett. And in 2015, he made a musical appearance on “NCIS: New Orleans,” singing “I Will Play for Gumbo” in Dwayne Pride’s newly rebuilt bar. His eclectic journey even took him to a cameo in the Harmony Korine film “The Beach Bum.”

Margie Washichek Net Worth

Jimmy Buffett’s wealth is estimated at a whopping $550 million, encompassing everything from his assets to his income. Now, how did he amass this treasure trove? Well, it’s all thanks to his dual roles as a musician and businessman. Music has been his main moneymaker, coupled with his ventures in the business world.

Even though Jimmy is financially successful, he chooses to live a simple life. It’s evident that his wealth has kept him from living a lavish lifestyle. Rather, it appears that he favors the conveniences of a simpler lifestyle. It’s evidence that he chooses to keep things straightforward and grounded despite having such a fortune.

Margie Washichek Husband

Margie Washichek’s ex, the one and only Jimmy Buffett, is the son of Mary Lorraine and James Deaney Buffett Jr. Picture this – born on Christmas Day in 1946, Jimmy is not just your average singer. No, he is a legitimate American singer-songwriter, actor, businessman, author, and musician.

Now, Jimmy’s adventure began way back when he was a trombone player in the school band at St. Ignatius School, where he was doing more than simply studying.  After graduating in 1964 from McGill Institute for Boys (which is now McGill-Toolen Catholic High School), he kicked off his guitar skills during his freshman year at Auburn University. A little detour at Pearl River Community College happened before he wrapped up his studies in 1969 at the University of Southern Mississippi.

But before he became the music legend we know, Jimmy had a gig as a correspondent for Billboard Magazine in Nashville. Then, the late ’60s came, and he dived headfirst into the music world. By 1970, he already had his debut record, “Down To Earth,” in the bag. Fast forward, and he’s released over 30 CDs, leaving his mark on the music scene.

But hold up, Jimmy’s not just about music. He’s got quite the pen game too, with six books to his name, including gems like “A Pirate’s Look at Fifty” and “A Salty Piece of Land.” And let’s not forget his silver screen moments in films like “Up The Stairs,” “The Billionaire Boys Club,” and “Under The Volcano.” TV time? Yep, he’s made appearances on “Blue Bloods,” “Hawaii Five-O,” and “NCIS: New Orleans.”

And beyond the spotlight, Jimmy Buffett is a bit of a business guru, dipping his toes into various industries and spreading the love through charitable endeavors. Now, onto the love story with Margie Washichek. While the dating deets are locked away, rumors say they tied the knot in 1969, only to part ways in 1971. The whys and wherefores of their divorce? Well, that’s a secret the media never cracked. And as for kids during their union? The Buffetts are keeping that one close to the chest.

Now, about that old tale of Jimmy being kin to Warren Buffett? Turns out, a DNA test said otherwise. Still, in a shareholder letter, Warren affectionately called him “Cousin” Jimmy Buffett. There you have it – a human spin on the life and times of Margie Washichek’s ex and his whirlwind journey in music, literature, and a sprinkle of family ties.

Facts about Margie Washichek:

  1. Marriage to Jimmy Buffett: Margie Washichek is renowned as the former wife of Jimmy Buffett, the multifaceted American musician, songwriter, actor, businessman, and author.
  2. Private Life: Margie has maintained a level of privacy, with limited information available about her early life, parents, and education. Her birthdate and zodiac sign remain undisclosed.
  3. Career: Margie seems to have led a life as a stay-at-home mom, primarily known for her association with Jimmy Buffett.
  4. Connection to Buffett’s Career: Jimmy Buffett is not only a prominent musician but also a successful businessman, with ventures like the Margaritaville Cafe restaurant chain and involvement in the Cheeseburger in Paradise restaurant chain.
  5. Divorce: Margie Washichek and Jimmy Buffett reportedly got married in 1969 but divorced in 1971. Details about the reasons for their divorce and any children from their marriage are not publicly disclosed.


Margie Washichek, the former wife of Jimmy Buffett, is a private individual, and details about her early life and family are not widely known. Her connection to Buffett, a renowned figure in the entertainment and business world, adds a personal touch to their shared history. The couple’s marriage lasted from 1969 to 1971, with reasons for their divorce remaining undisclosed.


When did Margie Washichek and Jimmy Buffett get married?

Margie Washichek and Jimmy Buffett got married in 1969.

When did Margie Washichek and Jimmy Buffett divorce?

Margie Washichek and Jimmy Buffett divorced in 1971.

Are there any details about Margie Washichek’s early life and family?

Margie Washichek has kept details about her early life, parents, and family private.

What is Jimmy Buffett’s net worth?

Jimmy Buffett’s net worth is estimated to be around $550 million, attributed to his success in music and various business ventures.

Did Margie Washichek have a career of her own?

Margie Washichek is primarily known for being the ex-wife of Jimmy Buffett, and there is limited information about her individual career.

What businesses is Jimmy Buffett involved in?

Jimmy Buffett is involved in the Margaritaville Cafe restaurant chain and has played a role in the Cheeseburger in Paradise restaurant chain, in addition to his successful music career.

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