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Who is Bailey Zimmerman? Biography, Age, Career, Net Worth And  More


Bailey Zimmerman, a talented musical artist hailing from America and gaining popularity on TikTok, showcases remarkable skill in songwriting. His compositions, exemplified by the emotionally charged “Fall in Love” and “Never Comin’ Home,” have garnered significant acclaim and admiration. Zimmerman’s journey to stardom commenced with the sharing of original musical creations on TikTok, swiftly captivating a dedicated and fervent following. Throughout his rise, Zimmerman has not only captivated fans across various social media platforms but also achieved remarkable success on music charts, with several singles and a highly acclaimed album.

Bailey Zimmerman Net Worth

The estimated worth of Bailey Zimmerman is $2 million. He is a well-known American country singer, songwriter, and performer who has had several number-one hits. After his breakthrough single “Fall in Love” was released, Bailey became well-known.

The country music performer Zimmerman achieved even greater recognition after scoring a big success with “Rock and a Hard Place.” His hit songs achieved the highest level of success when they were ranked number one on the Billboard Country Airplay chart. Bailey distinguishes out as one of the country music industry’s quickly rising stars.

Last 5 YearsNet Worth
2024$2 Million
2023$1.3 Million
2022$1 Million

Who is Bailey Zimmerman?

American artist Bailey Zimmerman is 23 years old as of 2023. He was born on January 27, 2000, in Louisville, Illinois. His approach to music was greatly influenced by his mother, Kristi Bailey.

Raised in a family setting, Bailey’s early love of music was fostered by his brother, Brent L. Bailey, a professional in the auto and truck repair industry.

Bailey first became familiar with country music through his father’s trucking company, where they would frequently listen to country music while traveling great distances. His musical tastes and professional path were also greatly influenced by his mother’s love of 1980s rock music. Prior to starting his musical career, Bailey was employed in the

Bailey Zimmerman Biography

Full nameBailey Zimmerman
Date of birth27 January 2000
Age23 years old (as of 2023)
Zodiac signAquarius
Place of birthLouisville, Illinois, United States
Current residenceNashville, Tennessee, United States
Height in feet5’7”
Height in centimetres170
Weight in pounds141
Weight in kilograms64
Hair colourAuburn
Eye colourGreen
MotherKristi Bailey Haerr
Relationship statusSingle
ProfessionSinger, songwriter, TikToker
Net worth$300,000

Bailey Zimmerman Early Life

On January 27, 2000, in the small American hamlet of Louisville, Illinois, Bailey Zimmerman was born. His father used to own a trucking firm and has experience in business.

Meanwhile, Bailey’s brother manages a metal shop, and his grandfather operates a used car dealership where his mother also lends a hand. It was during the long hauls with his father that Bailey developed a keen interest in country music.

Bailey Zimmerman Hobbies

Bailey Zimmerman has a passion for customizing trucks, which he decided to share with his fans in October 2023. This led to the creation of BZ MotorSports, a shop offering clothing and merchandise related to his hobby. Alongside the launch, he introduced a sweepstakes where participants could win a white, customized, and lifted GMC Motors truck. For those curious about Bailey Zimmerman, his bio provides all the essential details you need to know about him.

Bailey Zimmerman Age

As of 2023, Zimmerman is 23 years old, having been born on January 27, 2000. His astrological sign is Aquarius.

Bailey Zimmerman Height

Bailey Zimmerman stands at a height of 5 feet 7 inches (170 centimeters) and weighs approximately 141 pounds or 64 kilograms.

Bailey Zimmerman Career

Zimmerman left his homeland of Illinois behind after graduating from high school and relocated to West Virginia to work on natural gas pipelines. However, he soon realized that this was not the best course of action for him in terms of his career.

Returning home, he turned his attention to building custom trucks.Bailey’s journey in music gained momentum thanks to his active presence on TikTok. Initially sharing comedic content and showcasing the customization process of his GMC pickup truck, he quickly garnered a sizable following. His popularity soared further when he began sharing videos of himself singing, eventually transitioning to posting original music on the platform starting in December 2020.

In January 2021, he released his breakthrough song, “Never Comin’ Home,” which rapidly went viral on TikTok and peaked in the top 20 on the US Spotify Viral Chart. Using his sizable TikTok fan base—which now exceeded 2.8 million—Barley’s debut EP, “Leave the Light On,” went platinum.

With hits like “Fall in Love” and “Rock and a Hard Place,” which topped the charts, Bailey gained widespread recognition as his songs topped the Country Airplay charts. An important turning point in his career came when he signed with Elektra Music Group and Warner Music Nashville in April 2022. Bailey received additional recognition for her abilities when she was nominated for an Academy of Country Music Award.

In May 2023, Zimmerman unveiled his debut studio album, “Religiously. The Album.,” which swiftly attained platinum certification by November of the same year. Additionally, his collaboration with the Jonas Brothers on the single “Strong Enough” stands out as a memorable highlight in his career.

Looking ahead, Bailey plans to embark on a tour across the United States, Britain, and Ireland in 2024, promising fans an exciting musical journey ahead.

Bailey Zimmerman Career Success

Zimmerman’s initial track “Never Comin’ Home” made its debut in January of 2021. Merely sixty days later, the renowned labels “Warner Music Nashville” and “Electro Records” made contact.

Zimmerman seized the opportunity and introduced “Never Comin’ Home” as his inaugural single. Bailey subsequently unveiled his subsequent track “Small Town Crazy” and proceeded to release tracks such as Fall In Love, Rock and a Hard Place, Change, and Where It Ends.

On the 14th of October, 2022, Bailey introduced his premiere EP “Leave The Light On”, which showcased prior tracks like “Fall In Love”, “Rock and a Hard Place”, and “Where It Ends”. The compilation also included five fresh compositions at that time, all of which were exceptional tunes, rendering the extended play an absolute auditory journey from commencement to conclusion.

Throughout the debut week, nearly every composition garnered more than a million streams and was hailed as the foremost streaming country music debut in history. Furthermore, it secured a spot in the top 10 on the Billboard 200 charts. Bailey’s breakout hit Fall In Love clinched the number one position on the country music charts in December 2022 and achieved platinum status. As a result of his accomplishments, Bailey Zimmerman amassed a net worth of $2 Million.

Bailey Zimmerman Personal life

The well-known singer is currently single and has never tied the knot. Nonetheless, he does have plans to settle down and begin a family. Fans might get the wrong idea about his marital status, especially with the confusion stemming from a website owned by another couple named Kristen Murphy and Bailey Zimmerman.

Bailey Zimmerman Family Background

Bailey hails from Louisville, Illinois, where he spent his formative years. Despite being associated with Illinois, Bailey Zimmerman has traversed various regions across the United States. Following high school, he briefly resided in West Virginia before returning home. Since gaining traction in his career, Bailey has made Nashville, Tennessee, his home base, accompanied by his loyal companion Marley.

His mother, Kristi Bailey Haerr, previously worked as an accountant and tied the knot with Dale in 2023. Bailey grew up alongside his two brothers, both of whom have served in the US Marines. Dalton, his older brother, is involved in Marine Corps Recruitment, while Nicholas Eugene, his younger sibling, serves as a marine in California.

Bailey Zimmerman Relationship Status

As of 2023, the celebrity remains unmarried. Nevertheless, he is open to the idea of settling down and is actively seeking a life partner. In a lighthearted TikTok video posted in September 2023, he playfully mentioned his search for a spouse and encouraged interested followers to reach out in the comments section. However, Bailey Zimmerman has not disclosed any updates regarding his romantic endeavors or if he has met someone significant.


Net Worth Growth: Bailey Zimmerman’s net worth has seen a significant increase over the past five years, growing from $800,000 in 2020 to $2 million in 2024.

Career Milestones: Zimmerman’s rise to fame can be attributed to his talent as a country singer, songwriter, and performer. He gained widespread recognition with hit singles like “Fall in Love” and “Rock and a Hard Place,” both of which topped the Billboard Country Airplay chart.

Record Deals: In 2022, Zimmerman signed with Elektra Music Group and Warner Music Nashville, further solidifying his status as a rising star in the country music industry.

Platinum Certifications: His debut EP, “Leave the Light On,” went platinum, showcasing his popularity and success in the music industry.

Collaborations: Zimmerman collaborated with renowned artists such as the Jonas Brothers on the single “Strong Enough,” further expanding his reach and fanbase.


In the year 2024, Bailey Zimmerman—an accomplished American country music artist, lyricist, and well-received influencer on TikTok—will have accumulated a net worth of $2 million. His initial breakthrough came from sharing his authentic compositions on TikTok, where he swiftly cultivated a dedicated fanbase. Alongside garnering acclaim from critics, Zimmerman’s emotive chart-toppers such as “Enrapture in Affection” and “Perpetually Away from Residence” have soared to the pinnacle of music rankings, achieving platinum status. These triumphs underscore Zimmerman’s escalating prosperity within the music domain and cement his position as an emerging luminary in the realm of country music.


1. How much is Bailey Zimmerman’s net worth? Bailey Zimmerman’s net worth is estimated to be $2 million as of 2024.

2. What contributed to Bailey Zimmerman’s rise to fame? Zimmerman’s rise to fame can be attributed to his talent as a singer, songwriter, and performer, as well as his active presence on TikTok, where he gained a dedicated following.

3. What are some of Bailey Zimmerman’s career milestones? Zimmerman achieved significant success with hit singles like “Fall in Love” and “Rock and a Hard Place,” both of which topped the Billboard Country Airplay chart. He also signed record deals with Elektra Music Group and Warner Music Nashville.

4. Has Bailey Zimmerman received any certifications for his music? Yes, his debut EP, “Leave the Light On,” achieved platinum certification, highlighting his popularity and success in the music industry.

5. Has Bailey Zimmerman collaborated with other artists? Yes, Zimmerman collaborated with the Jonas Brothers on the single “Strong Enough,” showcasing his versatility and expanding his fanbase.

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