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Katie McLaughlin is another name for Kathleen McLaughlin. She was formerly wed to Jared Fogle, a prominently scandalized former spokesperson for Subway.

Jared Fogle admitted admission to charges relating to child pornography and having inappropriate sexual relations with minors in 2015, ending their marriage, which had been wed in 2010.

According to McLaughlin, she had no idea that her husband was engaging in unlawful activity until the FBI visited their house and provided the startling information.

Kathleen McLaughlin’s Early Life

Kathleen McLaughlin lived on her own before she wed Jared Fogle, but little is known about her formative years.

Since not much is known about McLaughlin’s upbringing, schooling, or family, it appears that she values maintaining the privacy of her personal history.

Her connections to Jared Fogle and the legal issues that resulted from them have received the majority of media attention.

Kathleen McLaughlin’s Career

Kathleen McLaughlin’s professional life hasn’t attracted considerable public focus. While she’s known as Jared Fogle’s ex-wife, the former Subway spokesperson, there’s little information about her own career pursuits.

The media has mainly concentrated on her marriage to Fogle and the subsequent legal matters. Because of this, her professional journey hasn’t been a significant topic of public conversations or media coverage.

Kathleen McLaughlin’s Age

Kathleen McLaughlin came into the world in April of 1979, which means she’s around 44 years old as of 2023. However, there isn’t any available information about where she’s from or her ethnic background.

What is the net worth of Kathleen Marie McLaughlin?

The anticipated value of Kathleen McLaughlin’s net worth in 2023 is $4 million. Through her vocations as an actress, professor, and photographer, she has amassed this large sum. She makes $43,000 a year performing alone.

Her ex-husband, Jared Fogle, has $4 million. He earned his wealth through being an American spokesperson and motivational speaker. His hard work has led to an annual salary of $2 million.

Kathleen McLaughlin Relationship

Kathleen McLaughlin, who sometimes goes by the name Katie McLaughlin, became known due to her connection with Jared Fogle.

Back in 2010, they tied the knot, but sadly, their marriage took a turn in 2015. This was when Jared Fogle admitted guilt to charges linked to child pornography and inappropriate interactions with underage individuals. This unfortunate situation marked the end of their marriage.

Kathleen McLaughlin’s Ex-Husband

Jared Fogle, a former American spokesperson for Subway restaurants who gained notoriety through Subway’s advertising campaigns from 2000 to 2015, is Kathleen McLaughlin’s ex-husband. In August 2015, Fogle admitted to obtaining, transmitting, and having unlawful sexual interactions with juveniles. He also committed interstate sex with a juvenile. Fogle received a 15-year, 8-month federal sentence.

After a protracted FBI investigation that culminated in a raid on Fogle’s Indianapolis home, the case against him developed. Fogle’s life has changed significantly since being found guilty. Since he’s in prison, he’s not seen. His illegal activity cost him his Subway job and damaged his image. Documentaries and media coverage have shown Fogle’s dark side and the consequences of his acts.

Kathleen McLaughlin’s Divorce

In 2015, Kathleen McLaughlin went through a divorce from Jared Fogle. She stated that she was unaware of his illegal actions related to child exploitation. She also mentioned that Subway had used pictures of her and their kids in their advertisements without asking for her permission.

Furthermore, McLaughlin claimed that Subway had received several reports about Jared Fogle’s inappropriate interest in children, but they did not respond adequately.

Kathleen McLaughlin’s Kids

Jared Fogle and Kathleen McLaughlin were once married and have two kids together. They named their son Brady and their daughter Quinn. At the moment, Kathleen McLaughlin has full custody of their children.

Kathleen McLaughlin’s Controversy

In 2016, Kathleen McLaughlin took legal action against Subway by filing a lawsuit. She claimed that the company was aware of Jared Fogle’s harmful actions towards children but didn’t respond appropriately in terms of legal measures.

The lawsuit contended that Subway had knowledge of Fogle’s disturbing behavior. Unfortunately, in 2017, a judge ruled to dismiss the lawsuit.

Kathleen McLaughlin’s Net Worth

As of 2023, Kathleen McLaughlin’s estimated net worth is around $4 million. This wealth has come from her career as a teacher and the divorce settlement she received from Jared Fogle. However, details about any endorsements or her exact salary are not widely known or disclosed.

Where Is Kathleen McLaughlin Now?

Kathleen steadfastly protected her family from Jared’s misbehaviour. She divorced six weeks after the FBI raided their home. She wanted exclusive custody. She told CBS about her divorce in 2016 because she knew some would erroneously accuse her of complicity in her husband’s misbehaviour. She highlighted that how could anybody think I would stay married to and have children with a man who was doing this? I’d be absent. I’d leave him. No idea.

Jared pleaded guilty to possessing and distributing child pornography in November 2015. 15-year, 8-month term for sex offender registration. He received lifetime supervised release, $225,000 fines, and $1.4 million restitution. Kathleen was upset with Jared but thought others were involved.

Kathleen accused Subway, Jared’s employer. She sued Subway in 2016 for failing to address Jared’s conduct allegations. She said the company knew about his crimes. Unfortunately, a judge dismissed the case in 2017. Kathleen raises her children alone. She has a loving family and friends and is determined to stop the past from affecting the present, but she keeps her private life private. We wish her well in her current Indiana residence.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Q1: Who is Kathleen Marie McLaughlin?
Due to her relationship with former Subway spokesperson Jared Fogle, Kathleen Marie McLaughlin, known as Katie McLaughlin, became famous. After Jared Fogle admitted to child pornography and inappropriate interactions with kids, they divorced.

Q2: What was Kathleen McLaughlin’s relationship with Jared Fogle?
Kathleen McLaughlin married Jared Fogle in 2010. In 2015, Fogle confessed to child exploitation, ending their marriage. He admitted to child pornography and child sexual abuse.

Q3: What happened to Kathleen McLaughlin after her divorce from Jared Fogle?
Kathleen McLaughlin protected her family after divorcing Jared Fogle. After the FBI raided their home, she divorced him. She now keeps her personal life private.

Q4: What legal actions did Kathleen McLaughlin take against Subway?
Kathleen McLaughlin sued Subway, Fogle’s sponsor, in 2016. She said Subway knew about Fogle’s child abuse but did nothing. In 2017, a judge threw out the lawsuit.

Q5: What is Kathleen McLaughlin’s net worth?
As of 2023, Kathleen McLaughlin’s estimated net worth is around $4 million. Her wealth has come from her career as a teacher, as well as the divorce settlement she received from Jared Fogle.

Q6: How old is Kathleen Marie McLaughlin?
Kathleen Marie McLaughlin was born in April 1979, which makes her around 44 years old as of 2023.

Q7: Does Kathleen McLaughlin have children?
Yes, Kathleen McLaughlin and Jared Fogle have two children together, a son named Brady and a daughter named Quinn. Kathleen currently has full custody of their children.

Q8: What is Kathleen McLaughlin’s professional background?
Kathleen McLaughlin is reportedly an actor, educator, and photographer. Her work has been less covered than her relationship with Jared Fogle and the legal difficulties that followed.

Q9: Where is Kathleen McLaughlin now?
In Indiana, Kathleen McLaughlin keeps her privacy. She’s focused on raising her kids and moving ahead.

Q10: What happened to Jared Fogle, Kathleen McLaughlin’s ex-husband?
Jared Fogle, Kathleen McLaughlin’s ex-husband, admitted to child pornography and abuse in 2015. He received further fines and a 15-year, 8-month federal sentence. His crimes prompted Kathleen’s divorce and legal troubles.

Final Words

In the complex narrative of Kathleen Marie McLaughlin’s life, her name became intertwined with the scandalous downfall of her former husband, Jared Fogle. Amid the chaos and media frenzy that followed, Kathleen exhibited strength by prioritizing her family’s well-being and safeguarding her children from the disturbing truth that emerged.

Though little is known about her personal and professional journey prior to her association with Fogle, Kathleen’s actions post-divorce showcased her determination to shield her family from the consequences of his actions. Her legal battle against Subway, Fogle’s former employer, demonstrated her resolve to seek justice for what she believed was the company’s lack of appropriate response.

Kathleen’s commitment to privacy is commendable, as she focused on rebuilding her life in Indiana with her children. Her story serves as a reminder that strength can emerge from even the darkest of situations. As Kathleen McLaughlin continues her journey away from the spotlight, we wish her peace, healing, and a brighter future.

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