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The Best AI Logo Makers in 2024

AI logo makers, an extension of the AI field that is expected to show a 37% annual market increase between 2021 and 2030, started to gain recognition especially as of 2023. It is possible to mention that there are many different design areas where users can receive service for free or for a fee. It is possible to get editable logo design suggestions or generate branding products in seconds through an online AI-powered logo maker. By entering data such as brand name, industry, or slogan into the system, AI logo generator platforms offer logo design suggestions to users. You can find a logo maker that suits your needs and preferences through the best AI logo makers in the 2024 list we have prepared for you, and include it in your branding efforts, brand creation, and logo design processes in a short time.

Features            Zoviz            LookaTurbo LogoLogo AIBrand CrowdSmashing LogoLogomaster.aiTailor Brands
Favicon Pack              X              X          X      X
Optimized Prices              X            X
Social Media Brand Kit              X              X            X            X      X
Letterhead Layouts              X              X            X               X
Resizable Logo Files        SVG, PDF        EPS, PDF            SVG, PDF            Vector FilesSVG, EPS, PDF            PDF, EPSEPS, PDF      X
Standard Logo Files        +30 (PNG, JPG)        PNG, SVG            PNG, JPEG            PNGPNG, JPG            PNGSVG, PNG      X
Email Signature Templates              X              X          X                X
Brand Style Guide              X              X            X        X
Commercial Rights              X              X            X          X            X          X        X        X
Technical Support              X              X            X            X          X            X        X        X

1- Zoviz

Online logo maker Zoviz, which has started to actively provide services to its users as of 2023, creates insightful designs through AI data in a design sense. Thus, creating competitive, attractive, and even CTA logos is possible through Zoviz. Offering additional rights such as standard and resizable downloadable logo files, customer support, and commercial rights, Zoviz offers the following products in the ‘Full Logo Kit’ package for branding products:

  • Favicon pack
  • Social media covers and profiles
  • Letterhead layouts
  • E-sign templates
  • Brand guidebook

As an AI logo maker, the Zoviz platform is one of the first platforms that come to mind when aiming to achieve fast logo design results. Providing support for online logo design and branding products with brand names in all languages, Zoviz is at the top of our list of the best AI logo makers thanks to this unique feature and comprehensive features.

2- Turbo logo

As an AI logo maker, the Turbo logo is a valuable platform as it allows the creation of customized logo designs and completely professional-looking branding products. Turbo Logo, which can be used easily with its user-friendly interface and provides results in just seconds, supports its users in creating brand identity and generating the necessary branding materials for brand awareness studies. The platform is practical in that it provides fast results and reflects the desired design results on the users’ screens within a few minutes without having any design knowledge.

Turbo logo AI logo maker, which provides benefits in terms of both time and cost in addition to manual design processes, creates a unique opportunity for business owners, those who want to create a brand from scratch, and users who want to carry out rebranding studies. While performing online logo generation on the platform, text, icons or colors can be changed depending on user requests. Thus, the Turbo logo accompanies users in the process of creating brand identity. Turbo logo is a user-friendly platform thanks to its various features such as adding taglines, branding products, and the option to save in different file formats.

3- Looka

Looka platform, formerly known as Logojoy, is a platform that has been serving as an AI logo maker since 2016. It has a user-friendly interface in that it supports customized design suggestions, both branding and logo generation processes, and offers hundreds of different logo design options. Looka, which appeals to freelance designers, business owners, students, those who want to create their own brand, and many other different audiences, also makes it possible to optimize logo design processes through AI technology.

The editing process while designing on Looka is very easy due to the simple usage structure of the platform. The inclusion of AI-powered data in the design process, which can be completed in a few minutes, makes it possible to obtain logo designs prepared with a more competitive and accurate design perspective. This aspect of the platform can also be edited according to the user’s wishes and desires. The platform offers many options in terms of logo style, tagline, typefaces, or color codes and recommends the use of drug and drop to its users. Aiming to be a platform that is practical and easy to use in every respect, Looka is one of the few names among the best online generators.

4- Logo AI

As an online logo-generating platform, LogoAI is an AI-powered platform designed to make it possible to create logo designs effectively, quickly, and practically. Offering a user-friendly interface, LogoAI produces design results using artificial intelligence algorithms. In this respect, it creates optimized logo designs as well as offers wide customization options, pro-looking logo design results, and technically extensive design solutions.

LogoAI, which currently offers services to create brand identity in many aspects as competitive, unique, and well-designed logo design results, is a very useful tool for obtaining professional logos in a short time, being able to download files in high-quality resizable and standard formats, and with its wide package of editing options. It can be called the logo-generating option.

5- BrandCrowd

BrandCrowd, which has managed to offer an AI-powered service in terms of online logo design, can be shown as one of the best logo maker platforms with its various prominent features such as numerous logo template options, constructive suggestions for customization, and high-res file possibility. In addition to its user-friendly interface and budget-friendly pricing principle, the platform’s ability to create a multi-working environment also provides the necessary online design environment, especially for project partners and collaborations.

Features such as its optimized approach to logo design and fast and simple user interface distinguish the platform from other logo-maker options and bring it to the fore. Offering many options for design editing in many aspects such as brand name, tagline, design details, fonts & typefaces, the platform also provides many options for customized logo design.

6- Smashing Logo

The Smashing Logo platform, which is striking in that it serves users as both an AI-powered logo maker and an online sharing space, offers a fast, user-friendly and professional service. The platform, which is frequently preferred by designers, makes the online logo design experience unique in that it offers services in areas such as presenting the prepared logo files to different users, sharing them with other people, and joint project production.

Smashing Logo platform, which makes it possible to realize a completely customized logo experience with an AI-powered method through editing processes on logo templates and design themes, takes its place in the ranking as a fast and practical platform as it also offers automatic logo suggestions. Smashing Logo, which offers direct editing authority on various parts of a logo design such as color codes, font, and logo format and does not restrict this authority, enables you to manage high-quality logo designs online.


As an AI logo maker, is a platform that provides services through the web browser and offers logo design options. While performing transactions through, which is extremely important in editable logo design solutions, users can get a diverse and customized experience such as logotype, text, tagline, and color codes for editing.

High-resolution logo design suggestions are automatically provided by entering brand name, industry, and optionally slogan information into the system. The logo design options offered on can be edited by the user in a few minutes to obtain more customized results.

8- Tailorbrands

Tailorbrands, which offers services as an AI logo maker, is one of the most valuable AI logo maker platforms in terms of producing fast design results, offering branded assets and additional business tools, offering logo files in social media formats, and serving by offering more than a hundred design variations.

Tailorbrands, which offers high-resolution logo files and provides user experience-oriented support throughout the entire logo design process through customer support, is among the best logo maker platforms because it produces fast results and offers practical suggestions.

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