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How tall is Nardo Wick? Nardo Wick Height

Nardo Wick is about 5 feet 9 inches tall, with stylish black hair and warm brown eyes. He tips the scales at around 60 kg.

His journey into rap began early, ignited by a passion that burned deep within him. Thankfully, his dad recognized his talent and set him up with the necessary equipment to kickstart his career. Having his dad as his sound engineer was a huge blessing and a testament to the strong support system within his family.

Nowadays, Nardo is causing serious disturbances in the rap game. With each new song he releases, he gains a dedicated following on social media and grows in popularity. Seeing somebody seek after their objectives with such relentlessness and lay out a standing for themselves in the field is extraordinarily spurring.

Who is Nardo Wick?

Initially from Jacksonville, Florida, Nardo Wick — previously known as Horace Bernard Walls III — is quickly turning out to be notable in the American rap industry. His profession has taken off since he marked a record manage RCA Records, giving him a major stage on which to show his capacities.

Fans are naturally curious about Nardo’s age and love life, wanting to uncover more about the person behind the music. While his birthdate places him in his mid-20s, delving into his romantic status proves to be a bit more challenging. Like many musicians, Nardo keeps his personal life under wraps, making details about his relationships hard to come by.

Observing emerging talents like Nardo Wick offers a glimpse into the journey of future industry giants. Their stories often mirror one of exceptional talent and an unwavering determination for success. Nardo embodies this narrative perfectly, boasting an impressive resume despite his young age. Exploring his background can unveil deeper insights into the individual beyond the rapper persona.

Nardo Wick Early life

Nardo Wick is a local of Jacksonville, Florida, USA, and has profound roots in the Daylight State. Horace Bernard Walls III was brought into the world on December 30, 2001, and he is a local Floridian.

There’s always a curiosity surrounding rising stars like Nardo, a desire to piece together their backstory and understand their journey in the rap scene. While details about his early life or even his siblings are scarce, Nardo himself has offered glimpses into his upbringing as he hustled his way to the top.

One particularly cool tidbit is that his dad played a crucial role in his musical journey, serving as Nardo’s sound engineer. Talk about keeping it in the family!

During his time in his hometown, Nardo attended a private school where he first began penning his poetic verses. Those high school days served as the breeding ground for his craft, and once he tossed his graduation cap, he dove headfirst into the pursuit of his musical aspirations.

Nardo Wick Wikipidia

Full NameHorace Bernard Walls III
NicknameNardo Wick
Date of BirthDecember 30, 2001
Age20 years old (as of 2022)
Zodiac SignCapricorn
Place of BirthJacksonville, Florida, United States
Current ResidenceLos Angeles, California
Height (in feet)5’9″
Weight (in kilograms)60
Hair ColourBlack
Eye ColourBrown
Relationship StatusSingle
ProfessionEntrepreneur, songwriter, rapper
Net Worth$550,000

Nardo Wick Age

In the heart of Jacksonville, Florida, on December 30, 2001, Nardo Wick was born in the United States.  He is currently merely 21 years old. Considering everything he’s accomplished at such a young age, it’s rather amazing. He’s undoubtedly a rap scene emerging star to watch out for!

Nardo Wick Education

Before embarking on his rap journey, Nardo Wick started off like any other kid, attending elementary school and living with his folks. He breezed through those early years of education, guided by the loving support of his parents.

As he matured, Nardo remained dedicated to his schooling and eventually walked the stage on graduation day. It’s all part of the hustle, finding that balance between education and chasing dreams. From learning the ABCs to tossing that graduation cap, Nardo Wick’s journey encompasses more than just spitting bars.

Nardo Wick Car Collection

The tale of Nardo Wick is amazing. Though his birthplace is Jacksonville, Florida, he has been making waves in the music industry like a seasoned pro since his December 30, 2001, birth. You are emotionally affected deeply by his songs, and his lyrics? Long after the song is over, you can still feel them.

Nardo Wick’s wealth increased dramatically to a cool $2 million by 2023. Just give that some thought—he is only little older than twenty-nine, yet he is already making significant plays in the game. It’s evidence of his influence on hip-hop and his own style.

Now, let’s talk wheels. Ever curious about what rides Nardo Wick’s cruising in, right? Check out some videos showcasing his car collection – his fans are always keeping tabs on that. It’s cool to catch a glimpse into his life beyond the mic; it keeps us all hooked.

So take my word for it—keep an eye out for Nardo Wick. You won’t want to take your eyes off of him—he’s only getting started, I promise. What’s on his mind now? It will become clear with time, but one thing is certain: it will be spectacular.

Nardo Wick Real Name

Horace Bernard Walls III – that’s the name Nardo Wick’s parents bestowed upon him when he entered the world. But when he steps into the spotlight, he goes by Nardo Wick. It’s like having a secret identity, except instead of fighting crime, he’s dropping dope beats!

Nardo Wick Career

The father of Nardo Wick was a major factor in launching his early career. They started recording Nardo’s tunes in a makeshift studio that he built up and purchased a $40 microphone. They collaborated for around two years, perfecting their skills, until Nardo began to receive notice.

Next came 2020, the year of complete transformation. After releasing his breakout track “Lolli,” Nardo went on to release hits including “Slide” and “Came Up.” With the release of these songs, he shot to fame and hasn’t looked back.

The rapid ascent of Nardo has captured the attention of both business insiders and fans. Even though he hasn’t released many tracks, he’s already well-known in the rap industry.

Signing with RCA Records was a turning point in Nardo’s career. It provided him with a solid platform for future success. You’ll see why his music is becoming so popular after you give it a listen. Nardo’s songs all exhibit his meticulous attention to detail.

And people are aware of his abilities. Nardo’s standing in the business is being cemented by the attention of big artists like Future and Lil Durk. It’s anyone’s guess as to how far he’ll go with his growing fan following and persistent devotion to perfection.

Nardo Wick Songs

In the industry, Nardo Wick’s discography is gaining attention. Having released one studio album and twelve singles, each song on his discography has a distinct sound.

But what truly makes him stand out is “Who Wants to Smoke?” That tune sent off him into the spotlight, particularly with its staggering remix that included enormous names like G Herbo, Lil Durk, and 21 Savage. Imagine the following: the best of Atlanta and Chicago working together to elevate the song to new heights. Collaborations such as this are what have fans continuously pressing replay. One hit at a time, Nardo Wick is making his mark on the rap scene with every song he releases.

Nardo Wick Famous

Nardo Wick’s process soar when he dropped “Who Needs to Smoke?” on January 22, 2021. From that point forward, he’s been on a wild ride, filled by the notoriety the tune brought him. Shortly after, he blessed us with his debut album, “Shhh.”

But the real game-changer? Signing with RCA Records. His profession reached a whole new level as a result of the relocation, which opened doors everywhere. Speaking of collaborations, he worked with big names like G Herbo, Lil Durk, and 21 Savage on the “Who Want Smoke?” remix. I promise you, that remix was incredible! Directed by Cole Bennett and Lyrical Lemonade, the music video was also outstanding.

It’s evident that Nardo Wick is only getting started because he has more songs and projects in the pipeline. Beyond only creating music, he’s also making bold movements.

Nardo Wick Net Worth

According to Rappers Net Worth, Nardo Wick’s estimated net worth stands at $550,000. He’s accumulated this through his music career and his role as a social media influencer. And those events he’s been attending? They’ve been padding his bank account as well. It’s impressive to see how he’s been grinding and strategically making moves to grow his wealth.

Nardo Wick Personal Life

To the best of our knowledge, Nardo Wick is now living alone; no rumors have surfaced regarding a significant other. However, he has been seen hanging around with some really attractive women. Who knows what this rising star’s future in the romance field has in store?

Nardo Wick Relationship

Although fans are often curious about Nardo Wick’s romantic history, the rapper would rather keep things private. Despite the internet buzzing with searches about his relationship status, Nardo himself stays tight-lipped about any girlfriends or personal stuff.

According to sources, Nardo’s flying solo for the time being – no significant other in sight. But hey, he’s definitely been spotted working alongside some gorgeous female models for his music videos.

Looking at his Instagram, you’ll discover Nardo spending time with his team and rapper buddies. Appears as though he’s about great energies, great times, and making music with individuals who click with him.


From Jacksonville, Florida, Nardo Wick, whose authentic name is Horace Bernard Walls III, is causing aggravations in the rap scene. Although he is only in his mid-20s and was born on December 30, 2001, he has previously surprised the industry. His father assumed a colossal part in launching his music profession, filling in as his sound specialist and giving him that early push.

When Nardo signed with RCA Records, it was like a dream come true. His track “Who Needs to Smoke?” really put him on the map, followed by his debut album “Shhh.” Collaborating with big names like G Herbo and Lil Durk has only added to his growing reputation.

Despite his success, Nardo Wick keeps his personal life low-key. He’s all about the music and doesn’t spill much about his romantic relationships.


How tall is Nardo Wick?

Nardo Wick stands around 5 feet 9 inches tall.

What’s Nardo Wick’s real name?

His real name is Horace Bernard Walls III.

To what age is Nardo Wick?

He is currently around 21 years old, having been born on December 30, 2001.

How much money is Nardo Wick worth?

With an estimated net worth of $550,000, Nardo Wick is quite wealthy for his age.

Nardo Wick: is he dating anyone?

Nardo keeps his love life under wraps, so we don’t have much info on that front. He seems to be all about the music for now!

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