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10 Best Sites to Get Free 3D Printer Designs

Digital files for 3D printers are those that include details about the geometry and shape of a 3D object. These files can be produced with various 3D modelling programmes and saved in different file types, including STL, OBJ, and VRML. The movement of a 3D printer is then utilised to physically construct the object layer by layer. The majority of 3D printers and slicing software support STL (STereoLithography), the most popular file format for 3D printing.

Many people who own 3D printers rely on downloads from online repositories of 3D print files because they lack the skills necessary to create their own digital 3D printing files. . Make sure they adhere to the desired quality when downloading free STL files, OBJ files, WRL files, or other file formats from the internet. We looked at a lot of them and chose the best ones for you to see here.

Best Sites to Get Free 3D Printer Designs

1. Thingiverse

Thingiverse: Image Source: all3dp.com

The best library for 3D printing is Thingiverse. Most of the 3D models on this website, which is entirely devoted to 3D printers, are uploaded as STL files, making 3D printing simple. Each model includes print settings, a 3D preview, and images of the finished item.

Users of Thingiverse can upload pictures of their creations, and designers can remix other 3D files to produce fresh ideas. For ideas or to find the best print settings for a file, you can browse through the various user-published makes.

Thingiverse is the most widely used 3D printing library among makers in large part because it is entirely free. On Thingiverse, you can download and use every file for free. On the other hand, Thingiverse does not allow creators to charge for their models.

2. CgTrader

 CgTrader: Image Source: cgtrader.com

A platform for both free and paid 3D models, CGTrader is focused on designers. In 2011, it was established as an online marketplace where 3D content, including files for 3D printing, could be purchased and sold with the best possible experience for designers.

There are 1.2 million designs, but not all of them are intended for 3D printing; some are intricate computer graphic models, while others are models for games, virtual reality (VR), and augmented reality (AR). There is a simple filter to distinguish between free and paid models, and many subcategories to focus your search. good community forums and tutorials. Jewellery, miniatures, and engineering parts are just a few of the 3D printing models available on CGTrader that are prepared specifically for different 3D printing processes. 

3. TurboSquid

TurboSquid: Image Source: turbosquid.com

An enormous marketplace for 3D models is called TurboSquid. Some of these models are intended for 3D printing, but not the majority. That doesn’t preclude you from printing them with a small adjustment, though.

Both paid and unpaid professional 3D models can be found on TurboSquid. The website has a number of incredibly realistic and detailed models, including those of people, animals, and vehicles.

By looking for STL models, you can locate 3D printable models. On TurboSquid, which Shutterstock acquired in 2021, there are about 80,000 STL models available.

4. MyMiniFactory

MyMiniFactory: Image Source: myminifactory.com

A 3D printing marketplace called MyMiniFactory was founded in 2013 by hand-selecting tried-and-true designs and selling the models from their office. They gradually began working with designers, eventually developing the online market that exists in 2018.

MyMiniFactory has grown into a sizable open ecosystem where 3D creators and makers can exchange guaranteed 3D printable files that are both free and paid for. We are a friendly community with strong values. You can follow your favourite designers, like and comment on designs, publish your own designs, write blog posts, purchase files, and benefit from exclusive discounts by creating an account.

Creators must become Store Managers in order to market and profit from their creations. A Store Manager has access to a wealth of unique tools made available by MyMiniFactory, and by enrolling in the programme, you will get support and benefits from a dedicated Designer Relations Manager to help you grow your business.

Tribes, a community feature, is a comprehensive subscription service that enables you to support the community as well as your favourite Creators. You can help creators build a dependable recurring revenue stream and give them more resources so they can make designs and projects for you by joining their tribes.

To save you time and supplies, MyMiniFactory claims that all of the content has been tested and printed.

5. Cults

  Cults: Image Source: cults3d.com

Another 3D community and repository where you can download and print 3D models are Cults. The website offers both free and fee-based models, and if you’re a maker, Cults lets you sell your 3D models.

You’ll see that Cults is more focused on decorative and aesthetic models than functional ones if you take a quick look at it. Jewellery, artwork, and fashion models can be found in abundance on Cults. It’s a good place to browse and download models if you want to create your own 3D-printed jewellery.

Cults also hold 3D printing competitions where participants can create models in accordance with instructions to be entered to win a prize.

6. Pinshape

 Pinshape: Image Source: pinshape.com

Pinshape was acquired by Formlabs in 2016 after it was launched. More than 70,000 3D STL files are curated. Pinshape has a community of over 70,000 designers and Creators organized into categories such as toys, miniatures, people, games, jewellery, home living, gadgets, fashion, art, and creatures.

The website has a section titled “3D Printing for Educators” with resources to assist teachers of all levels in learning more about 3D printing and how to use it effectively in a classroom environment. You can find lesson plans, tutorials, and guides on using various 3D technologies right here. Additionally, there are 3D models for education to inspire lessons.

A community section has a blog, forums, guides, and contests.

7. Printables

 Printables: Image Source: all3dp.com

Josef Prusa’s Printables, which were first invented as a community hub, now boasts 600 daily creations and 235,000 registered users since 2019. To encourage designers to come up with fresh, entertaining, and useful designs, Printables takes the time to curate uploaded objects, support individual designers, and host community competitions.

Although it is important to note that you do not need to own a Prusa printer, you will need to create a free PrusaAccount in order to access Printables.

8. Yeggi

Yeggi: Image Source: all3dp.com

Yeggi is merely a 3D printable model search engine. They gather information from all 3D printing communities and online shops and present it to users in a manner similar to a standard search engine. The models that have been most frequently searched for and clicked on when looking for a specific product are displayed first, then other models.

YouMagine supports a community of online 3D printing enthusiasts who want to collaborate to share, remix, and create better 3D printed products.

9. YouMagine

YouMagine: Image Source: additive-x.com

YouMagine is primarily a platform for promoting open-source creation and aims to strengthen the 3D printing industry as a whole. YouMagine desires that CAD and 3D files be as simple to produce, modify, share, and alter as text is today.

The 15 categories of content are all free, and you can also sort by Recent, Trending, Featured, and Popular. There are also many Collections that community members have put together.

10. Instructables

 Instructables: Image Source: instructables.com

You can print anything from micrometre stands to Mandalorian helmets on Instructables, which is a great resource for entertaining and useful creations.

For DIYers and hobbyists looking for intriguing 3D files that don’t take themselves too seriously, this 3D model library is the best option. You should be aware that Instructables also offers other crafts; to get started, simply choose the 3D printing category in the workshop.

3D Modeling Software – “SelfCAD”

Selfcad: Image Source: selfcad.com

Using SelfCAD, a 3D modeling software that you can use to create, modify, and prepare your designs for 3D printing. Additionally, SelfCAD includes an in-built Slicer that enables you to prepare your designs for 3D printing by producing the necessary G-Code. You can begin your software’s free trial to use all of its tools and features without any restrictions.


You can take 3D creations from your computer and print them out to use in the real world, which is an awesome development in technology. Any STL model can be printed using a 3D printer, and the websites mentioned in this article sell STL models.

Even though some models on these websites require payment to download, there are still a sizable number and variety of free 3D models available. All that’s left to do is select the model you like best and start printing!

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