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Sharelle Rosado Age

Give me the opportunity to introduce you to Sharelle Rosado, a vibrant 34-year-old enthusiastic soul. Her sign is Libra, which is associated with harmony and balance, and she proudly wears it. She was born on October 16, 1987. You only need to visit @sharellerosado_ on Instagram to see a peek of her life. Sharelle is all about welcoming life’s adventures with open arms; she’s not just about business. Sharelle adds her special brand of charm and passion to everything she touches, from closing those major real estate deals to just enjoying the journey. You’ll see why she’s a real force to be reckoned with in life and business if you follow her on her trip.

Who is Sharelle Rosado?

Let us introduce you to Sharelle Rosado, the brains behind Allure Royalty Miami and Florida as well as the lead actress of Selling Tampa, the hottest new series on Netflix. Enter Sharelle’s world, where her unwavering resolve and distinctive approach are not just helping her close transactions but also creating waves in the real estate industry. Sharelle always brings her A-game, whether it’s in the glamour of opulent homes or the suspense of high-pressure talks. Selling Tampa provides you a front-row ticket to witness her in action as she demonstrates her genuine passion for what she does, even outside of the boardroom. You won’t want to miss the adventure as you buckle up and prepare to witness the real estate market through Sharelle’s eyes!

Sharelle Rosado Early Life

Sharelle Rosado, a local of beautiful Tampa, Florida, was brought into the world on October 16, 1987. Not just has she separated herself as an energetic online entertainment character, yet she isn’t your normal realtor. Raised in the central region of Florida, Sharelle combines contemporary style with traditional Southern charm in her real estate career. She’s not only selling houses; she’s forming relationships because she has a talent for relating to people both virtually and in person. Sharelle’s passion comes through whether she’s closing the deal on a dream home or creating engaging content, making her a formidable force in both the real and virtual worlds.

Sharelle Rosado Wiki

Real NameSharelle Rosado
Birth DateOctober 16, 1987
Age (as of 2021)34 Years
Birth PlaceTampa, Florida, USA
ProfessionReal Estate Agent & Social Media Star
Sun signLibra
Physical Statistics
Heightin feet inches – 5’ 7” – in Centimeters – 170 cm
Weightin Kilograms – 60 kg – in Pounds – 132 lbs
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBlack
BrotherDennis Rosado
CollegeUniversity of Alabama
Marital StatusEngaged
Boyfriend/FianceChad Johnson
ChildrenThree (Ariana, Marcus & Denim)

Sharelle Rosado Height

Allow me to present to you Sharelle Rosado, who is 1.7 meters (5 feet 7 inches) tall. Views into her life and travels can be found on her Instagram account, @sharellerosado_. Sharelle’s towering presence and confidence are reflected in her height, which is more than just a physical characteristic. Sharelle radiates grace and poise whether she’s closing transactions in the real estate industry or just savoring the little things in life. Therefore, have a look at Sharelle’s path if you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to stand at the confluence of ambition and elegance—it’s bound to inspire.

What is Sharelle Rosado Ethnicity?

Allow me to present to you Columbus, Georgia-born American dynamo Sharelle Rosado. She currently divides her time between Miami, Florida, and Tampa, Florida, two thriving places where she’s creating waves in the real estate industry. Sharelle’s story, however, is not limited to her travels; she also boldly embraces her mixed-race background, identifying as a Black lady with a White father and a Black mother. She gains richness to her experiences and a unique viewpoint from this unusual blending of origins. Join Sharelle on Instagram at @sharellerosado_ to get daily updates about her life and the motivational stories she shares.

Sharelle Rosado: Main Cast in ‘Selling Tampa

Imagine entering the world of Netflix’s Selling Tampa, where Sharelle Rosado plays the key role of the protagonist character. It’s a spinoff from the hugely successful Selling Sunset, and Sharelle is leading it as the CEO of the esteemed agency Allure Realty in Tampa, Florida. Her vision, leadership, and dynamic personality propel the narrative forward, much to that of Selling Sunset’s Jason and Brett Oppenheim. Experience the fast-paced world of luxury real estate with Sharelle and her team at Allure Realty, as they bring their own flare and knowledge to every transaction. With Sharelle in the forefront, it’s more than simply a show—it’s an insight into the drama and excitement of the real estate business in real life.

Allure Realty Ownership and Launch Date

Allow me to introduce you to Sharelle Rosado, a real estate trailblazer. Sharelle had a vision for a brokerage in 2019 that would promote women of color while still becoming a leader in the field. She founded Allure Realty in order to realize her ambition with unwavering passion and commitment. Making deals for Sharelle wasn’t the only goal; another was to establish a nurturing environment where women could flourish.

In the present day, Sharelle’s dedication and diligence are evident in Allure Realty. She has grown the company, establishing a new office in Miami and developing a second one in Charlotte. Sharelle’s story is more than just a triumphant one; it serves as an example of the importance of self-belief and the capacity to motivate others. Therefore, the only real-life superhero you really need to see in action is Sharelle Rosado from Netflix’s Selling Tampa.

Sharelle Rosado’s Army Service

Sharelle Rosado before she became the powerhouse behind Allure Realty and Selling Tampa. Sharelle’s journey began in the University of Maryland, where she studied human resources management for her Bachelor of Business Administration. But Sharelle’s journey didn’t stop there. Owing to her great sense of responsibility, she enlisted in the United States Army in 2007.

Sharelle committed herself to serving her country for ten years. She began as an executive administrative assistant and moved into the human resources division. Her military experience strengthened her sense of discipline and commitment, as well as her leadership skills.

These interactions paved the way for Sharelle’s later career as a real estate agent, in which she would go on to empower women of color through Allure Realty and inspire audiences as the star of Selling Tampa. Sharelle’s story serves as an inspiration for tenacity, willpower, and the conviction that everything is achievable with dedication and hard effort.

Sharelle Rosado Career

Johnson has been incredibly supportive of Rosado’s career, showing his pride when the trailer for Selling Tampa dropped in November 2021. He playfully shared it on Twitter, quipping, “I manifested the life I’ve always dreamed of & that’s becoming a stay at home dad.”

Despite assumptions that Johnson supports Rosado financially, she’s quick to set the record straight. She revealed on I Am Woman that her own hard work and success paved the way for her wealth. “I see a lot of — on the blogs — ‘Oh, she’s a gold digger,’ or, ‘she’s just there for the bag,'” she explained. “Little do they know, I had my bag before I met him.”

In a humorous moment on Johnson’s podcast, Nightcap, the former football star teased about having to sign a prenup. “I found a good one, but I’m having a small issue. [She] had the nerve to bring me papers to sign a prenup,” he joked. “This woman has provided me with the ability to be a stay-at-home dad. I’m trying to get out of signing this prenup. If she leave, I need half. I want to sustain the same lifestyle.” Their banter highlights their strong bond and playful dynamic, showing that support and humor are key ingredients in their relationship.

Real Estate

In 2017, Sharelle Rosado started a new chapter in her life by entering the real estate industry, following ten years of duty in the army. She made a great start and rose to the position of top agent at Remax Bayside in Apollo Beach, Florida. Sharelle had other goals, though. She made a risky move and got her license to open her own agency just two years later. With that, Allure Realty’s adventure started, which is evidence of Sharelle’s resolve and ambition to forge her own route in the business. Sharelle’s story of perseverance, passion, and unwavering dedication to her objectives is shown in her transition from military service to real estate entrepreneurship.

Sharelle Rosado Net Worth

Sharelle Rosado is reportedly worth between $6 million and $8 million, proving that her perseverance and hard work have paid off. Her remarkable financial situation has been facilitated by her success in the real estate sector as well as her burgeoning career in reality television. Sharelle’s path from active duty in the military to successful real estate business to popular TV personality is evidence of her tenacity and will to succeed. Anyone hoping to transform their passions into successful careers can find encouragement in her narrative.

Sharelle Rosado Relationship

Sharelle Rosado and former NFL star Chad Johnson have an enthralling love story; they are engaged. Chad, a wide receiver for the Cincinnati Bengals who wowed fans on Dancing with the Stars in 2010 and later gained notoriety, captured Sharelle’s heart. Now that they are expecting their first child together this year, the couple is overjoyed. Their lives are entering a lovely new chapter that is brimming with love, joy, and expectation. Join Sharelle on her journey through updates and insights into their expanding family and love journey on her Instagram account, @sharellerosado_.

Sharelle Rosado Pregnant

Sharelle Rosado’s life took an incredible change during the first season of Selling Tampa when she discovered she was pregnant. The great news for her and her fiancé Chad Johnson on their journey together is that they are expecting a baby girl.  Sharelle said to People magazine, looking back on her pregnancy journey, “I just can’t wait. It’s really passing by very quickly. She’s the ideal number to complete the large family I’ve always desired, in my opinion.” Sharelle and Chad are excitedly awaiting the birth of their child, which will open a new chapter full of love, happiness, and limitless adventures. It’s a great moment for them.

Sharelle Rosado kids 

Sharelle Rosado’s heart is full as the proud mother of three wonderful children—two sons and a daughter, all of whom make appearances in Selling Tampa. But her family doesn’t stop there. Sharelle also embraces her role as stepmother to four more children through her relationship with Chad Johnson. And the excitement continues to grow as Sharelle and Chad eagerly anticipate the arrival of their own baby girl. It’s a beautiful blend of love, laughter, and endless blessings that fill Sharelle’s life, making every moment even more precious. Keep up with Sharelle’s journey on Instagram, @sharellerosado_, as she shares glimpses of her beautiful family and the love that binds them together.

Social Media

Sharelle Rosado Instagram

Check out Sharelle Rosado’s page on Instagram if you’re looking for some real optimism while reading through your feed! She may be reached at @sharellerosado_, where she posts everything from adorable self-portraits to glimpses of her everyday activities and professional travels. With each post, it’s like receiving a tiny dose of sunshine!

And hey, if you’re into real estate or just love drooling over luxurious properties, don’t miss out on following Allure Realty too. They’ve got separate accounts for their Florida ventures (@allurerealityfl) and Miami escapades (@allurerealitymiami). With Sharelle leading the charge, you know you’re in for some seriously inspiring content.

So why wait? Give that follow button a tap and get ready to brighten up your feed with Sharelle’s charm, style, and all-around awesomeness!

Sharelle Rosado Twitter

Looking to add a little more sparkle to your Twitter feed? Well, look no further than Sharelle Rosado! You can catch all her musings and updates by following her at @sharellerosado_. Sharelle’s feed is guaranteed to make you grin, whether she’s providing ideas, advice, or just a peek into her daily life.

And if you want some serious real estate inspiration, don’t forget to follow Allure Realty!  They can be found at @realtyallure, where they will update you on all of their new listings and endeavors. Now go ahead and click that follow button, and get ready to give your Twitter timeline a bit more personality!

Sharelle Rosado TikTok

On TikTok, are you looking for some lighthearted entertainment? You only need to look at Sharelle Rosado! She may be found on Instagram at @sharellerosado, where she occasionally posts amusing and intimate family films. Even while she might not be the most frequent TikToker, her content is worth the wait. So make sure to follow Sharelle whether you’re looking for a good chuckle or just want to catch a peek of her family life!


Sharelle Rosado is a well-known and dynamic figure in the industry as the CEO of Allure Realty, a real estate firm she founded to help women of color in the industry. She has also gained notoriety from her part as the lead character in the Netflix series “Selling Tampa,” which showcases her real estate market experience.  Although serving in the US Army, Sharelle developed her leadership and discipline, which set the foundation for her future success. She made the switch to the real estate industry and gained notoriety fast, becoming a top agent and eventually starting her own firm. From her professional career to her personal life, Sharelle’s tale is one of tenacity, enthusiasm, and commitment to empowering others.


Who is Sharelle Rosado?

Sharelle Rosado is a real estate agent, entrepreneur, and social media personality known for her role as the CEO of Allure Realty and as the lead actress in “Selling Tampa” on Netflix.

When did Sharelle Rosado launch Allure Realty?

Sharelle Rosado founded Allure Realty in 2019 with the aim of promoting women of color in the real estate industry.

How old is Sharelle Rosado?

Sharelle Rosado was born on October 16, 1987, making her 34 years old as of 2021.

What is Sharelle Rosado’s net worth?

Various reports estimate Sharelle Rosado’s net worth to be between $6,000,000 to $8,000,000, attributed to her success in real estate and her rising career in reality TV.

Who is Sharelle Rosado engaged to?

Sharelle Rosado is engaged to former NFL star Chad Johnson, and they are expecting their first child together.

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