Susanne Gregard,  Dodi Al-Fayed Ex-wife: Now Husband, Children, Net worth, Career

Susanne Gregard is known as the former wife of the former Egyptian film producer Dodi Al-Fayed. Their marriage lasted for a period of 8 months. Apart from being recognized as a celebrity spouse, she has also built a noteworthy career. If you’re curious about her profession and her current net worth, you can find more information here: Susanne Gregard.


Full Name Susanne Gregard 
Popular nameSusanne Gregard Quilici 
Date of birthMarch 32, 1960
Place of  birthLong beach, US 
Age 63
FatherPalle Gregard
MotherElise Gregard
ProfessionModel and Photographer
Net Worth$5 million (approx.) 
spousePhilippe Quilici
children2 Sons (Max and Henry Quilici) 
Hair colourBlonde 
Eye colourBlue
SiblingsKen Gregard

Who is Susanne Gregard?

Before entering a highly publicized relationship with the beloved royal, Princess Diana, Dodi Al-Fayed had a series of notable romances. The charismatic playboy was romantically linked to several prominent women, including actress Brooke Shields from “Blue Lagoon,” Joanne Whalley, the former spouse of Val Kilmer, Winona Ryder of “Stranger Things” fame, and Tina Sinatra, the daughter of legendary singer Frank Sinatra.

However, Dodi Al-Fayed’s only marriage occurred in 1986, when he tied the knot with model Susanne Gregard. Unfortunately, their marital union was short-lived, and they divorced just eight months later.

Susanne Gregard is primarily recognized for her career as a model during the 1980s. In addition to her modeling endeavors, she ventured into acting and had a minor role in the American romantic comedy film “Key Exchange,” released in 1985. She also made a guest appearance on the American television show “Star Search” in 1984, where she appeared as herself.

Education and Career

Susanne embarked on her academic journey at the University of Copenhagen, where she dedicated her studies to economics. After her time at the university, she set out on a path that would lead her into the world of fashion. Her career encompassed multiple facets within this vibrant industry.

Initially, Susanne ventured into the world of modeling, where she graced runways and featured in various fashion campaigns, showcasing her talent and style. Her striking presence and innate fashion sense quickly established her as a sought-after model in the fashion realm.

Yet, Susanne’s ambitions did not end with modeling alone. She delved deeper into the world of fashion by venturing into fashion design. Her creative flair and understanding of fashion trends allowed her to craft unique and captivating designs that resonated with enthusiasts of the industry.

Beyond her roles as a model and fashion designer, Susanne demonstrated her entrepreneurial spirit by establishing her very own fashion company. This venture showcased her acumen in the business side of fashion, as she navigated the complexities of managing and growing her own fashion brand.

Susanne’s journey in education and career highlights her versatility and determination in the world of fashion, from her academic pursuits in economics to her accomplishments as a model, fashion designer, and successful businesswoman, leaving an enduring mark on the fashion industry.

How did she meet Dodi Al-Fayed, and did they have any children? 

Susanne Gregard and Dodi Al-Fayed first crossed paths in the early 1980s through their shared social circles and connections. What initially began as a casual acquaintance gradually evolved into a deep and intimate connection, defying initial expectations. As time passed, their hearts drew closer, and their relationship naturally progressed towards romance.

Their journey reached its pinnacle in the year 1986, when Susanne Gregard and Dodi Al-Fayed exchanged vows in a momentous wedding ceremony, symbolizing their commitment to the sacred institution of marriage. Their union garnered significant public attention, with their love story captivating the imaginations of many.

However, the story of their marriage would ultimately be defined by its brevity and the subsequent sense of disappointment. A mere eight months after their wedding day, in the year 1987, Susanne Gregard and Dodi Al-Fayed faced the painful reality of ending their marriage. This decision marked the conclusion of a brief yet undoubtedly impactful chapter in both of their lives.

Interestingly, the question of parenthood introduces a different dimension to their story. Despite the intensity of their relationship and the considerable public interest it garnered, there is a conspicuous absence of any documented evidence or publicly known children resulting from their relatively short-lived marriage. Their union, characterized by its fleeting nature, appears to have left behind no lasting legacy in the form of offspring, leaving a lingering curiosity about what might have transpired in that aspect of their lives.

In Vail, Colorado, they were married.

Dodi Al-Fayed and Susanne Gregard’s wedding was held in the picturesque town of Vail, Colorado. Vail is well-known for its breathtaking natural scenery, making it a popular destination for couples who desire a romantic and scenic backdrop for their special day.

Vail boasts pristine landscapes characterized by majestic snow-capped peaks, lush forests, and tranquil lakes, all of which provide an enchanting setting for their matrimonial celebration. The town’s alpine charm and inviting ambiance likely played a role in creating an intimate and romantic atmosphere for their wedding.

While the specific details of their wedding ceremony and their choice of venue may not be as widely documented as those of some high-profile celebrity weddings, the decision to have their wedding in Vail, Colorado, added a touch of natural beauty and serenity to their brief yet memorable love story.

The Couple Divorced After Eight Months

Following their wedding, Dodi Al-Fayed and Susanne Gregard’s marriage encountered difficulties, ultimately resulting in their decision to divorce. Remarkably, this decision came just eight months after they exchanged vows. While the exact reasons behind their separation are not widely known, the brevity of their union stands as a testament to the challenges they faced during their time together. Despite the short-lived nature of their marriage, it remains an integral part of their personal histories and serves as a reminder of the complexities and dynamics that can shape romantic relationships.

Dodi Al-Fayed and Susanne Gregard, his ex-wife, had a brief relationship. 

Dodi Al-Fayed’s relationship with his ex-wife, Susanne Gregard, indeed constituted a short-lived but intriguing romance that briefly captured the public’s attention. While the details of their relationship may not be as widely known as some of Dodi’s other high-profile involvements, they offer a glimpse into a chapter of his personal life that is less documented.

Susanne Gregard and Dodi Al-Fayed’s paths crossed during the early 1980s, primarily through their shared social circles and mutual acquaintances. What began as a casual acquaintance soon blossomed into a deeper connection, gradually evolving into a romantic relationship. Over time, their affection for one another grew, culminating in their decision to take the significant step of marriage in 1986.

Their wedding marked a noteworthy moment in their journey together, signifying their commitment to one another and their shared vision of a future as a married couple. The world watched with curiosity as this high-society couple embarked on a new chapter in their lives, their love story capturing the imagination of many.

However, despite the promising start, the story of Dodi Al-Fayed and Susanne Gregard’s marriage was marked by its brevity and eventual disillusionment. A mere eight months after their wedding, in 1987, the couple decided to part ways, bringing their union to an end. The reasons for their separation remain largely private, shrouded in the discretion often afforded to individuals of their stature.

One particularly intriguing aspect of their relationship is the absence of documented evidence or publicly known children from their marriage. Despite the intensity of their connection and the substantial public interest that surrounded their union, there is no record of any offspring resulting from their time together. This enigmatic aspect of their story leaves questions unanswered about the potential for a family that never came to be.

While Dodi Al-Fayed and Susanne Gregard’s romance may have been brief, it adds a layer of complexity to the narrative of Dodi’s life and the various relationships he experienced before his highly publicized involvement with Princess Diana. Their love story, albeit short-lived, remains a notable chapter in the broader tapestry of Dodi Al-Fayed’s personal history, characterized by its unique dynamics and the mysteries it continues to hold.

Most Important Event

Identifying the most significant event in Susanne Gregard’s life is subjective and may vary depending on one’s values and perspective. However, among the noteworthy milestones in her life, her marriage to Dodi Al-Fayed in 1986 undeniably emerges as a moment of considerable importance, particularly in terms of its impact on the public consciousness and the level of curiosity it generated. Their high-profile union became the subject of extensive media coverage, captivating the collective imagination and drawing considerable attention to both of their lives.

Nevertheless, it’s essential to acknowledge that while their marriage held a prominent place in Susanne Gregard’s life story, it was a relatively brief chapter, lasting merely eight months. Other significant events, such as her academic accomplishments, her successful career within the fashion industry, or her entrepreneurial ventures, may have held more personal and lasting significance for her.

Ultimately, the evaluation of the most crucial events in an individual’s life is a deeply personal matter, shaped by one’s unique values and experiences. What one person considers the pinnacle of importance may differ markedly from another’s perspective, underscoring the subjectivity inherent in such assessments.

Where is Susanne Gregard now?

As for the current whereabouts and life of Susanne Gregard, there remains limited information in the public domain. However, it is confirmed that she is still alive and residing in the United States. While she has largely maintained a private existence in recent years, it has been reported that she is married to Philippe Quilici, a surgeon by profession.

Susanne Gregard’s life appears to have taken a more low-key and private trajectory, away from the spotlight and the media attention that once surrounded her. Her choice to lead a more private life is a testament to her desire for a quieter and more personal existence, free from the public scrutiny that often accompanies high-profile figures.

Susanne Gregard Model and Photographer

Susanne Gregard, renowned primarily for her modeling career, ventured into the dynamic worlds of both fashion and photography, leaving a lasting impact in both domains.

Modeling Career:

Susanne Gregard embarked on her fashion journey in the 1980s, initially finding her footing as a model. Her exceptional beauty and distinctive sense of style quickly garnered attention from fashion luminaries, photographers, and modeling agencies. She graced the catwalks of prestigious fashion shows and featured prominently in high-profile fashion campaigns, swiftly establishing herself as a highly sought-after model in the industry.

Her modeling career spanned various facets of the fashion realm, encompassing haute couture, commercial modeling, and editorial work. Susanne’s adaptability as a model allowed her to effortlessly transition between diverse fashion styles and emerging trends, thus showcasing her remarkable versatility and consummate professionalism.

Photography Career:

As Susanne Gregard’s professional journey evolved, she ventured into the creative realm of photography, where she further demonstrated her artistic talents. Making the shift from being the subject of photographs to being the artist behind the camera, she embarked on a journey of capturing poignant moments and weaving compelling visual narratives through her photographic lens.

Her photographic work was characterized by a discerning eye for composition, an innate understanding of lighting, and a remarkable storytelling ability. Whether engaged in the art of fashion photography, portraiture, or the evocative portrayal of landscapes, Susanne’s photography consistently radiated a unique and artistic perspective that resonated deeply with viewers.

Multifaceted Talents:

Susanne’s seamless transition between her roles as a model and photographer underscored her multifaceted talents within the fashion industry. Her firsthand experiences as a model enriched her work as a photographer, endowing her with an intimate understanding of the nuances of the industry, from both sides of the camera lens.

Through her endeavors in both modeling and photography, Susanne Gregard indelibly shaped the landscape of the fashion world. Her contributions, marked by boundless creativity, distinctive style, and a visionary outlook, left an enduring legacy in an industry that thrives on innovation and individuality. Her journey stands as a testament to the transformative power of artistic expression and serves as an inspiration to those impassioned by the realms of fashion and photography.

People Also Ask

Q: What happened to Susanne Gregard?

A: Not much is known about Susanne now, but she is still alive and thought to be living in America. She is believed to be married to a surgeon named Philippe Quilici.

Q: What happened to Al Fayed first wife?

A: However their marriage was short-lived, with Khashoggi filing for divorce after two years, reportedly because Al Fayed had been unfaithful. Khashoggi went on to marry Saudi Ambassador Anas Yassin, with the pair having a daughter, Jumana Yassin. She died in March 1986 from a heart attack at the age of 51.

Q: Who was Diana seeing when she died?

A: Princess Diana’s romance with Dodi Fayed, the Egyptian-born film magnate, was just beginning when the two died in a car crash in Paris on August 31, 1997. Now, their relationship has taken centerstage in the fifth season of Netflix’s The Crown.

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