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Tichina Arnold Net Worth

Not merely a familiar face on TV, Tichina Arnold is a powerful force in the entertainment world. Together with her exceptional performance skills, she has proven to be a very astute businesswoman. According to Net Worth Post, she should have collected a cool $12.5 million by 2024.

However, she doesn’t get Arnold’s success for granted. She has put up endless effort and made wise decisions at every turn. She had to work hard and make wise choices to get to where she is now—from her early days as a young performer to her current standing as a respected artist.

Her story is proof of the value of tenacity and in-depth knowledge of one’s field. Arnold is a great model for anyone with lofty goals because of his ability to handle the frequently unpredictable world of show business.

Who Is Tichina Arnold?

What a gifted woman Tichina Arnold is! You either laughed at her on “Martin” or were astounded by her skill on “Everybody Hates Chris.” She was up in Queens, New York, and is quite familiar with the culture of the city.

Family’s a big deal to Tichina. She’s got her sisters Zenay and Diane by her side through thick and thin. And let’s not forget about her daughter, Alijah Kai Haggins. Being a mom is a source of pride and joy for her.

Tichina has seen some highs and lows in the realm of love. Previously, she was wed to Lamon Brewster; subsequently, she married Rico Hines. Although Tichina and Rico didn’t work out, she is the kind of person who accepts life’s setbacks.

Tichina, who stands five feet six inches tall, exudes beauty from the inside out and has enticing chocolate brown eyes and a killer smile. Can we also discuss her talent? She consistently puts her all into everything she does, whether it’s making us laugh or touching our emotions.

In Hollywood, where appearances count, Tichina is more than simply a gorgeous face. She possesses talent, intelligence, and a golden heart. She is a real star in our eyes because of that!

Tichina Arnold Wiki

Date of Birth28 June 1969
Birth PlaceQueens, New York, USA
Birth NameTichina Rolanda Arnold
Zodiac SignCancer
OccupationActress, Model, Comedian, Singer
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorDark Brown
Sexual OrientationStraight
Weight (lbs)128 lbs
Weight (kg)58 kg
Height (Feet)5′ 6″
Height (Meters)1.68 m
Body Measurements35-27-37 in (89-68.5-94 cm)
Breast Size35 inches (89 cm)
Waist Size27 inches (68.5 cm)
Hips Size37 inches (94 cm)
Bra Size/Cup Size34B
Feet/Shoe Size7.5 (US)
Dress Size8 (US)
MotherDiane Arnold
Spouse/HusbandRico Hines (m. 2012–2016), Lamon Brewster (m. 1992–1995)
ChildrenAlijah Kai Haggins (Daughter)
SiblingsZenay Arnold (Sister)
PartnerCarvin Haggins (2002–2007)

Tichina Arnold Education

Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School in New York City is renowned for producing future artists. This location is a hotbed of skill and creativity even though it’s in the heart of Manhattan. Don’t let its urban setting deceive you.

Imagine busy corridors teeming with ambitious performers, dancers, and visual artists pursuing their passions. It’s difficult to articulate LaGuardia’s enchanted aura, but it all comes down to encouraging innovation and pushing limits.

The truth is that art is something that they live and breathe at LaGuardia. It is recommended that students fully embrace their interests, be it painting a picture, practicing a pirouette, or picking up a guitar.

And let me tell you, this institution has unmatched vitality and diversity. It resembles a melting pot of cultures and ideas that come together to form something genuinely unique.

Dreams come true at LaGuardia with its unique artistic programs and excellent academics. This is the place to kindle your creative spark and turn it into something truly amazing.

Tichina Arnold Age

Tichina Arnold, born and bred in Queens, New York City, is a seasoned actress who’s been captivating audiences since way back. At 53 years young, born on June 28, 1969, she’s seen her fair share of the spotlight, shining bright on both TV and the silver screen.

Tichina Arnold Height

Tichina Arnold is quite the presence, standing tall at 5 feet 7 inches, which is around 1.68 meters. Despite her height, she keeps herself in a healthy weight range, tipping the scales at 58 kg. You can tell she takes good care of herself, striking that balance to keep her body and mind in tip-top shape.

Personal Life

In her love life, Tichina Arnold has experienced numerous highs and lows. Alijah Kai Haggins was born in 2004 to her and her partner, music producer Carvin Haggins, who she had dated. Sadly, their romance fizzled out, and they eventually called it quits.

Tichina took a bold step in August 2012 and married former Golden State Warriors coach DaRico Hines. They exchanged vows in a lavish ceremony in Honolulu, Hawaii. Sadly, unfortunately, they went through a trying time together, and in January 2016, less than four years into their marriage, they made the decision to end things.

Rumors of a sex tape with another lady surfaced, and Hines was charged with adultery.Tichina had a difficult period, but she is the type of woman that rises to challenges head-on and becomes stronger in the process.

Philanthropy & Influence

Tichina Arnold is more than simply a lights, camera, action woman—she also has a golden heart. She is a committed philanthropist who is all about using her platform to promote issues that she believes in. She has been a vocal advocate for lupus research, showcasing her commitment to giving back and making a difference in the world, driven by her own battle with the disease. She is a very nice person in addition to being a brilliant musician, as her humanitarian initiatives offer as a continuous reminder. It is evident that her compassion knows no limitations.

However, Tichina’s adventure is more than just a glamorous trip through Hollywood. She has worn numerous hats during her career, starting out as an aspiring actress and ending up as a seasoned veteran. She has repeatedly shown that she is a force to be reckoned with in all fields, whether she is dabbling in business, giving her voice to philanthropic causes, or even trying her hand at music. Talk about leaving a lasting legacy! Let’s not forget her incredible performances and all the accomplishments she’s made along the way! Tichina Arnold is the definition of adaptability, and her influence on society has endured for ages.

Tichina Arnold Career

Tichina Arnold made her theatrical debut as a teenager costarring with Tisha Campbell in Frank Oz’s “Little Shop of Horrors” (1986). And that was just the start. She continued to build her career during the 1980s, appearing in movies such as “How I Got into College” (1989) and “Starlight: A Musical Movie” (1988).   However, she really made her impact in television.

In 1987, Arnold snagged a pivotal role on the soap opera “Ryan’s Hope” as Zena Brown, earning herself a Daytime Emmy nod in 1988. She kept the momentum going with her stint as Sharla Valentine on “All My Children” until 1991. But it was her gig as Pamela James on “Martin” that etched her into the collective memory. Portraying the best friend of Tisha Campbell’s character, Gina, she became a sitcom staple from 1992 to 1997.

Though TV was her forte, Arnold didn’t neglect the silver screen. From “Scenes from a Mall” (1991) to “Dance Flick” (2009), she brought her comedic prowess to various films. Notably, she showcased her versatility in projects like “Hope & Redemption: The Lena Baker Story” (2008).

As her career developed, she made cameos in TV shows like “Everybody Hates Chris” (2005-2009), “Survivor’s Remorse” (2014-2017), and “Happily Divorced” (2011-2013). As a fixture on “The Neighborhood” since 2018, she has also captivated audiences.

acting with voice? Yes, she has also provided a voice to “The Boondocks” in the eponymous “Attack of the Killer Kung-fu Wolf Bitch” (2007) episode.

Whether Arnold is cracking laughs on television or taking on more serious roles, her career is proof of her talent and adaptability. She also creates a lasting impression on the entertainment industry with every project.

Real Estate

Tichina Arnold made a significant investment on a gorgeous Los Angeles pad back in January 2018. She paid an impressive $933,000 for it. When July 2023 rolled along, she decided it was time for a change and listed the property for a whopping $2 million. But as it goes with these things, sometimes plans shift, and she ended up pulling the listing. Maybe she just couldn’t bear to part with her LA digs after all!

Tichina Arnold Movies and TV Shows

Tichina Arnold began her acting career playing a range of parts, including scary musicals and gripping crime dramas. She left her imprint on the industry with productions like “The House of Dies Drear” and the cherished cult favorite “Little Shop of Horrors.”

But it was her time on the soap opera “Ryan’s Hope” that garnered her attention. But her breakthrough performance on the popular television series “Martin” was what really made her famous. From 1992 to 1997, she costarred on television alongside Martin Lawrence and Tisha Campbell Martin, captivating audiences with her charm and talent.

But Arnold’s abilities extended beyond television. She plays iconic parts in movies like Big Momma’s House and TV shows like Happily Divorced and Everybody Hates Chris. She is now getting ready for the highly anticipated new crime drama “Clover,” which will surely have audiences on the edge of their seats.

Tichina Arnold Awards

Tichina Arnold has made a real impact in the entertainment industry, and it’s great to see her talent recognized. She has been nominated for multiple accolades and won two NAACP Image accolades for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series. The initial one was for her role in “Martin,” while the subsequent one was for “Survivor’s Remorse.” She also won an additional NAACP Image Award for her funny portrayal as “Everybody Hates Chris.” It’s amazing to see that her efforts are paying off and that people are recognizing her talent!

Tichina Arnold Daughter

Following the end of her first marriage, Tichina Arnold discovered a new love with music producer and songwriter Carvin Haggins. Their love story blossomed, and in 2004, they joyously welcomed their daughter, Alijah Kai Haggins, into their lives.

Tichina Arnold Nationality and Ethnicity

Tichina Arnold, an African-American actress, has had both positive and negative outcomes in the film industry. However, she is campaigning for Black stories and representation in the industry by using her voice to demand greater diversity. Organizations such as The National Association of Black Journalists and The Image honors, where she has been nominated and won honors, have recognized her for her efforts.

But beyond the red carpet, Tichina Arnold is a role model for many young people, especially those pursuing careers in acting or the arts. She shows that your background should never hinder your potential for success.


Tichina Arnold, a versatile actress, comedian, and singer, has made significant contributions to the entertainment industry. Born on June 28, 1969, in Queens, New York, she began her career in acting at a young age, starring in various films and television shows. Arnold’s notable roles include Pamela James on “Martin” and Rochelle Rock on “Everybody Hates Chris.”

She has received recognition for her talent, winning multiple NAACP Image Awards for her outstanding performances. Arnold is also a devoted philanthropist, advocating for causes like lupus research, driven by her personal battle with the disease.

Arnold’s personal life has seen its ups and downs, including marriages to Lamon Brewster and Rico Hines, as well as a daughter named Alijah Kai Haggins.

With a height of 5 feet 6 inches and a charming personality, Arnold continues to be a prominent figure in Hollywood, leaving a lasting legacy through her work and influence.


What is Tichina Arnold’s net worth?

Tichina Arnold’s net worth is estimated to be approximately $12.5 million as of 2024.

Where was Tichina Arnold born?

Tichina Arnold was born in Queens, New York, USA, on June 28, 1969.

What are Tichina Arnold’s notable roles?

Arnold is well-known for her roles as Pamela James on “Martin” and Rochelle Rock on “Everybody Hates Chris.”

Does Tichina Arnold have any children?

Yes, she has a daughter named Alijah Kai Haggins.

What philanthropic causes does Tichina Arnold support?

Tichina Arnold is a vocal advocate for lupus research and has been involved in various humanitarian initiatives throughout her career.

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