Lori Matsuoka, Bill Walton’s Hot Japanese Wife: Children, Husband, and Wedding

Lori Matsuoka is a prominent American celebrity wife, recognized for her association with a former American basketball player. Her husband also wears multiple hats, serving as a sportscaster, studio analyst, and color commentator in the sports industry.

Quick Information 

Full NameLori Matsuoka
Marital Statusmarried
HusbandBill Walton
Step-children Name Luke Walton, Nathan Walton, Adam Walton, and Chris Walton
Eye Colorblack
Hair Colorblack
Birth PlaceCalifornia
EducationDegree in business and Sociology
Net Worth$100,000
Social Media PresenceInstagram
Sexuality Straight
Ethnicity Mixed
Last Update August 2023

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Lori Matsuoka Biography

Lori Matsuoka hails from the state of California, United States of America. She holds American citizenship and belongs to an Asian-American background. Unfortunately, specific details about her birthdate, age, ethnicity, zodiac sign, parents, siblings, and childhood are not publicly available. However, it can be assumed that she enjoyed a nurturing upbringing from her parents, considering her successful career.

Matsuoka Is A Philanthropist And A Blogger

Lori Matsuoka is famous for her blog, philanthropic work, and celebrity status. In 2022, Giving Back Magazine appointed her as philanthropy editor, and she likely helps promote charitable projects.

Since 2009, Lori has blogged for Bdakine.com in addition to her humanitarian efforts. Her blog covers food, music, travel, charities, and animals, showing her diverse interests.

She is so dedicated to humanitarian concerns that Lori participates in many activities to make a difference. She supports animal, disability, child abuse, and other issues. Her funding for several charities shows her dedication to improving the world through philanthropy.

Bill Walton Wife, Lori Matsuoka: Matsuoka’s Married Life

Lori Matsuoka married retired basketball star Bill Walton, and they had a great life together. After a year of romance, they married in 1990, completing their love tale. They married the same year. Bill and Lori have been married over 25 years and have always enjoyed each other. Bill previously married Lori.

Their longtime relationship shows their personality compatibility and dedication to each other. There is no evidence that their marriage is troubled, divorcing, or splitting up. After seeing their deep bond, Lori and Bill are the right marriage for each other and will have many years of happiness and friendship.

Lori Matsuoka Children: Mr. & Mrs. Walton’s Offsprings

Lori Matsuoka and Bill Walton have no children. Their 25-year marriage shows their compatibility and close bond. Bill Walton married Susan Guth and had four children with her: Adam, Nathan, Luke, and Chris. Compare Bill’s prior and present marriages to show his stability and success with Lori. Their long love story inspires many.

Lori Matsuoka Education

Lori Matsuoka attended a local high school. After high school, she attended a US public state university. Her perseverance and commitment earned her a business and sociology degree, demonstrating her academic success and various interests.

Short Bio and Family

Born in California, Asian-American Lori Matsuoka spent her childhood with her family in the US. With siblings, her parents raised her well. She is in her late 40s, according to recent reports.

Lori studied sociology and business at UCLA. The school graduated her in 1986. She then worked in sales and marketing for Black & Decker, Allergan Pharmaceuticals, and Ray-Ban. Her varied background and profession demonstrate her adaptability.


Currently, Lori Matsuoka has not received any awards or notable recognition. She married Bill Walton, a basketball player who won many awards. From 1972 to 1974, Bill Walton was Naismith Men’s College Player of the Year. Both 1972 and 1973 NCAA Basketball Tournament Most Outstanding Player. Bill Walton was named NBA Sixth Man of the Year in 1986 and NBA Finals MVP in 1977. Lori has not yet won any honors, but she may in the future.

Lori’s Husband Is Also An Actor

Bill Walton, Lori’s husband, has acted in addition to playing basketball. He has made multiple cinematic and commercial cameos. Bill Walton starred in “88 and 1,” “Celtic Pride,” “Little Nicky,” and “Semi-Pro.” He also appeared in 1984’s “Ghostbusters.” Bill Walton also appeared in “Game” (1998), “Forget Paris” (1995), and “Little Nicky” (2000). His acting debut shows his flexibility off the court.

Lori Matsuoka Height, Weight

Lori Matsuoka possesses striking features with dark black hair and captivating dark black eyes. However, specific details regarding her height, weight, and other body measurements remain undisclosed.

Social Media

On her Instagram page, there are more than 1.8k followers. Apart from that, Lori is not present on Facebook and Twitter.


In conclusion, Lori Matsuoka is an American of Asian origin and the wife of former basketball player and sportscaster Bill Walton. Lori has been involved in philanthropy and blogging, but her early life, family, and personal achievements remain unknown. After 25 years of marriage to Bill Walton, she has no children, but their relationship is successful. Lori studied business and sociology at UCLA and worked in sales and marketing for major organizations. Lori’s philanthropic work and support of her spouse indicate her dedication to making a difference, despite her lack of honors. Lori Matsuoka’s story shows the value of privacy and the power of behind-the-scenes impact.


Certainly! Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Lori Matsuoka:

Q: Who is Lori Matsuoka?

A: Lori Matsuoka is an American citizen known for her association with former basketball player and sportscaster Bill Walton. She is also a philanthropist and blogger.

Q: What is Lori Matsuoka’s background?

A: Lori Matsuoka hails from California, USA, and belongs to an Asian-American ethnic background. Specific details about her early life and family are not publicly available.

Q: When did Lori Matsuoka marry Bill Walton?

A: Lori Matsuoka married Bill Walton in 1990 after dating for over a year. They have been in a successful marital relationship for over 25 years.

Q: Does Lori Matsuoka have children with Bill Walton?

A: No, Lori and Bill Walton do not share children together. Bill Walton has children from a previous marriage.

Q: What is Lori Matsuoka’s educational background?

A: Lori Matsuoka attended UCLA, where she majored in sociology and business, graduating in 1986. She has also worked in sales and marketing for various companies.

Q: Has Lori Matsuoka received any awards or recognition?

A: No, Lori Matsuoka has not won any awards or received notable recognition as of now. However, her philanthropic work and support for various causes are commendable.

Q: What is Lori Matsuoka’s husband, Bill Walton, known for apart from basketball?

A: Bill Walton is also known for his occasional appearances in commercials and movies, making cameo roles in films such as “Ghostbusters,” “Celtic Pride,” and “Little Nicky.”

Q: Can you provide information about Lori Matsuoka’s physical attributes?

A: Unfortunately, specific details about Lori’s height, weight, and body measurements are not publicly available.

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