Evan Rutchik’s Contributions to Advertising Technology

In today’s fast-growing world of advertising technology, only a few people stand out as trailblazers who significantly impact the industry with their innovative approaches. One such personality is Evan Rutchik, who inspires others to excel. His extensive knowledge, expertise, and abundance of experience in advertising technology set him out as a genius in the field. So, let’s delve deep into this blog to explore why he is known as an adtech expert and what contributions Evan Rutchik has made to advertising technology.   

All About Evan Rutchik   

Evan Rutchik hails from New York and is renowned as one of the city’s leading figures. His journey through New York has been nothing short of inspiring. The vibrant atmosphere fueled his aspirations and propelled him toward success. Within the city’s dynamic backdrop, Rutchik honed his objectives and pursued education and training, broadening his perspectives and horizons.   

His time in New York provided the foundation for his innovative spirit and fueled his ambition to make significant strides in advertising technology. Rutchik’s discipline, consistency in every situation, and ability to accomplish his goals helped him accomplish them. Evan Rutchik’s New York journey from naive to genius was full of inspiring things.  

Through a blend of boundless creativity, profound skills, and extensive knowledge, Evan has made remarkable contributions to the field of AdTech. For an in-depth look into the achievements of this advertising technology alchemist, delve into his exclusive interview.     

Educational Background of Evan Rutchik    

Rutchik was born in the United States and completed his schooling in New York. He possesses a strong academic background, as he has a dual degree in advertising and management from Syracuse University. Evan has pursued both degrees from different schools; one from S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications, the other one from the Whitman School of Management.  

In addition to his undergraduate degree, Evan Rutchik pursued a Master of Business Administration from New York University to sharpen his skills and expertise in adtech. His educational background provided him with a sound basis in business and marketing. Rutchik’s academic experience helped him develop an understanding of advertising technology and its tools that are essential to innovate effective AdTech strategies. 

Why is Evan Known as an AdTech Expert?    

Before knowing about advertising technology expert Evan Rutchik, it is crucial to understand advertising technology. Let’s understand it briefly: advertising technology is a broad term that describes the use of software and tools to optimize advertising strategies. It assists brands and agencies in setting up, purchasing, selling, strategizing, and pricing their products and services.  

The technology uses diverse platforms to collect customer-oriented data so that marketers can trace customer activities. It becomes more accessible to influence customers when dealers have customer-oriented data.   

Rutchik is considered an ad tech expert because of his extensive knowledge, abundance of experience, and expertise. He has assisted plenty of new start-up businesses to develop by implementing effective advertising technologies. He profoundly understands ad tech tools and platforms, such as demand-side platforms, ad exchanges, and supply-side platforms.  

Evan Rutchik’s expertise includes optimizing campaigns, identifying trends, and analyzing data. Which further prioritizes him as a valuable asset for any firm looking to upgrade its advertising part.      

Evan’s Achievements     

Local Factor Group:   

Evan is the chairman of Local Factor Group, a firm specializing in developing personalized marketing campaigns. It uses scalable local factor ID data and localized media to target ads across connected TVs, tablets, mobile, and desktops. The firm aims to offer small and medium enterprises access to scalable and premium connected TV and OTT, etc.  

The firm provides enterprise brand insights about their high-performing locations and helps them identify where their brand is more responsive. Which further helps businesses to initiate smart investment and make an informed decision for the future.   

Chief Revenue Officer:    

Rutchik was CRO (Chief Revenue Officer) of Ogury North America during COVID-19. At that time, he had to deal with challenges that were caused by the pandemic. Things were tough and also affected the country’s sales and revenue. But he didn’t lose his confidence and innovated strategies that would contribute to improving the economic condition of the place. He personally feels grateful for getting the chance to grow personally and professionally from the experience.   

RII Ventures:   

RII is an angel fund maintained by associate director Evan Rutchik. The fund focuses on investing in innovative minds that can transform people’s life experiences on a local and global scale. Evan aims to secure investments for newly started businesses that can make a difference in the lives of others.   


To sum it up, Evan Rutchik is a well-renowned personality in advertising technology who has helped many small and medium-sized businesses with his skills and expertise. He is a truly inspirational figure who inspires businesses to grow and develop. Rutchik stands as a guiding figure for newly started businesses and empowers them to succeed in the fast-paced technological world.   

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