From Flowers to Firewood: Exploring the Range of Strong Scents

Many people experience deja vu and peace when they encounter strong scents, but others can be overwhelming. 

Understanding the types of aromas can help you find connections and understand human reactions. A scent is so powerful that it can make a person cry, recall info, or even increase their appetite. If you want to learn more about how you’ve experienced this smelly sensation, you must look at each scent. 

Take a look below at some of the most notable scents you’ve encountered before! 


Roses, honeysuckle, and lilac are some of the most common flowers used in candles and body care products.

Floral notes induce a pleasant sensation, so long as you aren’t allergic to them. Walking through a garden and smelling the roses (literally), can help you live in the moment and connect with nature. If you want to lift your mood, smelling flowers can help and many people associate them with positive memories. 

Did you know that some flowers have such a powerful scent that they can help people fall in love? Flowers are a recognizable scent, they come in many variations and play a role in attraction. 


There’s nothing more soothing than opening a book to a new page, only to discover a subtle scent. 

If you catch yourself sneezing or inhaling the pages, it is likely due to bibliosmia. Bibliosmia is the name of this scent, which is a chemical process. Volatile organic compounds get on the pages and activate at room temperature. 

In simple terms, mold grows on the pages, but it isn’t typically harmful enough to impact readers. Many people enjoy the scent and it can even make them recall exactly what they were reading. 


If you’re curious about scents that can increase energy, improve memory, and stimulate the nose, peppermint is the perfect scent. 

Peppermint is a refreshing and cooling scent that most people enjoy. Not only is peppermint oil used in gums and candies, but also in candles, fragrances, and body care. Some people also enjoy cooking and baking with peppermint since it adds depth to dishes. 

Essential oil blends with peppermint can benefit mental and physical health. Putting peppermint oil in a diffuser or applying it topically can ease your body of ailments and stress. 


Have you ever been browsing through the perfume or candle sections and encountered a container of coffee beans?

Coffee is such a powerful aroma that it’s used to absorb odors. If your nose is overwhelmed with different scents, you can sniff on a cup of coffee or jar of beans to tone things down. Aside from canceling out other scents, coffee can also stimulate attention and improve memory. 

If you enjoy the aromas of coffee and espresso, you can wear them all day long with Bianco Latte. Fragrance, perfumes, lotions, and household items tend to incorporate these aromas, just don’t try to ingest them! You don’t have to limit yourself to a morning cup of coffee to breathe in the delicious aromas of caramel and chocolate. 


Many people take their sense of smell for granted, but a powerful nose can be a problem with certain scents. 

Putrid, rancid, and fishy aromas often fall into this category and are hard to overlook. Old trash, body odor, and fecal matter are also putrid scents. Although these items create a pungent odor, they help keep people safe.

Rotton milk or eggs, for example, creates a putrid smell to deter people from ingesting them. Although you won’t want a putrid-scented candle, these aromas help people enjoy the more pleasant options. 


If you enjoy creamy, sweet scents, vanilla will be the best aroma to fall back on. 

There’s a slightly woody scent to vanilla that breaks the sweet aromas and balances things. Depending on the type of vanilla, you may also smell hints of caramel, milk, and chocolate. Vanilla pairs well with other sweet flavors, but can also compliment citrus, earthy, and floral aromas. 

Vanilla is used in nearly every industry that creates foods, beverages, or scented items. Subtle aromas don’t overwhelm the nose and can have soothing effects. 


Another unpleasant scent that some people find joy in is vinegar.

Vinegar has a pungent scent that can turn your stomach or make you salivate. Vinegar is a common ingredient used in the kitchen, but it can also be used for cleaning and balancing scents. High concentrations of vinegar can tingle the nose, but if you don’t mind stimulating your senses, this is a great item to use. 

Most people compare vinegar to sour scents. This powerful ingredient does more than trigger a sneeze, its high amounts of acidity can clean stains, clog drains, and make wood shine! If you ever need a household solution, type it with the word vinegar and you might be surprised by the suggestions. 


No matter what time of year it is, the scent of burning firewood can induce vivid flashbacks. 

Wood releases earthy scents in the flames and helps people relax. Whether firewood reminds you of keeping warm on colder nights or spending time with friends, you’ll never forget the aroma. It’s important to note that different tree species have unique aromas that can even help you identify what’s in the fire. 

Cedar, hickory, and oak trees are some of the best woods for burning and enjoying the scents. Avoid burning red oak and diseased wood, as these create a lot of smoke and unpleasant scents.

Follow the Strong Scents You Encounter

The next time you encounter strong scents, take a look at your surroundings and try to create a memory.

Certain scents are easier to encounter than others, but each one has something unique to offer. You can experience the beauty of the world through your nose or even go back to core memories. Although not every scent will appeal to you, and some might even cause you to sneeze, they are worth exploring. 

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